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Sooo, I just started playing. I was helping Sunny Smiles kill some geckos and it told me to see her about collecting my reward and she completely disappeared. I can't find her anywhere, I searched the area we were in and even went back to the saloon. Nothing. I saw her dog wandering for a minute then it also disappeared. I read that she dies at some point, does this have something to do with that? Am I missing something or is it a stupid glitch?

This game has a bunch of glitches but her quest, one of the first you undertake, is pretty solid. You meet her, shoot some bottles and she offers you work clearing geckos. You follow her to the first well, kill the geckos and turn to her for your reward. Is this when she dissapeared ? If so, reload and start again. She rewards you with caps & ammo and asks if you would like to help her with the other two wells. If you agree, she instantly starts running south to the next well so you have to be standing and running to keep up with her. After the second well is cleared she runs south to the third well without speaking to you. Again, give chase. A girl from town, Trudy's daughter I assume, is being attacked by geckos. If she dies you can loot her but if you manage to kill the geckos and save her life, Trudy will give you a discount at the saloon. Try for this outcome. It is possible for Sunny to be killed, there are Powder Gangers in the area. If you see a Powder Ganger try to avoid killing him, there are some quests you can do for them later. Just run to town, maybe Victor will defend you. It is more common that Sunny's dog will be killed. It will not affect your karma or your reward if Cheyenne is killed (unless YOU kill her) but Sunny will be saddened. If this is when she dissapeared she may have gone to a campfire a bit farther south, close to Barton Thorn at the Goodsprings source. His quest was interesting. Save often and good luck playing this huge game. Squalor 01:30, November 21, 2011 (UTC)

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