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Ok for starters, this is NOT verses multiplayer (ex. Halo, CoD, Battlefield) and it isn't the Interplay MMORPG either. So before don't think that's what I'm talking about, again this is NOT competative multiplayer.

What brings this up, was a discussion I recently had with my brother while we were both playing New Vegas, and while I would like to say we have 2 copies because we're that dedicated to the game, its just because he's still at home and I was back, visiting from college. Naturally we looked back and forth between screens watching what the other was doing and bragging about how much different and ultimately better our individual solutions to situations would be.

We argued whether a cooperative type of game play could be added to a Fallout game, in this case New Vegas. We came to the conclusion that such a thing could be done, but would change some aspects of gameplay. But that for all intensive purposes it would work similarly to Borderlands or Saints Row 2 cooperative multiplayer, mixed with the pre-existing companion system.

These were the biggest things that we thought would have to change:

  • PIP-BOY: it would no longer function as a pause menu during gameplay, in order to keep the game from slowing down too much, and as a combat balance. It would add balance giving reason for you to take cover to access stimpaks or require you to use up a hot key slot, making you less of a walking tank.
  • V.A.T.S. would need to be removed for the same reason, or it would require both users to activate it simultaneously.
  • Death: rather than dying in multiplayer, you would be much like an essential character who becomes knocked unconscious, death would only occur if this happened to both players.
  • Communication: The two players could talk, as with any game, via headset, and while in game communication with NCP's, the "host" player would have the majority of the speach options, though the joined player could occationally interject.

In order the to join the game, there would be an interface for the joining player via the pip-boy, and the would be host could either confirm or deny person. The joining player could enter the game with their current inventory, and would be capable of searching containers, though anything placed in a locker by the host would be locked, unique weapons would work similarly.

Do you think you would enjoy a type of cooporative multiplayer like this? Do you like the idea of cooperative play at all, and think that you would like to see it presented differently? Or do you think this is the most terrible idea regardless of who comes up with it?

XxSick DemonxX 22:41, October 5, 2011 (UTC)

If it's co-op and co-op only, I would tolerate it. No competitive. Bldudas 14:47, October 17, 2011 (UTC)

It's "intents and purposes," not "intensive purposes." If you read more, you would know that (instead, everything you know is by ear).

Co-op free roam. But then you need to add vehicles. It would be cool if it had a GTA-O like multiplayer.