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Hey guys, a quick question should the eastern BOS change their name to something else (eg: circle of steel)

Sisterhood of Steel? xNOKIx 12:55, February 12, 2011 (UTC)

Lol, A bit more fitting how they pussied out on their mission. But in some seriousness, Im not sure. Maybe. Though they unintentionally have the last in the maxson line hostage (well not really, but he's there) so Im pretty sure that while the normal brotherhood would be disappointed at them, they probably wouldnt kick them out or harm them, that is to say that they still care about the Maxson family line. 5t3v0 22:50, February 12, 2011 (UTC)

Since the Brotherhood fraction under Lyons still see themselves as BoS I think they won't change it by themselves... otherwise they would be the true outcasts. xNOKIx 01:12, February 13, 2011 (UTC)

SergeantDornan: To answer the OP's question, YES! They "went native" and decided not to follow the true BoS mission. Therefor, they are no longer BoS. As Xnkix put it, THEY are the true outcasts.

I am not so sure the BoS back west wouldn't/won't excommunicate them or even execute Elder Lyons. Sure, the last of the Maxson line is in the Capitol Wasteland with Lyons, BUT he is still a traitor to the BoS. I'm not saying I disagree with what Lyons did, I always did believe the Brotherhood should take a more proactive role in Wasteland society (I think like Veronica, tbh). That said, they still will consider him a traitor, and I think it very likely if he ever tried to return West, he would be in danger.

The decision of the other Elders regarding the CW BOS has already established. Lyons' branch is still technically part of the Brotherhood, but they've stopped recieving supplies and reinforcements. It's unlikely that the Elders would change their stance unless Lyons changed his policies again. Hal10k (Leonard Bernstein!) 23:40, February 14, 2011 (UTC)

Elder Lyons is a dedicated man and so is his daughter, Sarah. She will be a great leader, even better than her father. She may not be Maxson blood but she has the mind, charisma, and skills of one. In my mind Elder Owen Lyons is a rebel-patriot, just like the patriots of the American Revolution. In the eyes of the British (West Coast BoS) they were traitors but in the eyes of the people struggling, the good, the great, the weak, the poor, they were patriots fighting for the greater good of the wasteland--Zachattak471 03:42, February 16, 2011 (UTC)

they really only put there mission on hold...they decided to help the wasteland...ended up with a water purifier and some very advanced tech from the war with the enclave...meanwhile the outcasts manageto stay true to their mission and get less tech-paladinjames92