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I just thought of a rouge NCR sharpshooter. You make the NCR hate you so they hunt you down and you just move around surviving finding resources fighting off the NCR. Use a pistol and a sniper. I also got this wasteland negotiator build off the internet and a mod where you can start up and upgrade the lucky 38 and all income goes to you. You just manipulate people into doing things for you and you become rich and powerful because you get a bunch of followers and you can act as if you own the strip.

Anyone else get the idea to roleplay as a sheriff/sharpshooter/cowboy type character? I was gonna try this without using vats, using guns, speech and sneak, melee weapons too,who else out there is gonna roleplay and what type of character are you gonna be? - Stealthology

I have rolpeplayed in Oblivion and Fallout 3 , on Fallout New Vegas I roleplay as an NCR ranger or first recon sharpshooter it's also fun to be a poor down on their look traveller who hits the jackpot playing in small casino, who then goes on to become rich in Vegas get a massive suite and be able to afford everything.

i roleplay as the head of a mercenary crew, i gather all the followers up and send them back to the lucky 38 casino, which is our clubhouse. after that i equip each follower with reinforced leather armour so we all look the same and then trick the presidential sweet out to make it look like a proper mercs hideout, i replace the pool table with a weapons table, co-ordinate rations into the refrigerator, eg. one bighorn steak, one purified water per 1day trip. and turn the master bedroominto my personal office, weapons lockers, armour wardrobes and my computer with magazines next to it and my 357. within easy reach. My 2nd in command is veronica, as she is my faveourite. Boone is our sharpshooter, cass is the groups wildcard, raul is the techie and cook so its his job to coordinate rations, arcade is our medic and energy weapons specialist and lilly is the groups grandma who keeps morale up. and rex and ED-E are our mascots and pets. its realy fun to roleplay this. -ShayneHiscox

Cool! I think I'm gonna change from roleplaying a western shooter type to what I call The Professionals, sort of what you said with Everyone decked out in Armor from the cover of the game, everyone being a sniper, I being the leader, decking out the Lucky 38, I really wish there was a way to gather all followers in a place besides that at once, my professional with carry all sorts of pistols, and a few rifles, any ideas for a build? I was thinking just max INT at the beginning, and then use 5 ranks of intense training on agility, and maybe an implant for everything else, Any ideas for what else I could do as this character? what to store etc? I plan on havving a massive collection of weapons all in perfect condition. - Stealthology

there is a glitch which allows you to get all humanoid companions following you at once using veronica. i think its on new vegas exploits page, this would allow you to have them all follow you at once or make your clubhouse anywhere.

Im afraid you cant do that because thats NCR ranger combat armour and your companions cant wear it cause its faction. My idea isrealy the best way to do it realy but if you wanna go for a more professional look, invest in a lot of 12.7mm pistols and equip them with scilencers and give them to everyone. The damgae on the pistol outweighs all their default weapons damgae so they should use that indefinatly. However you cannot smuggle em into casinos. Try equiping them all with shades aswell. Give them normal leather armour and you and your 2nd wear reinforced. OR if you have dead money, wear the assasin suit. Also, Togive your crew that insane ass gangster assasin professional look. Give each one a lucky 38 card. I gave each one the following. Me- The joker (for obvious reasons) Veronica- Ace of diamonds (head of support) Boone- Ace of spades (The specialist) Cass- Ace of Clubs (The ace in the hole) Arcade- Jack of diamonds (The supporter) Raul- Jack of clubs (Maintains the crews combat)

Boone can wear any NCR armor. -OutlawLovesFallout

You can just imagine that when they kill a person they leave that card on there body lol This is a good build :) ShayneHiscox

That is a great build! What I did was have this group vehemently opposed to the Legion. My guy was a former member of the Legion and formed this group. I wear Reinforced Leather and a Vexilarius helmet while Boone (second in command) wears plain leather armor and a Decanus helmet. The rest wear basic Leather and a recruit helmet we murder any legion we come across, and don't really support any factions but ourself. ToestheUnwholy 19:20, May 10, 2011 (UTC)

All these are good ideas. One thing I miss in New Vegas and FO3 that was in Fallout 1&2 is being interupted during fast travel and having to deal with random spawn enemies. When you choose to fast travel from Primm to Novac it could mean a Deathclaw encounter. If you go from the 188 to the Followers safehouse you should meet some Fiends. Something like that would help a player who wants to pure-role-play instead of quest-following.Squalor 20:45, May 11, 2011 (UTC)

