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I have a great idea for Fallout 4 (should you make one). Do you think that the raiders should actually RAID???? You should have raiders set up ambushes and take all your stuff. Of course you can get your stuff back by tracking them to their hideout.

Also, you should have a dialog option in which the person you are dialoging with can lie to you. You then have the option to believe the person or not. If you choose to believe the person and it turns out to be a lie, there will be a consequence later in the game--like you walk into a trap or get robbed or you are sent on a wild goose chase and lose an opportunity at a bonus. Also, if the person tells the truth and you believe the person you get a bonus. To add to it, you can have a lie detector ability (like perception or luck) that you can level up which gives you a better chance to detect lies. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I think they should do Fallout: Anchorage

I think a good idea for a new game would be something like red dead redeption where you can travel around a state, maybe even the country to all different cities, but I relise how expensive that would be but I also really like the idea of a Fallout: NYC, I really like the factions idea thats in new vegas but I think there should be more quests t do and jobs like patrolling guarding and stuff like in red dead redemption so after you finish quests the game never actually ends and there needs to be a way bigger population like more fiends, raiders, gangs ect. and maybe even be able to form your own gangs and groups. and the game DEFINITELY needs to continue after the after the main quest. In the new game there needs to be the enclave and many other people like mexican gang?? chinese army? russians even? A new country setting would be great too mexico? and texas area? anyway these are just my thoughts. oh and there has to be more weapons armour, ESPECIALLY POWER ARMOUR. [MRbitts]

Wow, these are good ideas! Someone need to email Bethesda and tell them about this page User:TheFlyingRedPepper

•Okay here's my plot, Im not sure of a location yet but here goes... The player is a run-away slave from a major slaver faction and the slavers are after you because you stole a very valuable item or document (how it ties in to the plot I don’t know). The game starts off with the player on an old train looking at the important object, the carriage is made of old wood and you can see outside as the train thunders through the wastes. Suddenly there is a loud explosion and the train is thrown off the tracks. The player is thrown around in the carriage and knocked unconscious and left badly burned. It was a bunch of raiders trying to loot the train, they take the precious item and leave you for dead… the player is later found by a travelling merchant who take you to the nearest town on the back of his Brahmin, in the town the player goes through the usual facial reconstruction and skill analysis.

That’s all I got, what do you all think ?

That's the first half of New Vegas.


Indeed. You've taken the same events, and just changed a few of the specifics. Character obtains McGuffin. Character gets attacked, loses McGuffin, character must retrieve McGuffin. Contrast this with the FO1/2 plot (Go and retrieve the magical mystery McGuffin to save your people).

A "Fetch" quest isn't a bad start for a MQ (especially in Fallout where you can play it good or bad), but more originallity is required. Agent c 11:02, November 13, 2010 (UTC)

Fallout 3 was the same too. Except McGuffin was your daddy. The Wasteland Warrior

In most RPGs you're somebody's bitch. You may eventually escape that, but chances are you begin as a lackey and go through most of the game as a lackey. I had a notion for a Fallout game wherein you play someone who's just inherited a small caravan outfit in the NCR. You start off with a loyal aide to watch the home office and a crate of gecko skins or somesuch and set out to carve out an empire. A lot of quests would involve finding caravaneers and guards that suit your playstyle, opening up new markets, dealing with competitors and the government, etc. You could play a straight arrow, or deal in contraband and set out to sabotage your rivals. You'd be able to upgrade your facilities, work your way up from porters to teamsters with brahmin pulled wagons, to a train car or something. Eventually some quest would trigger a freak accident wherein just the right people die so the NCR has to hold a special election for President. You could elect to back one of any number of prominent people you've dealt with previously or throw your hat into the ring. You could run on the issues, inundate small towns with propaganda, get goons to make people "vote early and often," and otherwise bust your hump to get your ideal candidate into office. Eventually the results get in and you're treated to an ending depicting the general course charted by the new president, influenced by your choice of candidate and your actions in various quests (and perhaps your karma if you become president). As presented this is very rough and lacks a defined antagonist. Done poorly it would be FalloutTycoon, but it could take from what people like about games such as Mount & Blade.--OvaltinePatrol 08:23, November 15, 2010 (UTC)

