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I am REEEAAALLLYYY sorry for interupting but this is important: Fallout 4 (coming soon) Should not have any more fucking deathclaws that rape your ass every time you get near them, they should be high in the mountains with no decent weapons near them, or gve us the ability to reasin with the bastard for christs sake. Chinz' Wishlist:

  • I would just love the ability to have and nurse a child as a female character. Oh, but if your endurance is too low, you diedue to "birthing complications", like the mother of the Lone Wanderer.
  • That's it for now.

ChinZ 01:13, March 29, 2010 (UTC)

  • Get rid of that homo V.A.T.S and create a better aiming system. (possibly aim down sight for guns like rifles, pistols etc.)
    • VATS is still in the game. Mmm, Crispy... 20:11, February 13, 2010 (UTC)
    • VATS is still here but iron sights have been added(like COD) and when the final enemy in the area is killed vats or no the vats killcam comes into play so if thats whay you hated then this is win/lose.
  • Joinable Factions like oblivion. (choose to join things like brotherhood of steel, outcasts, enclave, slaves, slavers, talon


    • You can join the NCR or Caesars Legion, or play them against each other. Mmm, Crispy... 20:11, February 13, 2010 (UTC)
  • Destructable Scenery/ Geo Mod Engine (probably wont happen)
  • More Quests
  • Better Quests
  • Bigger Map
  • Ghoul Elvis
  • More Weapons
  • Melee With Gun
  • Multiplayer [Aint Gunna Happen But Stil..]
  • More Than Just 3 Liveable Places
  • More House Customise Options
  • More Than 20 Lvs
  • Some Sort Of Car/Bike
  • Casino Gambling
  • Cover System
  • Ghoulification for the PLayer God52495
  • Own A Francise [Gun Store,Armour,Casino ETC]--Bad Dogg 15:32, 23 June 2009 (UTC)
  • Co-op (ie. after you beat the game, a friend can come in; a friend could replace a follower, help loot tunnels, and even share combat) Ratchetdude099 01:20, 24 June 2009 (UTC)
  • I repeat:FUCKING CO-OP! listen Bethesda!
  • Its Vegas so bring back gangs [Like the New Reno Gangs]--Rabid Raven
  • A massive enormous like two hundred people battle like in the beginning or end of the game. Like enclave vs brotherhood or slaves vs slavers.
  • More weapons (hate that in fallout 3 there are one weapon every type, and a special version same weapon)
  • CO-OP splitscreen, in a goood way not like in borderlands.
  • An armor that dont do so that you always wear power armor cause all other suck

20:38, 24 June 2009 (UTC)

  • FROSTBITE ENGINE!! Silent.Killa78 >:) 03:52, 28 June 2009 (UTC)
If anything, they should go back to the real Fallout character advancement system from FO1 and 2, not make it even more like Oblivion. Ausir 17:38, 23 June 2009 (UTC)
The last 3 or fucking stupid...this is fallout...not "Gears of fallblivionable" but the first two were in the first two games...speaking of which somebody should just ahnilate bethesda so interplay can make the fallout games again....none of the "Essential" bullshit....if it could kill it/incenarate it/turn it to ash/turn it into swiss cheese/blow up.(Sigh) Butter 18:02, 23 June 2009 (UTC)
That's. Retarded. The dev's shouldn't have to focus on making the game work because someone might annihilate every NPC. That's just shenanigans.

Also, it's worth noting that the original Fallout sucks, especially when compared to 3, an entirely superior game. 18:17, 22 July 2009 (UTC)

I added my opinion. Also, I'd like more quests too, I love the story mode. I don't agree with a Car/Bike, as it'd take away from the exploring part, and also eliminate the needs for combat in the Wastes (who needs to fight enemies when I can make them roadkill). I'd much rather have fast traveling feature than a vehicle. Ratchetdude099 01:24, 24 June 2009 (UTC)

(user:deathrowcrew)25 June 2009 we want new armor for brotherhood steel new quest and new advanced weapons like guass rifle but advanced one and choose with faction you want to join factions like brother hood of steel or enclave and new factions and battles between the faction and they must but new thing like new vegas casinos like mintasine casine but destroyed by nuclear bomb and some chinese faction remanant and new families of mafia from las vegas some new big areas like place where faction fight for terriotory and new charcater creation new hair styles and but new features like travel by boat or by helicapter or vechiles or motorcycles and companions system can be better some peaple like dog snd 3 peaple or do co-op mode to lit peaple help you in quest and some faction activates like taking over another place of factions or faction activates like repitable quest but get new awards every time and fight in anoter place and big map for las vegas and new advance armor for every faction and for companions kill we can get exp and companios have the same system of advancement we can choose with we take for them a perk and we can get more advanced rewards for the player and Karma should change your appearance if you are good you look more younger if you are evil you have bad smell bad apperance and the peaple will attract to you by karmic system like fallout 3 but more realistic and have more customization like butting tatto in your shoulders or hands or legs player and some times you can see amirican army fightinig chinese and some nuclear bombs falling I added my opinion

Damn. Now seriously, how many times did he say faction? --Cartman! 11:54, April 7, 2010 (UTC)

I believe part of my brain might have exploded from that enormous run sentence filled with poor spelling. Like many other people I'd love to see the ruins of Las Vegas filled with crime and gangs, meaning that even after however many years this is going to be set after the war its still good ol' Sin City. While Las Vegas was probably not bombed, it would still be very wasteland like. Without the nuclear holocaust the area surrounding the city is already a sparse and arid landscape, as it is in the Mojave Desert. And I doubt there will be any bombs falling, unless it's just like the Highwater Trousers missle launch.--Moltenfungus 14:46, 25 June 2009 (UTC)

  • able to get married or at least have kid. he could become a companion
  • it would be cool if it started in pre war than you watch the bombs drop as you head to a vault then you play after it gets destroyed

like many people multiplayer would be cool, maybe on 360 (if it comes ou) they could do a system link co-op so you aren't restricted to the same screen and therefore not sharing a camera. Also would like to gamble as in f3 i have 6000 caps that i don't need. Sasquatch99 01:12, 24 July 2009 (UTC)

Start in pre-war and watch the bombs fall? That's absolutely retarded. Looking at a bomb would make you blind and everything would be uninhabitable for AT LEAST 70 years. I don't plan on waiting around in a Vault 70+ years and when I get out I'm all old. And it's already decided, you aren't a Vault Dweller. Another thing is that Co-Op will not come to Fallout for a looong time. Just because you're on the 360 doesn't make you special, they'd have to make it like that on every system.

