Mr. Frank Davidson is a character mentioned in Fallout 4.


Mr. Davidson was the manager of the Vault-Tec Regional HQ located in Boston before the Great War. He was well known to have a severe (almost homicidal) temper by his co-workers, such as hitting co-worker Roger over the head with a pool cue and mentioning to stab Sharon "in the fucking throat" if she spilled coffee on him again. After inspecting many of the shipments that were meant for the region's vaults, Dr. Martin Reid, one of his co-workers, became suspicious about his real intentions.[1] Sharon was also noticed to be missing by Walter Scott a few days after Mr. Davidson made the entry threatening to stab her in the neck with a pen on his terminal. Mr. Davidson also makes mention of potentially needing to discipline Dr. Reid for his theories regarding a Vault-Tec conspiracy. Conspicuously a skeleton in a lab coat can be found in the Vault-Tec HQ basement with a pen lying next to it.


Frank Davidson is mentioned only in Fallout 4.


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