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so i had already gained access to the tenpenny tower suite after blowing up megaton and later decided to let the ghouls in. after letting them in i tried to access my suite and it says "it is too dangerous to access your suite at this time" and says it's only temporary. however, i have tried entering both ways (through the inside and the balcony) and it will not let me enter. furthermore, when i speak to michael masters about house themes and upgrades, he explains them all to me but when i go to buy one it is not for sale on him. all my stuff is in there, help!

i am playing on a ps3.

this is normal, it will be open again after a several days (or 72 hours), it took like a week for me:/

The reason for the message about it being to dangeous to access your suite, is that you let the ghouls move in. It may have been the good thing to do, but the results are quite bad. The ghouls kill all the Tenpenny residents due to a dispute. Your best way is to talk to the ghouls, tell them you have been hired to kill them, but you will take caps and let them go. At this point they become hostile and can be killed with no karma loss, however 3 dog will barage you over the radio with negative comments as a result.