Want new Vegas to be more like Fallout 3 and not like Fallout 1. srsly mang take FO3 and improve upon it, but don't remake 1 in Vegas and try to sell it to us24.1.34.230 09:08, 24 July 2009 (UTC)

And what's so bad about Fallout 1? If anything obsidian and bethesda should make 'em more like F1 and F2. "mang"? Only thing I want that isn't in F3 is higher lvl/skill cap, more skills. Join factions and alot more focus on quests. I want them to be really fleshed out and alot more of them. For example, Underworld was pathetic. 2 quests and only one is from a ghoul the other is from another damn human. F3 had 11MQ 17SQ 3TutorialQ and i don't count unmarked and repeatable quests. Those are not fleshed out enough. So I hope they put alot more focus on quests and storyline's. Gabriel Cortez 15:28, 9 August 2009 (UTC)
Three if you count getting Charon contract without paying for it. ;) Underworld could be better used for quests, I agree with you in that, but the dialogs used there are one of the best in the game. I wish the rest were maded like this (the openning speach from Windthrorp explaining why you're a "smoothskin" or Dr. Barrows when healing you - "Don't worry, this will don't hurt. Nah, just kidding, it will hurt a lot!" - are funny as hell.). GNR is embarassing and really makes you think "if this is the main quest and the main dialog, I don't even want to see the rest". Brfritos 10:48, September 15, 2009 (UTC)
  • MORE CONSEQUENCES FOR YOUR ACTIONS!!! Sorry, I just feel strongly about that one...--DashMan54 16:15, 13 August 2009 (UTC)
  • Levi-- Ok first off i would just like to say the new one needs a much better main story then find your runnaway dad. i thought most of the side quests where more then decent. my main complaint though is that i thought they failed in trying to make the game about survival. I could go through the entire game without drinking water or eating food. What i think they should do is tie food and water (at least once a day) into the real time feature so your character has to actually hunt or kill to just make an existence. This could also bring out a hole new skill such as cooking or hunting. I was really looking forward to that but they didn't have it in F3 so maybe in the new one. And best of all if someone didnt want to play like that they could just turn it off in settings. just my hopes though...

more quests is a must for new vegas. Fallout 3 only has 17 miscellaneous quests, 17!? they better have at least 30-40 quests.

  • Personally, I think the main quest should be longer, and more in-depth. In FO3, it was incredibly tedious and boring. It seems more like a "Well do this, this, and this and you'll get somethingorother" quest. Also, character customization is a big deal for me. Clothing items could be separate from each other (shirts, gloves, pants, boots, belts/bandoliers, armor plating, etc). I didn't like the pre-set clothing models very much. As far as armor goes, players should at least be able to paint/dye it (although I'd prefer the ability to modify it with a high enough repair/science/whatever skill). Vehicles! but you'd have to be careful how you included them so it doesn't mess with gameplay. Drop in, drop out co-op is a must for me. Having a friend in-game makes everything alot more entertaining. Another thing: your character's actions should directly influence the game.

One goddamn sledgehammer breaking the fourth wall. F2 did it all the time. "Go back to that battlemech game you crawled out of, this is an RPG". Nitty 03:48, 30 August 2009 (UTC)

First Post, so my apologies if I mess it up...

I would like to see the following, in no particular order:

1. Vehicles. I'm sorry, there is nothing cooler than blasting through the desert on a motorcyle. The ability to shoot from a vehicle would also be incredible, and I think this could add a whole new dimension to the game, i.e. enemy vehicles, Mad Max style bands of raiders would be so ridiculously cool I'm having trouble even typing it.

2. New races. I loved Oblivion in the way that you could completely customize your character... Different races,nationalities, etc. would add a whole new element to this game and help to keep it interesting on replays. A goul character for instance might be weaker than a human, but more resistant to radiation and could perhaps even heal from it. This could open up new race-specific feats, for instance using the Goul example above you could have a "Glowing one" feat that allows you to become a glowing one (with the drawback of giving radiation poison to everyone around you... how cool!)

3. More options to buy homes, stores, etc. The two default residences in FO3 were very dissapointing, I want more options.

4. DUAL WIELD!!! Anyone who has ever played a First Person Shooter with this option should need no explanation as to why this is awesome.

5. I'd like to see them change the repair dynamic. I hate having to have weapons available to repair... I think it would be much cooler to have to carry around a toolbox with items, each assisting you in repairs... Maybe the occasional part would be needed, or would help boost the repair of the item, but there should be a default option of repairing with tools or skill alone. I can't stand having to walk around picking up weapons and armor and constantly makes the game flow akward and repetative.

6. Custom clothing and armor... I would LOVE it if there were more options to combine articles of clothing, and add new ones like gloves, boots, etc. I dislike that were stuck with "outfits". Also an option to change the colors or logos would be cool, but that's a longshot I know.

7. Agree with the last poster, there should be an option to truly be a jerk and completely side with the bad guys. I know you have the option to do bad things, even during the main quest, but maybe I dont want to storm the castle with the BoS... maybe I'd rather defend it with the Enclave.