I like ^ this idea but it sounds like a PC only game. User: MoonshadowDark

Here's my idea for Fallout 4. Starts off as a child growing in a little town when a bunch of mercs come and slaughter everyone including your family. You are found by a Caravaner who happens to wander by and takes you under his arm. Story slowly unfolds as the child grows and just like Fallout 3, cutting into certain moments as you grow up to change your karma and starting kit. Anyway goes through flashbacks until your character is an adult were you still are wandering with the caravaner and he picks up a radio signal for help by a broadcast. After finding were the broadcast comes from you find 2 dead Vault Dwellers with the weapons you start of with (If explosives is tagged they have grenades and a grenade rifle) also carrying Pip-Boys (A new model?) and some basic meds. A Deathclaw traps the caravaner while you're scavenging from the dead vault dwellers and severely wounds the caravaner who you've been with for all of your childhood. The caravaner tells you about your childhood after taking him away to someplace safe and also gives you some basic info and a lead (Holotape) about your parents killers before dying. Anyway after traveling to find this lead you start using the pip-boy you found from the dead Dwellers and the story unfolds. The killers depend on your actions so if you are evil throughout the game course at the conclusion you find out that your parents killers were retired mercs from a very dangerous group of mercs and they were killed by a group of regulators or if you were neutral they were just a common family killed by a gang of raiders. If you were good they were killed by a band of mercs and that they were part of a large gang of people who cleansed the wasteland of bad people. I've been thinking of this for a while just tell me what you think. --Mastererium 12:10, December 9, 2010 (UTC)

Pretty good, but what keeps the players from wandering off away from the Caravan and into the wastes during the opening scenes? --Pongsifu 12:15, December 9, 2010 (UTC)
Perhaps they could be scripted scenes or a boundary blocking you off from exploring too far? I dunno but overall my idea sounds like one that gives you alot of freedom of choice. But if you were a professional game designer would you choose this idea?--Mastererium 13:17, December 12, 2010 (UTC)
Well there is a reason they like to keep you indoors during the beginning, even if it is for a short time like in NV, is because they don't want you to wander off. They don't want to have to just line the area with invisible walls and make it feel artificial, they need to trap you yet not make you feel trapped. Several of the Elderscrolls games they even start you out as a prisoner either being released or escaping. Maybe if it were in some sort of valley but there would still be an entrance and an exit, and if there are several scenes throughout childhood, they couldn't make it always inside a valley. Unless they made it so you couldn't actually move your character. But that defeats the point, they did it in Fallout 3 so you learn how to do everything. --Pongsifu 15:52, December 12, 2010 (UTC)
How about 3 cut ins while growing up. 1 in a cave as a child which chooses your tagged and SPECIAL skills, 1 In a building as a teen and choses your karma somehow and the last in a valley when the guy dies that teaches you some of the gameplay mechanics? A bit of exploration and no roaming out to far but shows you how to play the game.
Hm.. How about in Fallout 4 (or whatever it's gonna be called) the player is put under arrest and brought to a new setting ([Fallout 4 setting]) he/she's never been before, away from the player's family and friends. He/she hears the news that he/she will be executed in four days. Then you get to edit the character's gender/race/physical appearance/name by changing the mugshot. After all the formalities , another prisoner (let's call him Eddie, [totally not a reference to FNV... ;)] ) walks up to you, and says he has a prison break plan, and wants to know what the player can bring to the table (in conversation you can tell him your strong points (tag skills) and your overall usefulness (S.P.E.C.I.A.L.). Then Eddie learns the player some controls, and a short while after that starts an epic prison break quest. After this, the player leaves the prison together with Eddie. Eddie will be your companion, but not long after the quest, he gets kidnapped by some guards that survived the prison break. The player will have no other option but to go back to the prison, and find the guards. They'll tell him that they will only let Eddie free if the player does a few jobs for the guards (quests that encourage the player to go out and explore locations and the main setting). There is no other job to save Eddie, and the player will complete the quests because Eddie saved the player's life, and he/she wants to return the favor. ~ YesMan
Sounds okay but not very Fallout like to me. It seems like more of a GTA story. Also doing that automatically sets the guards as the bad people in my view. Also if Eddie gets caught for escaping why don't you? It seems like a plot hole there.--Mastererium 10:06, December 27, 2010 (UTC)
I don't see what's wrong with Fallout 4 having a few antagonists.. Also, the guards didn't catch you because they need someone to do their job, it was either you or Eddie, and you are the one who got lucky. I don't see how this story doesn't fit into the Fallout universe, please explain. ~ YesMan
It's too similar to the GTA formula for me. Having to do peoples work. Sure you do it in Fallout but your always chasing after someones tail like in Fallout 1 and 3. The start for Fallout New Vegas was good. You were exploring and getting to towns and stuff. But when the factions kicked in, it got repetitive and boring because your being someone's bitch basically. The GTA series can get away with it because they point you in different directions by making you work for someone else. But your story doesn't do that. You're working for guards doing their jobs, After your done with them you return, Get an award and continue working for them. Notice how in Fallout New Vegas does this too specially when you got to get factions to side with you? Do a job for the Khans and return back. That was very repetitive for me and your story sounds like It'll do the same. I like the whole "Prison Escape" thing. Just working for guards doesn't really work. Perhaps if you and this Eddie chap looking for the guy who got you in prison in the first place will work and if you side with Eddie you'll follow down the good karma path but the guy who got you in prison in the first place becomes your enemy and if you wish to follow the Neutral path you can forget about Eddie and this "guy that got you in jail" and bring them both down because both Eddie and "this guy" had something to do ending you up in jail. for the Bad karma path you forgive "this guy" and work against Eddie who then becomes your enemy. Also you'll need a story that gives your character history like Fallout 3 so you understand what your characters been through. New Vegas didn't do this aside from the little conversation topics that reveal you've been to New Reno.--Mastererium 15:07, December 28, 2010 (UTC)
You got some valid points there, but chasing a guy all across the map sounds a bit familiar... I disagree with what you're saying about that Fallout characters should have a history, it's an RPG, and people like to create their characters and come up with their own stories for them. ~ YesMan
Creating characters history is what Fallout 3 did. And The Lone Wanderer was much more interesting to play as than the Courier. You knew what your character went through as he/she grew up and what experiences he/she had. That's what felt weird about The Courier, You're playing as a guy you got no clue about, you don't know what's happened to his parents and his buddies from way back.--Mastererium 08:17, December 29, 2010 (UTC)
Well that's what you think. I don't think I can convince you that a character shouldn't have too much of a history and I don't think you can convince me that a character should. Maybe we should just leave it at that. ~ YesMan
Agreed, Good story though my lad.--Mastererium 15:25, December 29, 2010 (UTC)

