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Franklin Metro utility
Franklin Metro utility
Icon metro
Other actors
creaturesFeral ghouls
Glowing ones
connects toFalls Church/Mason Dst Metro
world map exitsNone
cell nameFranklinMetro01
ref id0001a280
terminal entriesTurret control system
Metro Franklin Metro Utility

Franklin Metro utility is a metro utility tunnels and part of the metro network. It's slightly irradiated, heavily so in some places, and partially water-filled. The metro track tunnels are a section of the Blue Line east of Franklin Station, which has exits to Falls Church and Hubris Comics.


The tunnel loops back onto itself, and one can drop down a hole in the floor to reach the beginning after they've been through.


  • A lot of feral ghouls and glowing ones.
  • With Broken Steel installed and the Lone Wanderer's level being higher than 20, many ghouls will be replaced with feral ghoul reaver. At the extreme end, every single ghoul, bar one or two roamers, will either be glowing ones or feral ghoul reavers, and due to their proximity, one may be attacked by a group as large as five at once, particularly in the heavily irradiated tunnel.

Notable lootEdit

  • Five Stealth Boys (including the one mentioned at map point A, see below).
    • Two are directly to the left when first entering the area, in the door-less metal tool closets.
    • One is at map point A
    • Two are at the top of the map (where it loops around) on a shelf before dropping back down to the beginning.
  • Two pre-War books in the upstairs part of the first room, in a bit and slightly to the left of the entry/exit door and immediately to the right of the open dumpster with the empty oil drum.
  • Tumblers Today near the door to Falls Church/Mason Dst Metro. It's in the downstairs part of the first room to the right of the turret. The book is on top of an average locked mine box.
  • Guns and Bullets, downstairs in the center of the second room (not the one with the turret) on a desk, along with missiles.
  • Burnmaster in a heavily irradiated end of the tunnel, in a trailer, at point C.
  • A Nuka-Cola Quantum in the trailer by the Burnmaster.
  • U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes on a metal shelf just opposite of the Burnmaster down the tunnel, at point D.
  • Mini nuke on top of a crate with an Advanced radiation suit underwater, when the point where the tunnel first becomes submerged, at point B.
  • Fifteen flasks of turpentine. Highest amount in a single section in the game.


Franklin Metro utility appears only in Fallout 3.

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