Freeside's east gate

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Freeside's east gate
Freesides east gate
Icon settlement large
Freesides East Gate loc
map markerFreeside's East Gate
connects toFreeside
cell nameFreesideEastGate (exit)
FreesideExtEastGate (entrance)
ref id0012da4e (exit)
000dabfa (entrance)

Freeside's east gate is a location in the Mojave Wasteland. Freeside's east gate is just north-east of the Gun Runners, and is one of two direct routes that lead into Freeside; the other being Freeside's north gate.


Freeside's east gate opens to the portion of Freeside that contains Mick & Ralph's, as well as the Old Mormon Fort. These are the only two openly inhabited buildings in this portion of Freeside. The ghoul Rotface is usually leaning against a wall near Mick & Ralph's. Max and Stacey can be found chasing each other just inside the gate near a few bodyguards for hire.

Heading into the ruins and going left when entering Freeside (across Mick & Ralph's), one can find a dead body simply referred to as "man" in the western corner of the ruin . Within the man's inventory is a destroyed collar and pre-War casual wear. The collar is similar to the slave collar, and the one given by the Brotherhood of Steel at the beginning of the quest Still in the Dark. Lying next to the man is a wrench, detailing the man's failed attempt to take off the collar successfully.


Freeside's east gate appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenesEdit

The faction associated with this area is Freeside Gate Safe Faction, or as the game files say, DontTazeMeBroFaction.

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