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Just to see what what the imagination of Fallout fans would like to encounter in the wastes... I myself would like vehicle's that you could fix toghther from scavanged parts like building the custom weaponary and with that maybe drop or alter the fast travel mechanic to maximise its usage, Creatures wise always thought more along the reptile sort like deathclaws possibly add sum mutated crocodile type's lurking around the river areas and swamps believe more realistic than that of the walking lakelurks not a fan of them me, would also like to see camping put into it after all surely you would and could pitch camp anywere on your travels if were in the wastes,maybe even get attacked during your snooze by creatures or other people,touching on that if you kill and take over a persons home it becomes yours not owned again though depending on your standings with said settlement they may extract revenage for your liberation of a neighbours home , anyways thats a few hope you will add with your ideas Leemp83 (talk) 11:30, August 3, 2012 (UTC)

Kill the super mutants.

Seriously. Does no one notice how horrible they are? The game has us running around after some nonsense about clean water, then sends us after slavers, computer generated Communists, the Enclave (again), hillbillies, aliens, but the super mutants who are slaughtering everyone and feasting on their remains aren't a big enough threat to deal with directly? Look, their vault is right over there. We could go destroy it right now like we did two games ago. No? :/

To be able to side with the enclave... I know this has been said 50000000 times, but the makers of fallout fucked up BIG TIME by forcing you to side with the shitty BoS. If it were up to me when you get kidnapped you should be able to help the enclave and turn them non-hostile. I even have the quests planned out: find a way to kill liberty prime, stop the BoS attack, push a counter attack on BoS, kill Lyons, Report back to Colnel autumn and Eden for reward and promotion. You should also be able to command troops. And for broken steel you lead a charge on the fleeing BoS and kill them all. This would be epic... but NOOOO the makers of fallout like the good ending... so I will have to make do with bombing the shit out of the BoS, poisoning the wasteland and assassinating good guys in it :(