8. More challenging. I mean this in a number of different ways... one, even on very difficult the game is pretty easy, and I'm no RPG/Shooter expert. The only difference is that now it takes four shots to the raiders head... seriously? Why not just make them way more bad ass... or more of them? My second point on this though is the quests themselves... I really want to have to DO things other than killing someone, bringing something to someone (killing people along the way of course), getting something back from someone (killing them or others). It's repetative. Oblivion seemed to me to be much more original in their quests, I'd like to see Fallout follow that same style. I've never had to follow someone unseen, for example. Or solve any puzzles.

I know that most of these are just pipe dreams, but I think they are things that, for the most part, are within the grasp of the game developers. I guess this also may not belong on the New Vegas talk, as these are changes you could probably see happening in FO4 before you see them on this side project. I'd love to see New Vegas become a testing ground for some of these though.

--SpiderJerusalem2 20:07, September 8, 2009 (UTC)

1. Like already being said, more consequences for your actions, I don't buy it exploding Megaton and "all raight, let's move on".

2. No more Karma explotation or the Talon/Regulator shit. Also, Karma serves for what? Nothing! It should value for something...

3. Alliance with some factions, not only the BoS pussies (yes, I blow the Citadel every time, BoS and Outcasts treat me like shit even after I'm allied with, why do I have to give'em my sympathy?).

4. Less morals and more teaching, after all, from the beginning of this industry games are more to teach you things, than preaching coral about good and evil.

5. Real liberty of actions. Yes, YOU CAN KILL CHILDREN in FO2, but even in FO2 you are almost ostracized with the rest of the cities, you can't even enter some without having a heavy fight against someone/something or even enter at all, since you're poorly recepted and cannot engage most os the conversations.

6. A LOT, I mean A LOT of more attention in the continuity, 50% of the complains about FO3 is beacuse of that. The history is not star thriving, I've give you that, but's not that shit either. The problems are some really annoying things like:

  • Super mutants don't attack Ghouls, but they attack you, even if you are "a Ghoul" (with the Ghoul Mask)
  • Common, a pool cube damaging a highly advanced fabrics Power Armor or Advanced Mark II? You've got to be shitting me!
  • More attention in the dialog system, sometimes your quest change, but the end result not.
  • It appears that you're the only person who know how to steal something in the Wasteland, since you can put all your gear in another people's house and when you return, they are still there.
  • Ability to make traps. I can't believe it that everyone but me knowns how to do a granade buquet or a pressure plate.

7. Some changes in the travel system. For example, in the "Big Trouble in Big Town" you have to scort Red and Sticky back to the town. I don't think you've should be allowed to fast travel to the city, you should really scort and protect them. Or you have a car, tank or something that you use for travel.

8. Slowly progression of the caracter, you've erned XP points too fast. I don't dislike the SPECIAL system creation, FO2 is an insane micro-management hell, but I agree that drugs, medicine and weapons have to weight something. If ammo don't have weight, I like to see a limit for what ammount you can carry. Even with mods, there's sometimes I have 10.000 EC Packs, 8.000 Flame Fuel and 56 Mini Nuke, wich means I'm invencible!

9. In the markets, the possibility to buy what is being displayed. Common, I enter a store and have to rob it blind, since you see a Flame Thrower but the merchant don't have it on his/her inventory?

10. Ability to bring something from the Wasteland (Nevada in this case) to your home.

11. Hard means "really hard" and very hard means "almost impossible" or "you're an ace and need a real challenge", not Hard = Easy and Very Hard = Normal.

12. Ability to customize my game, making the combat more / less challenging, the system more / less inteligent or the world more / less real. Rellying on mods (nothing against them or the creators!!!) is laziness. Brfritos 10:31, September 15, 2009 (UTC)

LJ Carrion:

  • Aiming down the Sight. I missed this is FO3. This makes ranged combat feel that much more immersive.
  • Something done to Power Armor to make you really feel like you're a hulking piece of metal - Reduction of Agility just

doesn't cut it.

  • Pistols that do more than 2 damage per shot. .32 pistol and Chinese pistol make me want to yell in FO3.
  • There's a really neat mod for PC version - Weapon Modification. You should be able to apply scopes or silencers

to weapons that realistically COULD accept a scope or silencer.

  • Mafia Families like in New Reno.
  • A Light Machine Gun. Preferably a futuristic M60 or a Stoner 63a.
  • Fallout 2-like gameplay where if you're a sick fuck that kills children, then you have a bit of trouble entering towns and stuff.
  • How awesome would it be to have access to a bottle cap pressing machine? Although, it could only be used in a way so it would not be exploitable.
  • Some sort of vehicle, like in FO2 with the Highwayman. Also, it has to be hard on fuel, so you can't always use it, and sometimes possibly get it stuck in places with no power.
  • Ability to make a home in any place, so that enemies don't respawn. (Fucking Radroaches in Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal piss me off. It would make a neat base).
  • At least one dude that has something to do with the NCR. Nevada is kinda close to California, guys...
  • More pre-war memoirs and stories. The Keller Family Transcripts was really cool to go through.
  • How about NOT starting in a Vault? Or a tutorial where you are getting into a vault in the year 2077 as

the nukes rain down? Then your character is your ancestor?

That's all I've got right now. Anyone want to agree or disagree with my ideas? Discuss? LJ Carrion 05:43, October 1, 2009 (UTC)

All the Fallout games so far are really good ( FO3's great but could have been better and the less i say about F0 BOS the better) but really something like this made into a Fallout game would be truly awesome

You have to watch this to know what im talking aboutSec 19 19:36, October 1, 2009 (UTC) Sec 19

--- First post- srry if i screw up

1.The ablility to buy a house in a large populated area, and instead of a shitty jukebox an actual SLOT MACHINE that you could put your pre war money in.

2.No shitty weapons, .32 pistol and chinese pistol (who EVER used them for more than five mins?)

3.A really huge map that you need a car for, honestly the fast travel system was abused quite alot.

4.Weapon customisation - to the max (i want my chinese assult rifle to a have gold plated silencer jk) but seriously.

5.Proper ghoulification, idiots who walk into vault 83 from the outside should leave as braindead rotting zombies! PERMANANTLY - how bout that third mutated hand. you should at least get some kind of perk when you become a ghoul.

