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Should fallout elevnty have its own wiki

The poll was created at 17:15 on June 30, 2009, and so far 25 people voted.

Tough, i made the wikia

Theres the link

This is going to be tough because we have to add all of the old images and codes from our pages on The Vault to this new wiki, but I have faith lol. I'd be happy to help get this thing off the ground. Butcher Pete 17:41, 30 June 2009 (UTC)

Then go up to the wikia and help.all assistance is appreciated.And ima mnice guy (Sometimes) SO i wont bitch at ya for a mistake. Butter 17:43, 30 June 2009 (UTC)

This wiki is like life viewed through the eyes of madness. Browsing it is like staring into the endless abyss of a bottomless ocean. I feel cold. --DragonJTSLeave me a message 02:24, 1 July 2009 (UTC)