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Exceptional sighted accuracy. Better recoil. Better Bash.

Full stock is a grip weapon mod in Fallout 4.


The full stock provides better control of recoil for rifles and shotguns that come standard with a short stock. On energy weapons such as the laser gun and Institute laser, it converts them from a pistol to a rifle, providing exceptional sighted accuracy, better recoil control, better aiming with scopes and more bashing power.



Adhesive (varies)
Screw (varies)
Steel (varies)
Wood (varies)
rangeIcon range
levelIcon level
Full stock (1)
Weapon Ad Sc St Wo GUN
Assault rifle 4 8 8 3
Combat rifle 4 6 6 3
Combat shotgun 4 6 6 2
Double-barrel shotgun 4 4 5 2
Hunting rifle 3 6 6 1
Lever-action rifle
Far Harbor (add-on)Gametitle-FO4 FH
3 6 6 2
Radium rifle
Far Harbor (add-on)Gametitle-FO4 FH
? ? ? ? ?
Submachine gun 4 5 6 1

Energy weaponsEdit

Adhesive (varies)
Plastic (varies)
Screw (varies)
Wood (varies)
rangeIcon range
levelIcon level
Full stock (1)
Weapon Ad Pl Sc Wo SCI
Institute laser 4 10 6
Laser musket 3 7 10
Laser gun 4 10 6 1


Can be crafted at a weapons workbench.

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