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Hello Guys, Ryanurch here with another role play situation: Unique role plays are hard to come by as many people just go with NCR ranger or Legion spy, I want specifics, story, perks, allays and enemies, so, write away fellow fallout fans, lets make bethesda proud that they have made such a diverse world available.

Unique Role Plays.

The Lone Ranger: (Requires Lonesome Road + Honest Hearts Dlc) Weapons: Re-charger Pistol (Jury rigging makes this easier)/Plasma Defender (Jury rigging perk makes this easier), Cowboy Repeater, Sniper Rifle, Riot/Hunting/Caravan shotgun, Binoculars Aid: Roughin' It! Bedroll Kit (for sleeping and a home on the range feel) Several or more stimpaks, Super stimpaks (3 or more), 3 Doctors bags, any food or drink desired (advisable to bring food with you in hardcore mode, food is hard to come by otherwise). Apparel: Desert Ranger Combat armour(Jury rigging perk makes this easier to maintain) Desert Ranger combat helmet (Jury rigging necessary to keep this in good condition, otherwise use a nice hat). Mandatory Perk: Jury Rigging, Grim Reapers Sprint, Mad Bomber (for some extra fun) Skills: Guns, Lockpick, Barter, Speech, Science, Repair, Explosives. (Note not all of these have to be at 100 if you lack all DLC's just make sure 3 of the are maxed out at the end of the game Story: Your character was an NCR ranger who lost faith in the NCR so decided to observe civilisation and decide what was necessary for the mojave, you refuse civilisations help to survive and so are entirely independent in your quest, but you can have companions for those lonely nights, hardcore mode is optional but advised when you have all the perks for another challenge, home on the ranger perk is also advised if you have high enough survival, and best of all: No commitments, you can help whoever the f#ck you want.Ryanurch (talk) 20:01, July 26, 2012 (UTC)

If you are going to submit on this page, please make it set out like mine, with weapons and perks ECT... Thanks Ryanurch (talk) 20:01, July 26, 2012 (UTC)

[[1]] Wasteland Librarian Weapons: Any Apparel: Variable Mandatory Perk: Comprehension Skills: Sneak, Lockpick, Science Story: please see link for details ! Brief excerpt of story: There was so much I didn't understand, a bullet in the brain will do that to a person. At times it was like a dream, like I was a character in a game but this, this I did understand. He blamed me for killing his wife and he was right. I caused this. I wept for my own guilt. I took her from him to hurt him. For revenge. He should not have told them. "A Frumentari addicted to Hydra, had I gone native" he asked ? "Look at you calling me a profligate", I scorned back, "You care more for that woman than for Caesar himself". I remembered the words but did not know what they meant. I remember us tearing each other apart, the hate. He told them and I had to run for my life. I took their books and left. Then he took them from me, hid them from me. The old me. The me that was filled with hate. As I sat there sobbing over her grave I was filled only with remorse. That robot should have left me in that grave; the world would have been a better place. How was that Ryanurch ? Squalor (talk) 14:45, July 27, 2012 (UTC)

Hey, I just made the lucky 500.000th edit to the wiki and earned the 10 points of Luck badge ! Squalor (talk) 14:51, July 27, 2012 (UTC)

US Army Weaponized Android Before the Great War, The Think Tank scientists of Big MT had a project to build military androids for the Army. Every Android they built severely malfunctioned, to the point where most of the scientists scrapped the project. However, Dr. Mobius and Dr. Klein took one untried schematic and together, decided to build just one more android. The android worked! The other scientists joined back in on the project with new enthusiasm. They upgraded the android to extreme measures, even giving him mechanical wings. Dr. Mobius had the idea to name the project Lucifer, after the angel who thought he could beat God, due to the Android being almost a God, but not quite. Finally, the US Army demanded Lucifer be turned over to the Armed forces. Lucifer could have shot down almost every nuke shot at the US during the Great War. However, Lucifer did not want such a thing to happen. He flew out of Big MT in escape and landed somewhere in the desert. He plummeted below the dirt. He re-awoke sometime in the 2270s. He remembered everything, and he quickly realized the Great war had long passed. All of his parts were in working order except his wings, which majorly malfunctioned. He removed them and became a courier. After meeting another courier who was dying of a wound to the chest, he carried out the courier's delivery for him(The platinum chip), however with two lucky shots, his head programming was scrambled. Victor dug him up and Doc Mitchell managed to fix up the android. From her eon out, Lucifer knew he had to get revenge against the man who shot him, and to fulfill is purpose: to fortify a nation. preferring the most advanced technology he can find, he is willing to aid either NCR or Mr. House. He is the ultimate weapon, capable of destroying everything in his path.