I had another idea which goes against what I've been saying about dropping the Brotherhood: you play an initiate who is with a small BoS group looking to make a new chapter in a new land. The new land has a high-tech group of its own with no interest in letting your guys anywhere near and do a good job of shredding you apart in an ambush. Your would-be Elder and Head Paladin are dead and the only leadership left is the senior Scribe and Knight. Initial quests are about setting up shop in a safe place. Because the group is short staffed and you're an initiate you pull double duty doing stuff for the Knight and the Scribe to get a taste of how things are for them. Being the protagonist, you naturally become awesome and relied upon and people begin to look to you for leadership and the only surviving Paladin initiates you into the order and conveniently dies in another attack on the enemy, leaving you in charge.

Now the chapter's destiny is in your hands. You can cruelly plunder tech from the nearby communities (unaffiliated with the enemy), restrict yourself to seeking out Pre-War caches in bases and labs or only take them from unresponsible parties like raiders and cults (ha ha, BoS hypocrisy), or go full ret...full Lyons and play crusading good guy for the locals. Eventually you have to confront the enemy. If you just looted pre-war sites and the irresponsible, they're still a little tougher than you but beatable. If you went the Lyons route they're way tougher than you but you get the support of the locals, and they're on equal footing if you went full bastard. After you deal with them you might then have to deal with a mutiny if you went full good guy, a peasant revolt if you went full bastard, and if you went middle of the road you have to defend your leadership to the Brotherhood in Lost Hills (not because they disapprove of what you've done, just because they want to have someone with more seniority as a leader) which could be done in a debate or challenge of some kind.--OvaltinePatrol 16:50, December 31, 2010 (UTC)

Uhh, I don't see this story happening.--Mastererium 19:19, December 31, 2010 (UTC)
Frankly I don't see anything anyone on this forum thinking of happening. The Fallout series has consisted of 2 McGuffin hunts, a war, a McGuffin hunt leading to a war, and whatever the hell Brotherhood of Steel was about. I'm trying to come up with concepts that are slightly different.--OvaltinePatrol 19:49, December

31, 2010 (UTC)

