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Hi! I've played relatively far in my New Vegas 360 game, mostly as an NCR sympathizer. I reached New Vegas for the first time with no problems. I received and furthered quests, and left the city to strengthen my character and do side quests. I then try to return to NV through the North Strip Gate and my game crashes every time with a corrupted autosave. I then tried to gain access to NV through the McCarran monorail, but something strange happened. It was a lOng time ago that I performed the "I put a spell on You" quest that decided the fate of the monorail. I honestly didnt remember how it turned out, so I went to see. Finding the platform, I heard what sounded like monorail noises but no monorail. I waited and waited- nothing. Then I looked further down the track with my binoculars and saw what looked like a destroyed monorail. I'm not sure, but it's possible.

So with this save file ruined for the main story as I cannot access NV, I thought of starting a new save file completely. but that would mean North Gate would still be corrupted (right?) and in order to gain access to the monorail down the road, I'll have to repeat SO much of my last game because I'll have to play NCR again.

Are there any ways to fix the situation? I absolutely LOVE this game and I don't know what to do. 23:12, June 24, 2012 (UTC)Mer

It may because of how you completed the Debt Collector quest for Atomic Wrangler by destroying the man in the Strip. Check the page for possible fixes.

Yes, there is something about if you kill Caleb McCaffery by blowing his head off your game will crash when you try to re-enter the strip. The fix says to wear his hat or an old cowboy hat when you enter the gate. Read about it here: Debt Collector