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Anybody have great ideas for fallout but are too big to be in an FNV DLC? Share them here. One of my ideas was a weather changing program. ramdomly thoughout the game the weather changes depending on the time of year, it may get cloudy, sunny, or have a huge storm roll in. Durring the winter it may snow. all of this can be foreseen by listening to the radio, the newsman will say "chance of rain/snow tomorrow" any in 24 hours the snow will begin to fall. also durring the holiday season (mid-November/December) a radio staion will play holiday music, theres tons of songs sung by famous singers from 1950s. just few ideas.Apod1010 23:50, December 5, 2010 (UTC). A more interesting Radio DJ like three dawg the radio stations so far are too boring

I want the main character to be a ghoul! It would be cool if the vault you start out in is experimenting with irradiating humans to create non feral ghouls. VaultTec scientists trying to find a cure or maybe trying to understand how ghouls can live so long and seem to be healed by radiation. Somehow the main character escapes the twisted experiments of his overseer and captors and roams the wastes, finding life topside is almost as bad. Bands of humans hunt down ghouls thinking them impure and hideous, while the last of the ghouls band together to survive. Ghoul powers would be sweet, throwing balls of radioactivity and exploding with radiation like a glowing one, maybe even the ability to command ferals! I know this a longshot and unlike the rest of the games, but the idea seems fun and they could bring a new perspective into the wasteland this way.


They need to keep the Faction thing. Sure it can be confusing, but much more complicated and realistic. When I noticed the 'Yes Man' option, I realized they finally let the player think, "hey why not let me take over?". However I'd let the player become a 'faction'. Imagine managing your own army or maybe caravan company. Either for income or power. You still have the option of joining people like the BoS, NCR or others if you so choose. I would love the idea of going rouge by making deals and building up allies. The payoff would be at the final battle where your army can throw a wrench in others plans.--Vault Master 04:46, December 6, 2010 (UTC)

I would like to see wealthy areas which contain new buildings made of new materials. And also, of course, a new game engine.

i would like for the story to be something long the lines of -Chinese invading the NCR at some point along the cost and u start off as a prisoner of the NCR that gets freed during an attack then goes on to ether help the NCR or the Chinese- as far as gameplay i would like more useage of vats like was in FO3 but more focus on disableing arms, legs, and weapons rather then just shooting the head also more options for companion AI being able to tell them to hang back and only attack when things get so close or maybe telling them to search out enemy's and being able to control them picking up items or not would be very nice 19:35, December 21, 2010 (UTC)Evilkord

Irradiated, mutant, underwater wild life of a sunken city. The challenge, to do them originally and in accordance to their condition - radiated mutation.

I've said elsewhere here that I'd like to see FO4 set in the North East of the Us, the area refered to as the Commonwealth. However, another area that could be looked at is the North West, with states like Oregon, Washington and British Columbia [occupied Canada] being part of the area in which the game takes place. For a plot who about something more horror related, something evil lurks in the mountains and woods etc. Again, the potential for something reasonably original but still tips its hat to past popular culture [as is the trade mark of Fallout] would be welcome here. Captain Taipan 06:08, December 22, 2010 (UTC)

I personally don't like the faction thing, it gets too confusing at times. If an FO4 is made, they should leave out the Faction system. The setting for FO4 should be in the same area as FallOut Tactics. The story could be that, as in FO3 you take the role of a Vault dweller. The change would be that your vault is invaded and the residents are slaughtered, leaving you as the only survivor. You leave the Vault to find who's responsible and exact revenge. A changing weather system would be a neat idea. I'd also like to see a remake of FallOut and FallOut 2 using the graphics engine used for FO3 and FO:NV.--Ryker61

SergeantDornan: Agree with you about everything but taking out Factions. That was one of the best parts of New Vegas! I just wish they would have let you oficially join a faction, instead of being a freaking errand boy. That sucked, I would have LOVED to have been able to become an NCR soldier and work my way through the ranks, until becoming an elite ranger! I think FO4 needs to have a faction system, and a more complex one then FONV offered. Hopefully they will.

A remake of FO1 and FO2? I'd sure as hell buy them, so long as it wasn't as glitchy as NV is. My list for FO4 must haves: 1.A storyline 2.A LOT of exploration 3. Dogmeat.