But these stories give you freedom of choice which the Fallout series is largely about. Yours seems too much like keeping control of the BoS. The side quests wouldn't work out because why would to BoS be roaming the wasteland helping people out which they're forbidden to do? How do you think the F3 BoS was kicked from the main BoS? And if you'r trying to copy the F3 BoS by making them the saviors of the wasteland, the formula would be boring. Yours ties too much to the main quest and not enough to the side ones.--Mastererium 15:14, January 3, 2011 (UTC)
The break between Lyon's Brotherhood and the Outcasts didn't happen overnight, I specifically address that. If the player runs the Brotherhood like a band of do-good knights you have to deal with a mutiny in the end. If your argument is that my idea can't work because I don't rattle off a bunch of sidequests then I'll refer you to the title of the forum which is in regards to the story and not the sidequests. Part of the goal is to let the player run things their way, I've seen various criticisms of different chapters of the Brotherhood (mostly of Lyons), this would let you do things "right," whatever that means for you.--OvaltinePatrol 16:02, January 4, 2011 (UTC)

I am thinking that if there was a game based in the swamp areas, like in Louisiana would be interesting. I already know that there is the Florida idea, but it would still be interesting. --Dark Technician 21:22, January 4, 2011 (UTC)

Well that'd be too similair to Point Lookout wouldn't it? It could be another DLC for New Vegas though.--Mastererium 02:46, January 5, 2011 (UTC)

Lookout was great though. I wouldn't mind a whole game like that. MoonshadowDark

My idea for the begining of fallout 4

The opening scence starts with an explanation of fev and how it was created. It the progresses to a siege of vault 87 through murder pass with a massive battle going on, you are then given your mission by the lyons pride which is to go and destroy the facilitys being used to produce all the mutants and to hunt for the leader in all this. During this battle you succesfully destroy the fev rooms and the giant vats uses to store it. You then begin your hunt for the leader after being separated from the pride. You go deep into the vault when you discover none other than the master who you are about to kill when he uses his abilities to give u a massive headache when you are knocked uncounsious by the incrediable pain. You then have a dream of your dad telling you to wake up and destroy the new menace. You wake up to find yourself being held over a giant vat as it les go you hold onto the giant claw which begins to lower when the lyons pride comes in blows up the container rescues you and you faint to hear the classic sound of ron perlman explaining stuff and how "war never changes". You awake 2 days later to discover you have a tumour caused by the master and a mere 2 weeks to stop the master and the plans he has in store for the wasteland such as what theyve already done. Capturing all robots in dc by telephatpic powers and an almost succesful attempt at blowing up the purifier Kill-da-mutant 23:11, January 5, 2011 (UTC)

The Master was in L.A. not D.C. Also where's the free roam?--Mastererium 00:54, January 6, 2011 (UTC)

I know he was but how many years has it been hes had plety of time to rebuild an armyKill-da-mutant 01:07, January 6, 2011 (UTC)

You've clearly never played F1. According to the Fallout canon, the Master was killed with the bombing of the secret vault. That's why you have Tabitha talking about all the smart mutants (Master era mutants which disbanded after the Master died) and the dumb dumbs (pre Master super mutants). Try to read the series canon.--Mastererium 21:44, January 6, 2011 (UTC)

Thats my point its suppose to be a twist :/Kill-da-mutant 22:18, January 6, 2011 (UTC)

But he's dead. You can't magicaly rock back alive after surviving a massive bomb? And plot twists are failed. Only worked in a couple games like Bioshock and Alan Wake.--Mastererium 23:18, January 9, 2011 (UTC)

How about this, right? You begin as the Leader or Leader-in-training of a high end faction, any age will be fine (you will start as a kid if you imput a certain age and an adult if imput others) and you run through a simple day: food management, interactions with NPCs, target and melee practice, and other training. As you are ending the tutorial, which will happen when you activate it in order for you to get the hang of the game, and there will be various tutorial quests, your camp will be raided, your people killed, and you will be forced out on your ass into the wild, wild wastes. Out there, you can choose to complete quests, fight baddies, do all sorts of standard Falloutie things. However, there's a catch: factions. You can choose to side with a faction, any faction (though some will be Karma and reputation based), you can make a faction and grow and expand, or you can run solo. If you make a faction, you have absolute power instantly and can set whatever goal you want (for example, take over the wastes, save the people, become the dominant trader community, etc.), if you side with a faction you have certain unique quests and dialogue as well as perks, but you must abide to their rules, though over time you can work your way up. If you run solo you can run missions for all factions, though you won't become an official member, and you also do not have to obey their rules. This is all to work your way up against the growing, prosperring raiders who killed your people, though you may choose to do whatever you wish. Sombar1 03:08, January 6, 2011 (UTC)

