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Patrons Updates

  • Patron section has been cleaned out, and inactive Patrons have been temporarily/permanently removed
  • Open recruitment is now available for aspiring Patrons
  • We have a new Patron! Give a warm welcome to Invictus

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And welcome to the Patrons' Lounge! The hot spot for any and all wastelanders worth mentioning, to hang out and share their tales. Maybe you're looking for someone to team up with in the harsh wastelands, or you could be looking for a story to pass the time before heading out again. Or maybe you're just looking for a place to settle down, and share your skills with the other patrons here at the Moose. Whichever of these are true, you'll always have a place here, amongst friends. That is, as long as you don't agree to arm-wrestle with Francis over there in the corner.

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Are you looking to join up with your fellow patrons? Then just ask! I (Leon/GarouxBloodline) will send you a basic template to fool around with. Once you have made a solid product, just send the template my way, and your patron will be set up for a trial period in the next edition. This trial period will last for two weeks, and you will require a minimum of at least five positive votes, and no more than five negative votes. Passing this trial period will lead to you keeping a more permanent position here at the Moose!