Anything beyond that is icing on the cake, my Fallout Friends :)

The Creation Engine... Dante Aligheri 18:10, February 16, 2011 (UTC

i love the idea for underwater wild life! but if fallout 4's set in another desert im gunna cry its what i really hate about new vegas. the factions should stay and an option to officially join one or create your own would be better. NO INVISABLE WALLS EITHER! mods for weapons and more than 1 type of mod for each weapon, like the option for a night scope or adjustable zoom scope, a grenade launcher attatchment or a bayonet. i like the game engine but i think it makes the AI so stupid, if you were being attacted youd take cover rather than run around! maybe even be able to fly vertibirds and use there weapons.

I think Bethesda should include all of the weapons from FO1, FO2, FO3, and FO:NV in FO4. Weapon mods are definitely a good idea. Two things though: add Sniper Rifle Silencer mods and NO MORE DEATHCLAWS(I bloody hate those things).--Ryker61

deathclaws are the best! there more challenging than other creatures

Ryker, there already is a silencer mod for the Sniper Rifle. It's sort of rare to come by though, your best bet being either the Crimson Caravan vendor or the Gunrunners. What they need is a silencer for the AMR--a silenced AMR would be damned near the *perfect* gun for a stealth player. And as annoying as Deathclaws are, I would hate to see them removed, because they add an intense sense of danger to the game. I actually DREAD running into them, in much the same way as I do Cazadores which I loathe, but hope they keep in the game. I agree about including ALL of the past major Fallout game weapons though, I hope they do just that, and spice it up with some new arrivals! --SergeantDornan 02:42, February 17, 2011 (UTC)

The 188 vendors also carry the sniper rifle suppressor often, although with Alexander not restocking the way he should in the latest patch you are more likely to get it from the arm's merchant than him.

I like the idea of making the PC a vault dweller again, although I'd be more interested in revenge against the bastards who designed the vault so that (insert whatever fiendish trick was played on the vault in question) than on some invaders.

Whatever design there needs to be a sense of the unknown and the epic. In FO1 you set out to find a waterchip to save your vault and wind up defeating a supermutant army which is going to overrun the world (well the known world), in FO2 you set out to find a GECK to save your village and wind up wiping out the evil Enclave which is planning to destroy the world (at least the non-enclave people), in FONV you set out to finish a delivery boy job and extract some personal revenge and wind up helping some powerful group become more powerful. One of these plots is not epic, and it's the one that from the beginning lets you know where you are going to wind up. 18:37, February 17, 2011 (UTC)

I'd love to be in Chicago, as it is THE city of that era. I love the faction system, like the weather idea, and want the Deathclaws, it's the weapons i'm concerned about. Fallout should have early cold war era weapons. FO3 did quite good at that, and so did FO1, but the 2 started weering of track, and Tactics, well... Scarface11235 18:59, February 17, 2011 (UTC)

A better engine. Aside from the horrid Gamebryo engine and all of the limitations therein, New Vegas was pretty much exactly what I'd wanted, after the long-running disappointment I'd experienced with all the spinoffs (Fallout 3 also felt like a spinoff to me - borrowing all the franchise's assets and concepts and mashing them together in a more or less nonsensical gumbo).

I don't like all this clamor for more guns. Don't we have enough weapons? There is already more weapons in FONV than I'll ever use, and that's why I didn't bother buying GRA. I expect my DLCs for Fallout games to give me more quests, characters, areas to explore, plots, perks, weapons and armor. Not a whole bunch of overpowered toys I'll never have use for. And stop whining about the damn Enclave. They are never coming back! Their main base at the oil rig was blown up, Navarro was overrun by the NCR, their new base at Raven Rock was blown up, and their last fallback base at Adams Air Force Base was overrun by the BoS, ending in the destruction of the Mobile Base Crawler with their own freakin satellite weapon(and yes, that is the canon ending). The only ones left are isolated outposts in the CW which would be killed by the BoS before they even know wtf happened, and some old folks hiding in the Mojave. It's over, the Enclave is dead, get over it! 07:51, August 12, 2012 (UTC)

1) More weapons. Not at the Borderlands level though, now that's just ridiculous. 2) A better game engine. Seriously, Gamebryo kinda sucks. 3) (Warning, All Caps Rage) NO MORE ******* CAZADOR'S!!!!!!! Avg Man (talk) 19:03, August 13, 2012 (UTC)

