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Fo1 Vault 15 Townmap
Fo1 Vault 15 Townmap
  • Users who view the Strategic Nuclear Moose through IE (Internet Explorer) as their primary internet browser have issues with words jumbling together and div statements not sizing properly.


  • Turn compatibility mode off if you currently have it on.
  • Change your font size. You can also just simply open the tools menu and zoom in to 125%.
  • Change your internet browser. Firefox and Google Chrome are confirmed to load the Moose properly.

  • Youtube player not working properly.


  • This is because not every song uploaded to Youtube is compatible with the YT template used here. There is no current fix to my knowledge. So if a song isn't working properly, please say so on here and I will remove it accordingly.

Updates - 10/1/12

  • Backdrop has been reduced to just covering the side-bars. This is due to loading issues, and the Moose should now load faster.
  • The Patrons' section has been moved to multiple forum pages due to nav-box limits.
  • The Moose will be taking over the Hole while Agent c is pursuing other projects. The Hole will be re-named the Skuz Pit, and will feature many unique changes to fit the Moose theme.
  • The Think Tank has been moved and re-named to the SNM Game Room forum page. This is largely due to the addition of more recurring challenges and prize options.
  • Stories being told on the Moose's main page now embraces the Template:Talk.
  • Header has been changed.
  • Youtube playlist added.
  • Bounty board expanded upon.
  • 2 additional polls will now be added, for a total of 4 at any given time.
  • Interview section expanded upon.

Updates - 10/25/12

  • New edition has been released.
  • Major re-vamp for the Aces' Theater.
  • Directory has been added for other Moose links.
  • Main song has been changed out.


Please use this section to mention any bugs, contest recent changes to the Moose, or to even throw out ideas of your own that you'd like to see implemented in the future.

  • Hm, can game mods be included into the Moose? Energy X 20:22, October 7, 2012 (UTC)
    • Absolutely! We will soon have a feature called 'Gizmo's Workshop' which will show-case mods through the Aces' Theater. ForGaroux Some Assembly Required! 18:30, October 25, 2012 (UTC)