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Hey, I have the GOTY edition and have played the expansions before (on my old xbox). I recently sold my old xbox and hard drive so I could buy the xbox with built in memory but no longer have the hard drive from my old system. I keep hearing it's possible to install and use the expansions using a usb flash drive but it's not working. I've configured it for the xbox and it says it works fine but fallout claims I must have an xbox 360 hard drive to install the expansions.

TLDR: How can I get, if possible, the expansions to install on to a usb flash drive? 15:47, October 8, 2010 (UTC)VexatiousV

I know this isn't very useful, and I know I sound like one of those douchebags who posts without giving a straight answer, but I do not own an Xbox so I wouldn't be sure. But being a total gamer nerd who knows tons of people with Xboxs and likes modding, lemme tell you this: The way the xbox (and most consoles) is set up it very likely will not let you install the expansions via flash drive, unless you make some serious changes to its hardware or coding. Essentially, the designers are afraid of pirating, meaning: 1. you will not be able to install it without making some illegal modifications. 2. if you do make such modifications and try to play online, you will very likely get caught and banned. 3. making such modifications will probably void your warranty.

My advice is either re-purchase the expansions, or wait for some sort of package deal on them. Maybe some will come out after New Vegas is released, but then again, maybe you're re-playing FO3 just to get into gear for NV so I really don't know what to tell you. This is the only cheap, easy, and (I hope I'm right here) legal (or at least the least illegal) solution to your problem that comes to mind: If you have any buddies who have the expansions on their xboxes, maybe you could convince them to swap their xboxes with yours for a little bit so you could play through the expansions. User:Mmaster211 5:48 (UTC) October 11, 2010.