This is what I want in Fallout 4. A hardcore mode. I know there was one in Fallout: New Vegas but, it didn't interest me because it wasn't the type of hardcore I wanted. Like this specific hardcore mode would be like, you start off as a character and name him and everything and if you die with him you die. Your done. you make a new character. But you can also retrieve your belongings and all the stuff that one character did carries over to that new character and affects him in so many ways. Such as, you save a band of raiders in your first character, maybe that band of raiders catch up to your new character and they rob or execute him. This would interest me so much. You'd have to be very careful. It would make the player want to think his choices through before in-acting them into his game. This would make me think about the way I get through the game. Who I choose to follow me or who I make an alliance with. You find a town being raided and you decide to save them. They might grant you food. But if you didn't save them, maybe a day later your cowering in a broken down building dieing of hunger while the same people who raided the town would be walking by. They hear a grumble, and guess what, your pretty much screwed. So yeah I, and maybe more people, want more interactive choices throughout the game. I'd appreciate it if you did make the hardcore option in the game that would make it even funner. Well thanks for reading what I want in Fallout 4.


Only one thing that Fallout 4 needs; "Made by Obsidian." Metal Gear Mk. II "Anything, for the family" 04:09, July 3, 2013 (UTC)

Wow. Sometimes I wonder if certain fans are really fans of Fallout, or fans of game companies. Obsidian sucks, Bethesda sucks. That's just the way it is. Putting one on a pedestal doesn't inspire confidence in the ones who dug the series out of the grave and uplifted it to tens of thousands times the glory it ever was before in the hands of Interjoke/Black Turd/Obshitian. Enclavesymbol 04:19, July 3, 2013 (UTC)

What I want to see? Better balanced traits and perks (we all know half the perks in the game are just junk), new perks with the inventiveness of the player mods that put in some really great perks that should have been in already. Much better places than just "here is a shack, that fills the location counter by 1, now to add in 50 more shacks". Fallout 3 was pretty good at locations, fallout NV seemed rushed with tons of just little decoration locations about, just a "shack". Boss fights. More "BOSS" fights. Foes that require more than just "hiding and sniping" their head. Foes that actually heal themselves (humanoids with stimpacks, etc) so battles aren't over in 3 seconds every time. You get the idea. We've had 2 great games to learn from, lets get it right the 3rd time.

Personally I would like to have a better faction system, like in fallout New Vegas, where you could join anyone or just take it all for your self, when I played fallout 3 you were kinda forced to work with the brotherhood, so I would like a chance to join and fight for the Enclave. If anything just to have a truely evil play through.

Presented on PS3, more guns, bigger area, accessories such as bags to carry more weight, more attachments, less bugs, more missions, more factions etc

--CobraM1919 (talk) 08:38, January 19, 2014 (UTC)

First : A much more stable game core, because Fallout3/New Vegas still freeze/crash quite often, despites the successives patchs (officials or not), so saving game VERY often is necessary. Then : Bring back the Enclave! (real Enclave, not just Remnants). Also : More Super Mutants (and new spawns) than New Vegas. Finally : Keep the same spirit for the game : dark humor, irony, gore, brutality, everything that makes the next Fallout an authentic Fallout! - GEMINI57

Twinkies of course.

I would like to see them increase realism even more. Specifically I would like society to look more like it actually would if a nuclear disaster happened.

There are way too many old people in New Vegas and way too few children. For much of humanity the average age range looked like Africa does today with children being about as numerous as adults because making it to adulthood was a struggle in of itself. There are too many people over 30, longevity seems to be a luxury most people in New Vegas enjoy.

The other thing I'd like to see is Pregnancy in the game. Pregnancy was quite a deadly thing for much of human history and that danger was a reason why women were protected and viewed as less replaceable than men during human histories more troubled era.

-Thelight —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 03:15, February 9, 2015 (UTC). Please sign your posts with ~~~~!

QUICKSAVE / QUICKLOAD for consoles! The PS4 touchpad gave us virtually infinite number of buttons. Is it that hard to have "Swipe right" to be quicksave and "Swipe left" to be quickload? I mean... pausing the game, going to SYSTEM, choose Save Game, choose a slot... Kills the pacing. --Psychotic17 (talk) 23:49, September 10, 2015 (UTC)