6.Mafa remnants - be a Hitman O_o cool

7.More radio stations. NOT AGATHA OMG SO SHIT, HURRY UP AND DIE BEFORE I SHOVE THAT VIOLIN UP YOUR WRINKLY SAGGY ASS!! Good Music with some funky jazz - not violin shit

8.I like the idea of the tutorial mission being the dropping of the bombs. perhaphs could show car controls as you race to the vault crushing helpless civilians as they clamor around dearly wishing they could be cramped in a shitty vault while everything screws up around them. resulting Karma loss obviously

9.Proper stealing like other people steal stuff from you (that happen to me in megaton, paladin hoss was in my house with my alien blaster - fucker never saw that terrible shotgun coming)

10.own a shop or be a proper travelling merchant with a slave or brahim.


Thats all if there are any mistakes its probebally because its 2AM

Anonymous (i think) 16:25, October 3, 2009 (UTC)

12. I think they should have more melee and unarmed weapons to encourage melee builds and characters. KINGZAVON

13. More towns to choose from i got tired of resting in megaton. But more npc's and companions to get to help you fight.

14. They need to get more involved into the skills. Example: A person who chooses to a ninja type class should have more speed, or a melee character having bigger muscles than normal. Little things that make a big impact. KINGZAVON

My wish is that Obsidian weren't behind it. KOTOR2 (Obsidian) was crap compared to KOTOR (Bioware).

15. It woul be cool if you could actually set up shop in the fallout universe. Take over an abandoned house or facory and make it a business. Hire your own crew to run it while you are away. Also it should be possible to make a raider crew/ traders/ henchmen to to go out into the world doing your handywork, making your own gang or family, not just wondering around aimlessly:). There should also be some sensible way on various locations for the map to generate new people on the map. Maybe a place where people from other parts of the world were shipped in to start their lives, thus making the world more alive and making so you couldnt just kill off everyone in a city and just keep returning to a ghoust town. Also it would make the world constantly evolve and change. Basically i wish you could make the world more like a home, not just a wasteland youre just visiting with shelters you only use for sleeping and storage. Missions are good as they are but having more possibilities choosing sides, doing good or bad maybe would make it more interesting. Also a lot more steady kind of jobs like protecting caravans and other mercenary work. Lars

All I really want is to be able to make custom weapons, but you'd have to make the schematics first, then it would require more items or money depending on how powerful it is, for balance. Also, it can't be too powerful without lowering other attributes, for instance, having super high crit rate, but super low damage, or a scope, but cruddy rate of fire. --Toast 17:40, November 13, 2009 (UTC)

OK Here's my list:

  1. Improve FO3, i.e. keep most of the mechanics the same but 'polish' off so fewer bugs and game breakers rather than introducing a whole new concept
  2. More freedom: I dont want invisible walls, if the pile of rubble has a low gradient, i should be able to climb it (i appreciate though that there need to be limits sometimes so this is not so much of a wish)
  3. Maybe, a car/bike availability for certain missions, or, as a reward when I complete a huge task (e.g. mapping all of the areas) and then only limited usage.
  4. I love the original FO3, not so much the DLCs. Keep NV like that, loads of references to the past whenever I explore, a kind of sadness in the air
  5. Loads more people. How can the humans survive if theres only 2-3 kids in a whole city (Seriously, they shouldnt be even called cities, more like hamlets) and maybe everyone is killable so the storyline can change (again I doubt the last part will happen)
  6. Make the whole of the game harder like the beginning, ammo should be precious, how can shopkeepers stock up so often, there is a very limited supply and guns shouldnt deteriorate too much to balance it off. Near the end of the game Im unstoppable. UNSTOPPABLE. Even against the all seeing Enclave
  7. Citizens/Wastelanders should be more better equipped or protected well. How did they survive for so long then?
  8. More consequences for actions.
  9. Better rewards for EVIL, there should be an anti-BOS (the same size, strength and coverage and I could join it)
  10. MORE RPG-NESS, I can max out my skills. I shouldnt. Make us choose who we wanna be. 10:02, November 18, 2009 (UTC)

atleast 20 more hours of storyline. and make the game a minimum time of 100 hours not 10Antily3f 04:18, November 25, 2009 (UTC)

Well, I want only a few things:

  1. Make the Karma system more logical, possibly by bringing back reputations, or something like that. I think its kinda stupid that I'm able to blow up a city and then get praised as a Messiah because I gave a beggar a lot of water (which I'm getting for free anyway).
  2. Different character looks. I mean, all Lone Wanderer characters look kinda skinny. In the first two that suit was barely able to contain you. If i have a character with Strength and Endurance above 8 I want my character to look strong, not like a typical wastelander.
  3. Stop with the toning down, I mean Fallout 3 was an 18 game anyway, but we're still not allowed to kill kids and most of the game still feels to bright. I want the game to be scarier, grittier, have an atmosphere like a Wasteland full of corpses where people would kill each other over molerat meat.
  4. More corruption. I guess we're all expecting this one, with it being set in Vegas. But yeah, I want the cap to have more value than it does in Fallout 3. I want the likes of Banon to be paying someone to fabricate and put in an letter into Seagrave's room, not pay someone to find it. I want to have an option in every city to destabilize the 'good guy's' or help them get rid of the filth, or ignore them. Taking the example of Megaton, Moriaty can pay me to kill Sims, after which the city would be under his control - and I'd wanna see the results of the changes. Mercs walking around with guns drawn, typical residents looking scared, everyone working for Moriarty, the big man dealing with the slavers who now can use the common house for resting. OR Sims tells me he wants Moriarty out of the picture and I'm supposed to make it look like accident. I want to be able to blackmail Church and Jericho with info from Moriarty's terminal. I guess this kinda goes under Karma, because it pisses me off that I could kill Sims, leave for 3 days and then come back wearing his jacket and hat and no-one gives a fuck. Setimir92 00:22, November 27, 2009 (UTC)