Alot of freedom there but where's the next part to the main quest? Can't have it that you're just roaming until you stumble upon a clue.--Mastererium 21:44, January 6, 2011 (UTC)

yo, here's my idea, okay, so you start off in a vault,probably as a teenager(probably 14), growing up with your parents,your friends and their parents. It's a small vault so the community is real tight,everyone is close and stuff, so anyway your quietly minding your own business when a strange gas seeps into the vault killing off all of the adults. Shortly after that the vault door opens forcing you and your lets say ten friends (your best friend, your secret crush, your three other close friends and five others) out into the wasteland thinking that the gas will kill you thus starting the first quest "welcome to the wastes", or something, where you and your companions see a small shack in the distance so you head towards it.But then just as you reach the shack your best friend suddenly falls to the ground and realising that he was shot in the head you quickly turn around to see a group of raiders running towards you. You then realise that you took a small pistol with you you rise the gun and take a shot at what looked to be the leader. The shot is a critical hit and the raider dies.The other raiders, by some chance of fate( I haven't thought that bit through as much, so maybe a little help with that bit) run away. You then run over to your friend and the screen fades out, it then unfades and sees you, now at eighteen, sitting at a camp fire. You are constantly tormented by dreams of your friend dying and it makes you uneasy. The remaining others are sitting at the campfire too. You never talk any more and your relationship with them has suffered with them because of that. Your second closest friend at the time before their run in with the raiders offers a hunt to ease the tension between them, you are weary but finally accept the offer as you know that your group can defend for themselves now. You both come back to see your camp ransacked, all of your companions gone, your heart sinks as you realise that your secret crush was probably dead and you start having flashbacks about the previous run in. Again the screen fades then unfades and your in a cabin, your thirty eight now and have settled down in a town you found after you started wandering the wastes after your last friend remaining died of dehydration. In the town your known as the local crazie, terrorised by nightmares and visions. But one day you snap and decide that the only way your going to come back to normality would be to avenge your fallen brothers. So you set out and hear word of a quickly growing tribe of raiders. you figure that you'll join them and them and obliterate any other raiders that you find. So you finally make your way there, and have built a big name in the wastes either by destroying towns or helping them out by doing their quests. Either way the leader of the raiders accepts you after you fight your way through his men. So you do some stuff for him and gain his trust until you see one of the slave women. You look into her eyes and realise that it was your secret crush.Now you have a decision, to save your crush and the other slaves and maybe even reunite with your old pals or stick with the raiders and kill her on the spot, her being killed will annoy the leader but then he'll shrug it of and tell you of his even grander scheme, I haven't thought of what that would be but yeah that's my idea, maybe it's a little weak, but now I feel much better that I have put my idea out. pimpboy3billion

Okay, here's my Idea: Your an adult, well, lets say around 20. You've lived in megaton your entire life. Maybe we could make it inteesting and your one of the the Fallout 3 Megaton citziens Kid. Most people there own a weapon, but you show exceptional skill in your tag skills that you previously chose. At one point, the town is being harrased by SUper Mutants. The Megaton citizens decide to send out some of their best shots (you and maybe four other poeple) to go and destroy the Super Mutants nearby camp. As it turns out, the camp was much bigger than expected. A few of your guys are killed, and the rest of you are knocked unconscious and taken to Vault 87. All of you are then turned into Super Mutants. Somehow, you are able to retain your normal brain-ness, and are fully aware of everything that has happened. After realizing your the only SUper Mutant like this, you plan an escape. It doesnt play out to well, and you barley make it out alive. As you try to make it back to Megaton, you realize, after some encounters, no ones going to treat you like they did. They only see you as a monster. At this point, you make your one soul reason in life to destroy the source of super muntans, so thos cant happen to anyone else. ALong the way you'll discover other friendly super mutants, towns that eccept you, or towns that will only accept you if you help them. You'll gain other towns/factions support, and they'll help you in your quest. Whaddaya think? --DictatorDom14 02:59, August 2, 2011 (UTC)

Personally I want the next Fallout game to take place in Canada or someplace that has been turned into a frozen wasteland due to nuclear winter. Rather than exploring a vast open desert, I can imagine the PC wandering a dead forest, with a radioactive wind blowing past frozen corpses. -- Fezgod 4:40 8/4/2011

