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Hello, Thanks to anyone who can help me with these two problems:

As i go through and complete quests and do things for the NCR, my rep will go up to accepted, however this only lasts a few minutes before it goes to Neutral again, even though im not doing anything such as killing troopers, stealing or anything else. i have gotten the NCR emergency radio from the ranger, (several times) but i cant use it because of this. im sure this is just a glitch but maybe is it because im wearing NCR armor? or anything else? im trying to get the Erep with them as high as possible but this is making it impossible.

another issue is that occaisionally, as i leave the loading screen to a new zone, my screen will stay black. i can however hear music, if a radio happens to be nearby, but see nothing or hear anything else. is this happening because my console is overheating or because Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 3 are just made poorly? (dont get me wrong i love the story, but there are alot of things that were overlooked or just done poorly, lots of glitches)

is there anything i could do? start over or just go on? if anyone could help me id be very grateful, thanks!


im not really familiar with this site, man. it did say Forum:(title) so i made this the least you could do instead of saying that is tell me what to do or tell me how to get to the right forum