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For other detonators in the Fallout series of games, see detonator.

The fusion pulse charge is a device used to detonate the nuclear bomb in Megaton. It is given to the Lone Wanderer by Mister Burke in Moriarty's Saloon.


The detonator of the fusion pulse charge is set up by Mister Burke on Allistair Tenpenny's balcony. With its characteristic glowing red button, it is used in order to activate the charge and detonate the Megaton bomb. Mister Burke gives the "honor of pushing the button" to the Lone Wanderer.


  • The item uses the world model of scrap metal since it normally cannot be dropped from the player's inventory.
  • The charge can be kept in the players inventory even after completing The Power of the Atom. First, the player must speak to Mister Burke and accept the pulse charge, then disarm the bomb without talking to Lucas Simms. Afterwards, the player must talk to Lucas; he will not take the charge away. Keeping the charge doesn't serve any purpose after the quest, aside from players wanting to collect unique items.
  • The detonator is of the same design of the C.E.O.'s briefcase in L.O.B. Enterprises.
  • The only thing that happens when you activate the detonator is that a dial turns 90 degrees. One might think that this is some sort of timer (as there is a quick ticking sound before the actual explosion), but the knob stays in the same position for the remainder of the game.

Appearances Edit

The fusion pulse charge appears only in Fallout 3 as a quest item. Its detonator is a world object in the game, which may be used in The Power of the Atom quest. It does not appear in the Japanese version of the game. Though it no longer serves any purpose, this item is also found in the game files for Fallout: New Vegas.

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