                                           READ THIS ITS GREAT

I think that the game should start in a Vault Tech Milatary Training Facility in pre-war times. Thats where you create your character, all exept the face. When you first start the game your in an waiting room, you take a clip board off a desk thats where you put youre name and special (the special should be in check boxes). Once you're done with that you go through a door that was preiviously locked, and walk to a bus. The bus will take you to a "Vault Tech Milatary Training Facility" thats where they teach you how to use a weapon, create your skills, sneak, lock pick, hack a computor, and given a vault tech suit. Once you've learned all that, (or skipped it) you hear the bombs drop in the distance, hear a radio signal that says "Washington hit!!". You go into cryogenic freezing pods in a lead underground room with a vault door. As the vault door closes you see a brigh light and some of the blast enters the cracked vault door. the game goes into loading. When you wake up (the game stops loading) you see two men waliking around and one unfreezing you. still in the pod you see them open another pod and a feral goul jumps out and attacks the men. they quickly kill the goul, and you hear one guy say "keep an eye out this one might be feril. They realease you and you go into conversation with the first man. he tells you that youve been frozen for over 200 years and that you need to help him find the vault armament. Once you pick the lock or find the key you they will take you out side, load up the weapons, and the third guy will take you tawards a lake. Their he will knock you on the ground (you cant move) and draw his gun, then he gets shot by a fully auto weapon. The screen looks over at the people who shot him and its three men that play an important role through the whole game. They walk to you and notice your injurys and minor goulification they take you to a near by town and drop you off at an dcter who fixes you up ang gives you a face. The main story would be about a large walled-in civilization that is trying to take over the wastland. most people welcome the take over, but the feiw who know the truth are against it. The group of people who know about the civilizations intentions are a renaissance-like city who are hidden in the top of a mountain that you cant access untill middle of the main quest, when you discover the civilizations intintions to turn the poor people of the waists into slaves in order for them to create a large area for the rich people of the civilization. The last half of the main quest is attacks on the civilization after they start expanding(in one of the later attacks the civilization will be open for you to explore). Resulting in a war between the civilization and an army of factions that you can choose.

I think a good story idea would be to set it in the Colorado, where we know Caesar's Legion is at its strongest and you start off as one their slaves, possibly moved in from the Mojave or other Caesar Legion frontier. You start off as a gladiator forced to fight for your survival for the Legion's amusement, but during one particular fight, the beasts (maybe it's a really beefed up Deathclaw or something) gets free and slaughters everyone. You have the opportunity to save one of the Legion's higher ranking officials and should you take it, you have the choice of being a part of the Legion, otherwise you can choose to begin a slave uprising (Spartacus style). Add to this that some other rival factions (such as the NCR, Brotherhood and Enclave) would possibly have a (very small) presence in the area and you can help them in your revolt. Alternately, if you go the Legion route you can rise through the ranks and conquer any untamed tribes or such and even have the choice to go rogue and take the territory for yourself. Likewise you could try rise through the Legion's ranks and vie for leadership of the Legion that way, possibly orchestrating a coup against Caesar. There are a lot of possibilities for the story to pan out while not having to be any faction's bitch (for long). ~Some Bored Guy

After reading all of the ideas on this page, I think one of the best ones so far is ~Some Bored Guy's take on a possible Legion game, the first two games took place in the western U.S. Fallout 3/4 on the East coast, and New Vegas in well... the Vegas area. Having a game take place in Colorado and possibly bleeding into the Mid-West could be interesting. Every Fallout game so far has had a clear "good" ending. Possibly having a canon "bad" ending would be a nice change of pace. how come every amazing person that comes out of the wastes has to be a good guy? Why can't we have a main character that rises through the Legion ranks after the events of Fallout New Vegas? With both Caesar and Lanius dead that left a gap in leadership, plus the Legion wasn't defeated entirely, only there attacking armies and high leaders are gone, it goes without saying that plenty of Legion soldiers would still be around there territories, no Legion towns fell, no territory lost, just nothing gained. Possibly having the player work towards becoming the new leader of the Legion could be new and amazing. Think about this for instance; say if the player didn't want the Legion to remain the same as it currently is, he/she (more than likely he for Legion, and she for a slave rebellion) could make changes through how they complete certain missions. The amount of options when it comes to a game based around the Legion is so large. I would love to see an actual game come of it and not just a mod, but hey, the Fallout 4 engine would work ok. I do storyboard concepts for games and mods if anyone is interested in seeing this become a full game like Castcadia has, if you can create mods I would love to work with you on making this, or any idea happen. SheasonFillyWiddler (talk) 19:23, June 27, 2017 (UTC)