A new Kind of deathclaw plus possibly some wanamingos (fallout 3 concept art not crappy fallout 2)Cloudstrife133 08:59, December 13, 2009 (UTC) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Fallout 3 was one of my favorite games and I am looking forward to New Vegas. I have many ideas/wishs for this game. 1. Make it easier to earn bottle caps. 1 cap should be the equivalent of what a pre-war dollar was. Then towards the end of the game you could be getting close to 1,000,000 caps instead of 10,000. Also this opens up the ability to spend more lump sums of money(for a house, business, car?) 2. The overall map should be bigger. Have the same basic idea as Fallout 3 where there was the wasteland and then the city, except have more locations and have every standing building in the city enterable 3. This is a personal idea that i thought would make the game very fun and add more time to overall gameplay. Start off the game in a vault or home of some sort and you leave and head out into the wastes and as you start to play find someone who introduces you to the wastes. He tells you about the the areas current situation and gives you ideas of how to start your adventure(this is when you pick a class, skills, etc.). He then tells you about gangs and "waste" races that take place out in the wastes and how he owns a garage. Im sure you all notice the cars scattered everywhere in fallout 3. You should be able to find these cars and take them back to the garage(this could also be your first temporary home) and upgrade them to race. You'd start off with small wager races and poor performing cars and as you succeed you gain access to better races, cars, and upgrades. Also be allowed complete customization of exterior, interior of car. Be able to equip armor, weapons, etc to car. 4. More than two homes. I hate to say it but have it like fable 2 where there were hundreds of homes availabale ranging from dirt cheap shacks to immense mansions(limited of course due to war). Also be able to customize your home. Furniture, stay at home pets(like capturing waste animals and training them)items like juke boxes and doctor kits, have a bed that doesn't look like its soiled with shit, etc. 5. Real weapons(ak47, m4, m16, barret .50 cal, etc.) as well as futuristic weapons(lasers, plasma, gauss, etc.). Also have weapon attachments, silencer would be great and sights, pleasssseeeeee, i play call of duty and need sights. 6. Ability to own a business would be cool, merchant shop, casino, garage(from idea #3), etc. 7. Better character customization, more clothes(shirt, pants, shoes, hats, gloves, arm bands, etc). Also ability to customize any clothing found and rename it to whatever you want. 8. More side quests and other quests like for example, be able to enter ranks of brotherhood of steel or enclave, starting at private rank and gaining in rank by completing training, quests, or battles.



In Fallout 3: New Vegas i would like to be able to have more followers, and several at the same time (although only those with similar Karma can travel together). I would also like to be able to own some kind of business in the Vegas area such as a small franchise (armory/ clothes outlet/ junk store) or a casino/ Hotel which would be run by aquirable employees while the main character was away exploring the wastes. i would like a different type of collectable item instead of bobblehead which could be stored on something similar to the bobblehead stand. i would like the game to have a beginning other than the surroundings of a vault, perhaps you are the son of a merchant who is captured by slavers and you are rescued by a kindly local who takes you under their wing until you grow up, they then send you on your way with some capitol and defence. i would like a longer main storyline, and the ability to buy and own multiple homes and businesses which are customiseable depending on how much currency you have earned. If you had a hotel for example, you would earn more from your paying guests while your hotel is customised to a high standard than if it was rough and untastly. I also think that businesses should degrade over time and that you should have to repair them before they can operate agin; speaking of operating, i believe that the player should be able to perform surgery in one of the quests in order to save the life of an NPC and perhaps earn a high reward and a high Karma bonus.


I would like vehicles in New Vegas but not in the form of a car because that would ruin the battle and exploration part. I would like boats, imagine boating along and a boat of raiders pulls up on the side and you have to fight them while boating also like a town with a river going through it so you can boat on through it and traders with boats. Also you should be able to upgrade, build, and buy bigger and better boats.

Vegas doesn't have rivers. 11px-Naglowaa_se.gif Tagaziel (call!) 09:23, January 17, 2010 (UTC)
Lies, everybody knows there are lots of rivers in the desert. -- Porter21 (talk) 09:49, January 17, 2010 (UTC)


