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Having just tried the Mysterious Stranger perk for the first time ever including FO3 (not sure if it's a Perk on any of the other Fallouts i've still not tried it though)on a new character run for FO New Vegas and have found its a big waste of Perk space,also note it freezes the gameplay alot sometimes causing it tthe console to crash altogther(ps3 320)so i think i've found the worst perk ever so far across between F03 and New Vegas or does anyone else have a contender possibly now am thinking Lady Luck without also trying this outLeemp83 11:13, June 22, 2012 (UTC)

There are several perks that are redundant to the PC if thet chose certian paths or finish some quests. Lead Belly seems to me to be worthless, as well as Computer Whiz and Infiltrator. Portfan 16:50, June 29, 2012 (UTC)

As far as perks in both games, aside from what’s already been mentioned, I’d say swift learner because you don’t really level up that much faster. If you kill a person/creature that nets you 50 exp, You get a whopping 5 extra points. In the long run that’s not a whole lot. The well rested benefit gives you the same amount and it doesn’t waste a perk slot. Also the perk is useless once you hit max level.

Here and now is useless because again, if you play past max level it was a wasted perk.

Mister sandman always seemed pointless seeing as in FO3 you almost never came across someone sleeping. You see more NPC’s sleeping in New Vegas but you can pretty much kill them instantly with a sneak attack anyway.

Nerd rage. Seeing as it only applies when your health is below 20% it seems pointless. If your health is getting that low and you still have a significant amount of enemy left to kill you better be reloading your last save or chain injecting some stim-packs because that extra 15DT isn’t going to save you anyway.

Light step. With the exception of bear traps, which do little damage anyway, most floor/ground based weapons are easily avoidable. Once you hear it start to beep just run and you can typically avoid any damage.

Tag. Unless you don’t plan to reach max level or are to lazy to pick up skill books, this is simply a waste of a perk.

Explorer. Now this perk isn’t necessarily useless, but it’s a waste of a perk seeing as you can exploit it. What I do is wait until I have pretty much every location discovered, then just before I’m about to level up I save. Then I take this perk, make a list of what I have left, reload my last save then take another perk.

Fortune finder. With few exceptions, most times you come across caps in containers its very few and this perk doesn’t raise it that much. If you find 30 caps throughout a particular building, this perk would raise that to 45-50 tops! You can earn that selling one low level half busted weapon.

Scrounger. Same as above, you will find maybe an extra 5-10 rounds in most ammo boxes, you can simply sell a weapon you pick up and buy more ammo than that.

Now for New Vegas only perks I can think of a bunch that are absolutely worthless. A few would be…

Hobbler. I don’t know about anyone else, but I shoot to kill so all my shots in VATS are aimed at the head or torso, I don’t waste time trying to hit their legs. By the time you cripple both a deathclaws legs to slow it down, you could have simply killed it.

Junk rounds. Making one single round of ammo with 1 scrap metal and 5 tins cans is so stupid I have to believe they put this in as a joke. Even if you picked up every last scrap metal and tin can in the game you’d be lucky to make 300 rounds of ammo across hundreds of hours of game play with this perk.

Eye for an eye. Unless you’re going to run around with a crippled limb for the whole game, the 10% extra damage is useless. Not to mention that you suffer an accuracy penalty when crippled so I’m not even sure the extra damage would do anything but even that out.

Home on the range. Why waste a perk to sleep at a campfire when 99% of all campfires are in close proximity to a mattress, bedroll or makeshift bed to begin with?

Sneering imperialist. 15% damage against the weakest enemy in the game is just dumb. Once you hit level 20 or so it only takes one shot to drop a Fiend or Jackal gang member. The only time I see this perk paying off is if you’re trying to get through Honest Hearts at a really low level, but once you’re through with that it’s a waste.

Atomic. Suffering an endurance and agility penalty to gain a slightly faster AP regeneration is counterproductive.

Quick draw. To be honest it doesn’t seem to take that long to draw a weapon so I cant see the point in this. When you see a red mark on your compass you should be drawing your weapon in preparation anyway so how much use can this perk possibly be?

Mad bomber. Almost all of the recipes include one or more items that are very rare (mini-nukes, sensor modules, lunch boxes, Nuka-cola quartz, egg timers etc.) so your ability to make many of them is pretty limited.

Voracious reader. Skill magazines are pretty common and several merchants sell them on a regular basis. I’ve got hundreds of them filling up space in a container. They‘re really only useful at lower levels and once you hit level 50 there useless. The only time I see this perk being useful is if you take the perk to cap your level at 30 and even then I don’t see much point seeing as they are so plentiful.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, a few perks I think are a must have would be any that increase accuracy, action points or criticals for starters.

Silent running is a must have even if you’re not a stealth player because you’re more accurate when crouched so you should be crouched when you’re in battle anyway. With silent running you can get closer to them before they notice you so you’re accuracy is increased even more.

For New Vegas I’d say must haves would also be…

Jury rigging. The ability to repair anything with basically anything similar is simply a must have.

Light touch. As I said above, anything that increases your critical chance is a must have. For you guys who like medium or heavy armor consider this. There are several light armors that have equal or higher DT as the best medium armor and are only a few DT lower than heavy armor. Add to that the fact that with jury rigging you can pick up nearly any piece of clothing, from a pre-war park stroller or wasteland outfit to raider and most legion armor and repair it means your armor will always be in top condition.

Long haul. I hear a lot of people say they love the perks like strong back that give you an extra 50 lbs carry capacity, but long haul is far more useful if you’re the type who likes to pick up tons of loot. Walking out of a vault with 800 lbs of loot and simply fast traveling home or to the nearest merchant is by far better than having an extra 50 pounds of weight capacity.

Well I'll quit before this turns into a novel. ReapTheChaos 22:25, June 30, 2012 (UTC)

HAHAHA that was some write up mentioned some perks there i'd not even heard of aswell,deffo agree with you on jury rigging for a must have one of if not the best perk across fo3 n NV,Yea now you mention it i've thought them rad resistant type perks are pointless to but don't make the worst perk ever list due to the fact i've yet to have my console melt with the stress of using it where as Mysterious stranger animation causes grief especially if you have just V.A.T.S someone and it appears ,never heard of hobbler perk also sounds poo by your discription but again doubt a limping Deathclaw causes a free..........the debate may continueLeemp83 (talk) 10:05, July 4, 2012 (UTC)

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