It's the mid 2300's and the wasteland is more or less colonized. The great states of all over the world, prepare for a journey out in the far away. The factions are in a great war (2?) and you're the represant of the united states of europe? You travel a long way to the middle-east, to an international conference about the startour (and problebly the war). Few hours before, you find out, the represant of russia is a teorist. When you try to stop, him he will explode his bomb. Everything is blown to pieces. Everything but you. Now you just have to get home before it's too late. Customize if you wan't Paint_you_red |21:30 August 27 2012|

> You know, the more I hear it and the more I think about it, I like the sound of a Fallout game not based in U.S. I'm sure Bethesda could undoubtedly come up with a killer storyline and all that, but it would be really nifty to see how the rest of the world is dealing with Post-Apocalyptopia... Maybe a jaunt across the ocean to Japan. Japan right now is quite an advanced country. A possible storyline there is that they have come up with a way to get rid of radiation to the point that the world could return to a shade of it's former self or maybe they developed a variety of plants that can survive in the world as is and somehow help to rid the world of the radiation plaguing it and it's peoples. The story from there is that for some reason you were on a ship that crashed/sunk/was attacked and you wind up "stranded" on an island or chain of islands that have miraculously been untouched by the apocalypse that everywhere else has. This would lead into finding out that the Japanese, or whichever race it turns out to be, have this technology and are planning to "terraform" multiple UNREACHABLE places around the globe (or Asia) and effectively keep this technology for themselves. You as the unlikely hero get involved with a resistance whose goal it is to share this technology with the world. To broaden the game a bit, maybe they could figure out a way for you to make your way back and forth between this paradise and the "real" world, possibly the protagonists could have a way of doing this already to keep tabs on other populaces, to do testing that is needed or some other diabolical reason you have yet to find out. Vehicles, weapons, armor, characters would all have to be different, injecting a dose of freshness into the game and possibly give Bethesda what they would need to continue the franchise yet again.
      Another idea could be that in say Europe or Russia maybe even India, people have adapted to live underground using pre-war technology to build large, maybe even huge, cities underground that are connected by underground railways or something. Or possibly this is something that could have been started before the war. This could be interesting as it would give you more places to explore, as you would have both above and below ground areas to do so. This could lead into you finding out about a plot to use a biological weapon to finish what nukes could not...? If you went with this being based in Europe you could possibly visit different countries, lending even more diversity to armor, weapons, *co-vehicles-ugh* and people you could interact with.
     Or, to get a little more farfetched... Something to do with a metropolis on the moon? I don't have details for that one, but it could be something to think about or something for DLC... Anyhoo, those are my thoughts, I'll drop more if I get any. Cheers, and kudos to all the other stellar ideas that came before me. Hopefully Bethesda takes notice. With ideas like ours, we could keep the franchise going indefinitely... Lol...

Tyler Newstead, Prince George, Canada (Just in case I get an honorable mention! HA! Also I'm not a member, just a freakin fan!)

What if, instead of the player character being a vault dweller, (s)he was some vault's overseer? Due to the vault experiments there could be like some strict rules in the vault, but the people there started to rebel and a riot breaks out. Eventually forcing the people (and the player) to wander off to the wilderness. Just thought up this start a minute ago. Don't have any idea of the MQ that more or anything. Rose any ideas though?

- Teurastaja, 9th of Jan, 2013 - 8:57 UTC

My idea was that the game would be set in Seattle, Washington. You would start out in the city, being able to explore a mostly intact pre-war city. From there you would also be able to travel north into Canada, maybe even into Alaska. Some factions could be fighting over the area, such as the Brotherhood of Steel, some sort of frontier expansion of the NCR, and to the north a new faction I just call the Canadian Reclamation Front, a large group of militants trying to reclaim and control what was pre-war Canada. You could go to Vancouver and Juneau as well. Also, there could be some small groups of Chinese, Russian, and/or Japanese survivors (Invaders, raiders, or just curious people?). Most of the armor and clothing would be winterized to combat the long periods of cold. Well, those are my thoughts, cant wait to see your responses!