  • The most important changes: MORE BLACK HUMOUR, SWEARING (it would be fun to talk with a child, swear so he would be scared :D), BRUTALITY (not like u can lose a head from a pistol shoot like in the f3), GANGS, JUNKIES, maybe a little bit of sex, I WANT REAL 18+GAME (i'm 15 :D), , VATS should have more killing animations, why can't we kill children in f3?? they are not that innocent, it makes game worse, less realistic, and less 18+., so i want more fallout 2 features.
  • Destructable scenery
  • MUCH more quests
  • Better quests
  • Bigger map
  • West coast Enclave, i didn't like the east coast enclave because they had small, light power armor, also these helicopters should look like the original ones from the f2
  • bigger power armors and better, (like in fallout 2) because in fallout 3 even bandits can kill u, they should be scared of u and u should feel power in power armor.
  • Very Powerful Plasma Rifle
  • More Than Just 3 Liveable Places
  • More House Customise Options
  • More Than 30 Lvls
  • Some Sort Of Car/Bike
  • Casino Gambling
  • Something done to Power Armor to make you really feel like you're a hulking piece of metal - Reduction of Agility just doesn't cut it.
  • More people outside the towns, am i the only good person that likes to have a walk outside of the vity?
  • More bad missions that make your Karma bad.
  • Have more choices even in the main quest, do i have to work with these gay paladins that want to destroy the enclave?
  • Also in the fallout 3 brotherhood of steel should be called brotherhood outcasts, and brotherhood outcasts should be called brotherhood of steel and they should have white power armors.
  • I prefer real women, but they could add there some hot chicks with the makeup.
  • More possibilities to have different relationships with the people
  • ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _
    Ok, i few things i have in mind.
  • Aliens. I know it's cliche, especially since area 51 was in Nevada. But aliens have been in every fallout game. For them to not be in this would just be wrong. Just a small thing
  • Improved Weapons. This is a little weird to explain. The weapons in fallout 3 were very diverse, which is good. I could go from shooting someone's head off with a combat shotgun to beating them to death with a sledgehammer in no time. Having spent some time around guns, i did notice one minor flaw. One gun could always repair the other gun if they were exactly the same (i.e., if you have 2 Combat Shotguns, you could repair 1 with the other.) Real guns don't work that way. There are tons of different pieces to guns, and they aren't always made with the same components, or shaped the same way, etc. etc. I'm not looking for something too complicated, just make a few different varients of guns ( More then one brand of a gun, that offers something different. Say you have 2 shotguns from one brand, they can fix each other. But if you have 2 shotguns, one of one brand, one of another, They can't fix each other.)
  • NO MORE MIRELURKS! i just hate those things.
  • Take the whole "Different timeline thing" and go to town with it. In fallout 3, they mentioned that the fallout universe was another timeline. Technology advanced faster, norms still in the 50's, blah blah blah. However, having spent 2 summers in Washington D.C., i noticed one thing that conflicts with the seperate timeline: The maps of D.C. in real life and the map of fallouts D.C. were close to exact. If you add the whole "a nuclear bomb hit here + 200 years of hell have gone by" and you have what D.C. would probably look like. However, there's still the whole "It's a different world thing." Would all have those monuments been built, or not destroyed in the 120+ years that timeline was alive? (from the end of world war 2 to 2077.) A different world means different outcomes. I'm just saying, don't make the maps as identical as they were.
  • Go back to the dark roots of the first fallout. This is a little demanding, seeing as we live in a different world now as we did when the first fallout came out. In fallout, there was actually a perk given to you for murdering a child. They did that because they could get away with it, and that's a shame. Yes, i am suggesting to ignore what anyone says, and put dark things back into that game.
  • Give your character the ability to be a ghoul. Kind of like the way they did the Vampire thing in Oblivion. You do something to keep it under control. Ignore it too much, and mankind freaks out when they see you.
  • Variety of quests.
  • Scenery you can destroy. Sure, inside, you can knock over garbage cans and things like that. Yes outside, buildings could survive being hit by a fat man after 200 years of hell. Don't destroy all of it, just make it more destructible.
  • Put Harold the tree in the game. I am saying this because he was in Fallout 1, 2, and 3 (even though that's geographically impossible, since the first 2 were west coast and the 3rd was east coast. whatever.) It'd just be nice to give him a throwback as the only character in all Fallout games.
  • GIVE US THE COMMONWEALTH. I cannot stress this enough. In fallout 3, they mocked us with the mentioning of the commwealth repeatedly, and then don't bring us. I don't care that it's East Coast (hell, we went to Anchorage, Pittsburgh, Point Lookout State Park, and OUTER SPACE in Fallout 3) just give us the commonwealth already.

Yabs163 21:33, January 20, 2010 (UTC)yabs163

  • Aliens were never a part of Fallout, except as Easter Eggs. A random encounter in Fo1, an alien blaster in Fo2 and nothing in FoT or Van Buren clearly show aliens are easter eggs, not integral part of the setting. Bethesda's opinion doesn't count, as some of the original Fallout 2 & VB devs are working on it and they are the authority.
  • More variety would be great. Ah, sweet Morrowind...
  • Mirelurks are great. Except they aren't going to appear because, y'know, it's set in VEGAS, in the MIDDLE OF THE DESERT.
  • Do you have *any* understanding of history? ANY AT ALL? Seriously, look up the facts before you decide to write. Monuments in Washington DC that also appear in F03 are 19th century/early 20th century, so it's obvious they'd have already beeen built.
  • Christ, it was NOT a perk, it was a character reputation. And everybody hated you afterwards.
  • You can't keep ghoulification under control. It's an irreversible process.
  • Concur.
  • Not possible on Bethesda's GameBryo.
  • FUCK NO. Turning Harold into a tree was the worst and most offensive design decision they've ever made. Seriously, if there was one place where it was evident that Bethesda dropped the ball with Harold, it was the fucking Oasis.
  • Uh, the Commonwealth is in Massechussets. Vegas is in Nevada. Geography isn't your forte either, right? 11px-Naglowaa_se.gif Tagaziel (call!) 08:38, January 21, 2010 (UTC)

Not sure if you've ever been to Las Vegas but Lake Mead is about 15 to 30 miles away. for a game like Fallout I could see them adding it to.

How would that rationalize the appearance of Mirelurks? Vegas is an artificial city currently. 11px-Naglowaa_se.gif Tagaziel (call!) 19:42, January 21, 2010 (UTC)


I changed my mind, I don't really enjoy sex in the games, but this would show more the dark side of the fallout world and it would be cool:

The most important changes: MORE BLACK HUMOUR, SWEARING (it would be fun to talk with a child, swear so he would be scared :D), BRUTALITY (not like u can lose a head from a pistol shoot like in the f3), GANGS, JUNKIES, CHANGE---->LOT'S OF SEX AND PROSTITUTION, I WANT REAL 18+GAME (i'm 15 :D), VATS should have more killing animations, why can't we kill children in f3?? they are not that innocent, it makes game worse, less realistic, and less 18+., so i want more fallout 2 features,

I don't know why f3 was 18+ it should be 15+ Possibility to kill characters peoples (it would end the main quest).

By Killaboy69

Here is just some suggestions for add-ons.

One add-on could be travelling to the Commonwealth as the one person said they mocked you in fallout 3. Suggestions to get there could be a plane that a scavanger got running or a Vertibird. The person critisising him was the stupid one.

Another one would be travelling to South America in the Amazon because I'd like to see what the Nuclear war did the rainforests.

Travelling to a place such as Utah or Reno as those places would be quite enjoyable to visit especially seeing as they could have the chance to bring Mirelurks back in Utah at the Great Salt Lake.

