Red Lucy's Terminal What Is "The Thorn's Ledger"?

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This is the only thing that does anything, it says "Accessing Data" when you click it. When I return to my Pip-Boy there is no new information. Does anyone have any idea what that does or is it just cut content from the game, I'm very curious about it. I hacked her computer after I brought her to completion so I know she was out cold. Hacking her terminal seems to be just a waste of time unless I'm missing something? Can anyone shed any light on what I do with this, or does it come into play later in the game maybe?

The following is my edit: I got a reply in another forum, there was planned content to have the terminal do something but it didn't make the final cut of the game, only good for hacking XP and earning some Bad Karma. This thread can be locked and saved for search if anyone else becomes curious about the subject.

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