I'm currently RPing as a Shi agent sent to the Mojave to procure technology and resources from the various research centres and old world treasure troves around the area (currently waiting on Old World Blues to continue with that particular goal). Skillset involves hand-to-hand (with all the special move perks), obscenely high science, and small guns. Currently building up sneak, survival, and other things that would make sense for a desert-travelling to have. No humanoid companions, but ED-E and Rex make for perfect assets for a technology-finding/procuring agent to have. In terms of apparel and weapons I ended up with the Surivivalist's Rifle, the Big Boomer, and knuckledusters to imitate a sort of vaguely 'nam vibe, and completed the look with the Explorer's Gear and a Combat Helmet/Authority Glasses combo.

The only real downside is the horrific difficulty in trying to get an okay-looking face out of the Asian racial template in character creation. Apparently Bethesda were horribly racist or something. The_Malignancy, 17:37, June 26, 2011 (GMT)

Playing FO3, I rp'd following in daddy's footsteps as a doctor and scientist in general, which I think was pretty unimaginative for that game, but I really enjoyed it. Carried that over a little bit to NV as a wandering doctor who took on the job of courier, traveling from town to town giving aid as it's needed. I generally take on Arcade as a partner (don't read into that too much) and we continue on trying to fix the troubles of the Mohave and bolstering New Vegas independence. Flagcaptured 17:48, June 29, 2011 (UTC)

I did the mercenary crew but instead leather armor, I equipped my crew with the black combat armor you get off the Van Graff guards.

I have had multiple charecters for roleplaying. some were -i just killed everyone i saw because the bullet messed with my brain -i was an assassin and got another fallout roleplayn friend ad we txt eachother missions and send pics as confirmation with ways they died (fell off a mountain) (put empty whiskey bottles next to them)

I role-play with Boone. I dress him up with NCR ranger armor with his beret and sunglasses while I wear the desert ranger armor, his identical beret the game clones during his recruit quest, and sunglasses and we are like a team of NCR rangers wandering the Mojave. Simple, but fun. Boone is good as he is sneaky and good in a fight.WastelandRanger al 02:35, July 18, 2011 (UTC)

My Character is the same character as the lone wanderer, as he has reloacted to Nevada following Fallout 3. He was working for Mr House before killing him and taking New Vegas for himself. He now lives in The Tops and takes ventures out to travel the Mojave Desert. He is a 'Druggy', regularly taking Jet and Pyscho, and also gets drunk near enough every night at the Bar. He makes visits to the Capital Wasteland from time to time too. 19:40 GMT MattFlan

My Courier is utterly mysterious, keeping his past and motives to himself, for he comes from a organization more secretive, than the brotherhood, a group of techno rangers who are in the Mojave to find a weapon that could secure dominance over all other factions, while maintaining their secrecy86.174.27.255 20:03, July 18, 2011 (UTC) Sec 19

my courier is a gun nut..he has a table in his houws with a lot of weapons on it, like 10 rifles, 5 energy weapons, 4 launchers, 6 handguns, 4 subs, 5 gloves....and it goes on and on and on...also, i treat a quest like a mission, and take only 4, maybe 5 weapons total with me every time. 08:27, July 21, 2011 (UTC) I still say its the same character as Fallout 3. I just make the same face but add like 4-5 years to the age. the way I see it, Point Lookout bridges the gap between 3 and NV. after getting a lobotomy from Tobar and burning the Kribekneh in D.C. my character, forgeting his safehouse in megaton frm brain damage and living like a hobo in the wasteland, joins up with a caravan and heads west to New Reno after hearing of all the shit going on in D.C. not knowing that he was the one who caused it all. 4 years of amnesia later, But still able to shoot with a 100 gun stat (RPGs dont need more amnesia so I dont see those years but they were peaceful but boring) I get the Platinum chip job. However, after being shot in the head by Benny & operated on by Doc Mitchell, I finally remember everything except how I got here and being layed out didnt help things. It explains why you have no weapons (other than DLC), are at level 1, you don't know anything or anyone about the region( other than the singer in novac) I know theres holes in the plot, but if you put the two games together, that could be over 300hrs of gaming with a character you spent a lot of time creating