The ability to go to the Grand Canyon but as just a intense combat zone as maybe it is riddled with natives under attack by raiders or something. You could do alot of quests there in a large settlement.

Also I'd like it if there were vehicles such as motorbikes and boats and the boat you can drive in Lake Mead. Also I'd prefer If you could kill a child but that could get the game banned in great a many countries. Also You can join the evil faction and if you decide to empty a town on your own it doesnt stay empty but main characters with names no longer are there and are instead replaced with a "[Insert Town name] Settler" But if the Evil faction destroy it nothing will come back. Also Dynamic fires so if you light fire to something it will spread and will only be put out if there is nothing left but it begins raining (unlikely) Or you use some sort of extinguisher to put it out. Children can fight back, I hated in Little Lamplight when the Mayor said he'll "Blow your fucking head off" If you shot him after getting into Little Lamplight he'd run away. More active schools and children or stupider people. Larger and more towns though many of them may be inhabitted by wacko's which is what I liked about the Republic of Dave considering it was a Wasteland some people should've gone crazy yet no no one is crazy except raiders which you can not enage dialog to.

If it's anything like fallout 3 it'll be amazing. If they add cars and bikes and disable fast travel whenever you want (like morrowind), it'll be amazing. If it's 3X bigger thanfallout 3's world, it'll be amazing. However, if there's VATS and the enemy goes behind cover or a wall and the PC is still trying to shoot at him, It's stupid. It should come up with target lost or something.

By Jack

I think we need to have at least 3 differnt snipers,pistols ect.I think the idea of a car or bike is a cool idea,but it would take away from the exploring part a fair bit,but it would still be cool,there should be clothing as good or almost as good as power armor,wearing winterized T51-b takes away from feeling of the apocolypse.In other words,make some cool looking clothes that arnt gunna get me killed.


This is what i think new vegas should have

.It should have a drivable bike

.New elvis hair style :)

.Slot mashines

.A casino

.MORE COMPANIONS yes you all know what i mean:)

.More hidouts

.Playable ghoul race

.Dirty face ( Raider race )

.Mafia gang

.Joinable gangs

.And finally BETTER GUNS :)

-Tommygunner32 20:31, February 16, 2010 (UTC)


Customizable Weapons; scopes, silencers, etc.

More Humor

Intenser combat

More junkies

The ability to purchase houses, land, Prefferably more than one

The ability to have more than just 1 human follower and a dog

The ability to drive a motorcycle (or a car, but I dont think it would be as fun) Plus, if they do put it in the game, Vehicle customization

Armor color customization(Spray paint, for Power Armor, perhaps?)

More than one sniper rifle(Semi-auto, 50. cal, etc.)

Able to smoke ciggarettes

character going into a COMA or spazing out because of to much alchol or drugs ( I can take 100 jets and my guy in FO3 wont even start to twitch!)

The ability to have sex, Come on, everyone wants it, even if the game dont directly show it.

The ability to gain weight, lose weight.

Night vision

The ability to transform into a ghoul if you get to irradiated

More follower possibilitys.

And FINALLY CHOCOLATE CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

Shadow 21:51, February 11, 2010 (UTC)


Fawkes2.0 1:33 PM eastern, febuary 13

my 1st post srry for mistakes

i would prefer some sort of online like you and mabe 5 or 6 frends (or more) can form a gang, name it, have a base, a bussiness, etc. then another gang can try to take over your bussiness(kidnapping hookers sounds fun xP). and like FA2 i wanna have sex, som kids (lol). since FA10 is gonna be out be4 V13 y dont we just add online to FNV? and mabe there can be faction wars like the online is mabe 10 years before the story events happened and we can join the BOS, COS (circle of steel), brotherhood outcasts, enclave remnants, the legion, NCR, or even start our own factions like a chineese remnant faction, a soviet faction (ima registered communist xP), and hav HUGE battles between each faction (im talkin hundreds-no thousands of player battles ((or mabe less)), and if u make your own faction you cant be attacked until u hav at least X number of people in your faction or you would be decimated LOL (1 vs 4000). and maybe i dont want to be human for the whole game? make it so we can get FEV and become a super mutant, or become ghouls xD. make it so we can go to area 51 or mothership zeta (if we go to the latter we can meet a canon lone wanderer) and we can get som alien wepeans and shit lol. and like FA1, for those of u who played it and joined the BOS u could do that training thing that lets you increase your special skills and make the charactors look more like their special, i had a char with 9 str and 7 int (i was experimenting) and he looks the same as my charactor with 8 int which doesnt seem right, im pretty sure a body builder isnt going to look like a nerd, am i right lol. I WANT TO KILL KIDS, THIS IS FALLOUT WHICH IS RATED M NOT T. make it so we can get STDs that got mutated by radiation but hav cures, for example, AIDS will lower ur endurance and strength by ummm 2 or 3 and if you get the cure it returns to normal. make followers more effective ( 2 dethclaws killed charon wen i gave him T51-b on very hard but he can handle 5 enclave soldeirs with same loadout very easily) WTF.

insted of getting a DEFAULT animal campanion (dogmeat) you can find an animal in the wasteland ( an injured baby dethclaw) use a stimpack on it and it will love you and so u hav a dethclaw the size of a man lol or a baby yao gui would be awesome (baby because an adult dethclaw or yao gui would be pretty cheap if you know wat i mean)


A few things I wouldn't mind seeing in NV.

  • Nellis AFB/Area "Vault" 51. Weapons cashe, aliens, secret experiments and alot of history and black humor.
  • Bigger towns with more people. They need more than what was in FO3 say 30 - 50 per town with 80% adult and 20% children.
  • Better voice acting. Hearing the same voice over numerous NPCs got very boring very fast.
  • Respawning enemies in buildings like they would out in the wasteland.
  • More diverse weapons and special weapons.
  • Better repair system. Maybe one that lets you add attachments or better components to your weapons.
  • Gambling chips as currency in place of bottle caps. It is Vegas after all.
  • The option to be a Ghoul as a PC.
  • Bigger and better quests/missions with more deserving rewards. More cash and/or special items and weapons.

