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The Fraternal Post 115 is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


The first floor has a staircase at the main entrance with mines in the room, along with Dead Eye, as well as an alarm console on the wall near him. On the second floor are some terminals; one with a memo about the male Sole Survivor from before the Great War, mentioning that the player character was to be invited to give a speech here. (If the Sole Survivor is female, the name in the memo will be Nate, referring to their husband.)

There is an armor workbench in a storeroom on the north side, to the left, as the player character is exiting the stairs from the first floor.

Notable lootEdit

  • Guns and Bullets issue #5 - On a podium in the room with Dead Eye.
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum - In the room across from Dead Eye on a shelf.
  • Vault-Tec lunchbox - On a patio table near the back side of the building. If exiting the building through the back door behind Dead Eye, it will be directly to the left. There is another directly east of the post nearby, in an alleyway on top of a wood crate left of the destroyed van.
  • Super mutant helmet - On the couch behind the podium. On PC, it's on top of the radio in front of the couch.


  • In the main hall there is a lectern, beside which is a speech microphone; if one interacts with it the player character says "War, War never changes."
  • In one of the upstairs offices there is a Novice computer terminal. When accessed, the "Speech Memo" mentions how the male Sole Survivor/Nate was slated to give a speech in Concord (presumably at the "Veteran's Hall" mentioned by Nora during the prologue), and that the Fraternal Post's faculty should invite him to give the same speech.
  • This area doesn't respawn, making the containers safe for storage.
  • Upon entering through the front, only Dead Eye is present in the building. Upon turning on the switch, more mutants will spawn. Companions will comment about this place being great for an ambush before that. However, if the player character enters through the back door the mutant ambush will spawn immediately, and on top of the player character. This can prove to be overwhelming.
  • Upon killing Dead Eye without triggering the alarm, the player character will be able to explore the area without any other encounter. During this time companions will make comments that their voice will carry in here and they should be careful. Also they will say that "Its weirdly peaceful in here," that they really don't like this and "There's something... wrong here."


The Fraternal Post 115 appears only in Fallout 4.


  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 xboxoneIcon xboxone Moving too close to the circuit breaker switch will cause it to activate, even if the lid is closed.[verified]


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