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I see people on this wikia asking all the time how to make a "perfect character" on Fallout 3, so I decided to make a little guide.

  • You must start this process from a brand new game.

1. First off, when you are making your character, put your intelligence at 9, then, assign your remaining skill point, it doesn't really matter where, but I usually put it in agility. Lastly, leave all your other SPECIALs at 5.

2. Once you escape from Vault 101, go straight to Rivet City. It's a pretty long walk, but not terrible. Try to avoid super mutants and other enemies along the way as they will easily kill you at your low level. Once you arrive at Rivet City, go into the Science Labs and locate the Intelligence bobblehead on one of the tables so that your Intelligence is now 10. This will allow you to put the max number of skill points into your skills. It's very important to do this step right after you get out of the vault. Try not to exceed past level 2 before doing this step, because it will mess with your skill points later on.

3. Next, when you get to level 4 make sure to take the Educated perk. This must be done exactly at level four if you want to maximize your skill points.

3. This is probably the most important step. DO NOT take any other bobbleheads that affect your SPECIALs. It's fine if you take the skill bobbleheads, but leave behind all other ones, excluding of course the Intelligence bobblehead. Then, once you get to level 30 take the Almost Perfect perk. What this perk does is raise all your SPECIALs to 9. So after you have this perk, go back and collect all the SPECIAL bobbleheads to get a nice round 10 in all your SPECIALs. Also, as a side note, if you plan on blowing up Megaton at the start of the game, take the Strength bobblehead from the sheriff's house, then when you take the Almost Perfect perk at level 30 do a sidequest call Those!, and at the end you can choose a perk called Ant Might as your reward, this perk increases your strength by 1. Also, Almost Perfect will leave Intelligence at 10, so do not worry about that.

4. Maximizing your skills is a bit harder to do then maxing out your SPECIALs. It involves the tracking down of all the skill books and skill bobbleheads. The first thing to do is to choose the Comprehension perk as soon as you can (not before educated though), and not read a single skill book before you do so. Before you begin your search you need to put points into your skills so they are all at 40, except Barter which should be at 42. Next you can track down the skill bobbleheads which will raise your skills to 50, 52 for barter. Now track down all the skill books, this will take a while, but it's well worth your efforts. There are 25 skill books for each skill, except Barter in which there are 24 total. With the Comprehension perk you get 2 points for reading each, for a total of 50 points added to each skill. (A total of 48 for barter.)

5. If you followed all the steps correctly you should have a character with 100 in all skills and 10 in all SPECIALs.

Thanks for reading guys, and if you have any questions just leave them below.

  • This guide is fair, but one does not have to go to such extremes, (presuming one has all the ad-on's or the GOTY edition). Yes, don't collect the Bobbleheads that affect SPECIALs, but there are more than enough skill books to level all skills up to 100, with many left over, (we both have a full set of left-over books in our homes in Megaton), so one doesn't have to start with an Intelligence of 9. (both of us have done this)DarthOrc 08:41, February 4, 2012 (UTC)
  • If you decided to blow up Megaton you can grab the Strength Bobblehead. Just don't complete the quest Those! until after you've reached level 30 and take the Ant Might perk. This will give you the last Strength you need. Jereth Khan (talk) 13:12, June 16, 2014 (UTC)