- ACKBAR24532- August 1, 2013-

I have an idea for a F3 mod, the story is mostly the same until you get to rivet city and ask dr li where your dad is, she says that you should ask zimmer (the android owner) and see if he knows anything, he doesnt but then you carry on, wen u get 2 t water purification plant your dad is there and the characters r reunited, he becomes yor follower as u do quests then at the last quest as u fight your way through u see amata wearing brotherhood armor, u go up 2 her and say hello but she doesnt know u then u defete the enclave but u get shot in the stomach by colonel autumn, u get taken 2 the room were the character is born and your dad whispers something in your ear, so quiet u cant here it then zimmer bursts in and demands 2 c his android, he comes over 2 u and says there u are i never would have thought it was u, revealing that your character is the android and that your dad is with the android rights group and stole u from him, all of your memories inside the vault are fake and he just stole amatas face from sum random girl. at the end there wud b a choice but u would have 2 act quick, u can kill everybody there for lying, u can kill zimmer and agree 2 have your memories wiped, so that u wud wake up in a house and people from the main quest acting sad around u for wat they did, or u can let zimmer say that password to make u become his android again, the 3rd wud be the depressed hero who givs everything up even after all theydid.

August 3rd 2013

Oct30 (Markell) Hey! Idea for a new Fallout game... how about a *prequel* that goes right back to the beginning - a very short lead-up (or video) BEFORE the war, a short race to get to your vault, the drama of the bombs dropping (safe or just at/barely in the door) then a short gameplay/video IN the vault before the Vault-Tek social experiment spews you back out after only 4-8 WEEKS. Your gameplay world and quests are FRESH wasteland, rather than ancient ruins and rebuilt societies. Lots more devastation, REAL radiation worries, and scarcer food/water/supplies... Barter may not even be in caps at first! (Change in 9mm ammo, anyone?) Lots of main plot ideas from there... prevent a worse tragedy? begin a town/society? ... Might be a great way to really polish up the whole "Fallout" basic concept! (Some young'uns openly mocked me for suggesting this - that this very idea had been trashed long ago... I found no record of that in my fandom since F1! Sure, VanBuren has you getting to a vault, but no other story concept beyond that - certainly not my main concept of a world still glowing with radiation!)  ;)

Van Buren isn't about getting to a Vault. Not sure where you got that idea from. :/ ForGaroux Some Assembly Required! 18:49, October 30, 2013 (UTC)

Sure it is - the tech demo has a Corporal someone-or-other escort you to the vault entrance. Not much story leaked beyond that... but my basic premise is to play very shortly after the bombs, not 80-160 years later!

Jan 22 2014 I would kind of like to see an option to start as something other than human. For instance at the beginning you choose to be human, ghoul, or maybe even super mutant? Then have the same general story line, whatever thats decided to be, but with different specifics based on the hardships you would face because of being a member of each particular group. Like humans would have the easiest social path, followed by ghouls, then super mutants having the hardest. Then you could have bonus effects like super mutants and ghouls being healed by radiation. And instead of SPECIAL being completely up to you, you could have less points to distribute but each "race" would have higher starting values than some. Super mutants start with higher Strength end Endurance but lower Charisma, humans start with higher Charisma, ghouls start with higher Barter or whatever you want to make them.

Mar 03 2014 I think in the game you should be able to have your own customizable faction complete with its own army, economy etc and it should have a territory system where your faction can eventually take over the map also your faction should receive bonuses for overtaken areas

another feature I think should be in the game is dynamic conflicts between the various factions and in these conflicts you can back a single side or both for example say the legion invaded a valley the great khans lived in you could go up to the legion or the khans and say "hey we wanna help out" and do various things like providing training to either side so they can kill their enemy better and quicker, provide better guns and weaponry for example you could provide the khans with fatmans to blow up legion groups in one go or do the exact same thing for the legion, provide advisors to either side so they use better tactics, use your factions: jets artillery bombers and helicopters that are also unlockable for your country to give strikes to help out your favoured side for example say the khans needed an ammo dump destroyed but couldn't do it themselves you could go to the ammo dump and order an artillery strike on it, the ability to sell both sides weapons and make profit, the ability to invade the area with your faction and become an ally to either side or to just destroy both sides and end the conflict with no winner

scuba tank power armor mod... Two big oxygen tanks on the back of you armor like the jet pack mod. It allows you to breathe, jump, and run under water... Boom...