As of now thats all I can think of, but what do you guys think?

Cpt. E. Blackadder 20:06, February 13, 2010 (UTC)

I agree with both u guys, but I think Fawkes went a little overboard with the online. Plus we need the ability to climb things(you can barely jump in Fo3, and that just kinda sucked when ur trying to jump on top of a higher cliff.) And CHOCOLATE CAKE!!!! XP

One word....deagle....if a deagle is put into the game....i would use it for EVERYTHING!!....bigger variaty of weapons as well


Here's what I want

  • Melee weapons that aren't underpowerd. Last time I checked, getting a rusty nail to the face wasn't something you could just ignore.
  • An unarmed kick attack. Don't get me wrong, I love the radroach stomp, but I would also love to roundhouse kick a feral ghoul in the face.
  • No more decapitation from gunshots. It makes no sense, a bullet would NOT knock someones head off in that manner. The exploding head from gunshots is ok though.
  • Different NPC mesurements. The fact that everyone in FO3 was the exact same height and size was a big disapointment.
  • The abilty to claim a bulding/cave as your home after you clear the enemies out. Evergreen mills would be a sweet place to live, or maybe one of the old vaults.
  • Lightmachine guns. These were missing in FO3, and I hope that New Vegas will correct that error. Oh, and miniguns don't count.
  • Down-the-sight aiming while in non-VATS combat instead of just zooming in on your little green crosshair.
  • A wider variety of weapons. FO3 had only two types of assault rifles, two types of shotguns, three types of pistols and only one smg as well as one bolt-action rifle. I think there should be more variety, especially in a place as gun-toting as vegas.
  • Some sort of melee weapon level system. For example, a pool cue should break instantly if used to try and block a super sledge.
  • An improved dialog system. I was always irritatied that FO3 wouldn't let me take those 400 bottlecaps from silver at gunpoint, without actually killing her or passing the speech challenge.
  • More consequences for your actions. I know that this has already been adreesed, but the fact that rivet city always welcomed me even after I killed half of them was very surprising.
  • The removal/altering of skill books. Either take them out or make them do something else. All skill books do is stress me out by thinking oh no should I really put these points into small guns or go book hunting instead?
  • Change something about the food eating/water drinking system. I drank all the nuka-cola in Sierra Petrovita's house in less then one minute. A real human would be in a coma after that. And while I'm at it, how come I didn't have to pee after drinking those fifty bottles of soda?
  • Some sort of sprinting abilty. I don't think I'd be moving the same speed I did wandering through the wastes as I did running from that pissed off super-mutant behemoth chasing after me.
  • Eyepatches. Arr, I be the pirate of the wastes. Hand over all ye booty or taste my steel. But seriously, if Billy Creel can have one, why not me?
  • Bring back the throwing skill. I think it should have been included in FO3 as it would be awesome for stealth character builds. Taste my Ninja star to the face you slaver scumbag! Or my rock. Or my tin can. Or whatever else happens to be lying around.

That's all for now I guess. Anyone else have any better ideas?

Dogmeat the third____________________________________________________________________________________________

We need a new currency,lots more weapons,I cant stress that enough MORE WEAPONS!!!.....I love FO3 but i hate when i'm turning super mutant into mince-meat like 50 hours into the game,I get a little tired of useing the same equipment. Lots more people,lots more quests,and lots more endings to the game. I want to be able to choose a group and join it like a cult,gang,family what ever you want to call it and actually make it your home,your HQ. Also along the lines with that more random events so its not the same quests each time you start a new game....for example someones farm is getting attacked each night be deathclaws or somthing and you need to go at night and wipe out the deathclaws. And at least 6 or 7 cults I guess i'll call them to join. I cant think of much else right now so thats all


Good Suggestions guys! But I cant stress the fact enough, CHOCOLATE CAKE is still a big issue, I would prefer German chocolate myself. But anyways, heres a new idea to throw out their, scuba gear. Being able to breath underwater. I think it would be pretty cool. Any other ideas?Shadow 14:29, February 14, 2010 (UTC)

Indeed, scuba gear would be very useful in the Nevada desert. --Cartman! 12:50, April 7, 2010 (UTC)

-More customizable armor such as boots, gloves etc.

-More variants on weapons such as different types of sniper rifles such as bolt-action and semi-auto

-Lots more quests and make the game at least twice the length of Fallout 3. I dont enjoy being able to do everything in one week.

-Vehicles such as motorcycles (because its badass) or cars. NO TANKS. But have restrictions on them such as you have to reapair them and keep them fueled. Also they cant go over like 20-30 MPH because of the rocky terrain. Make the fuel scarce and the reapir process much more specific such as the tires wear down at a much faster rate then say the breaks and you have to replace or fix that part. Also apply this wear system to gunfire damage, such as a raider shoots out one of your tires so turning becomes harder and you cant go as fast. Make repair shop buisnesses in or near towns in case you dont have a high enough reapir to fix vehicles. Also put multiple cars into the game but only a few.

-Meet Eli!!!

-Make it grittier, and more Post-Apocolyptic.

-Be able to own shops and make the income system realistic, not you get 300 caps a week no matter if anyones visited your shop or not. Also you have to procure the merchandise thats not sold to your store or you can hire scavengers to do it.

-Karma has much more affect on the game.

-Aim down sights, but keep the same reticle for when not zooming in.

-Ability to make anywhere your lair, not just set houses.

-Make the character more customized. Such as if I have 10 strength and can carry around 350 pounds of stuff with me no problem, then why are my arms the size of twigs. Also make the size of your character affect things like sneak. Then make it when you get your sneak to a certain level your bulk doesnt factor in.

-More refrences to real worls things. Such as names reffering to like a character from a Post-Apoc. movie.

-Ability to join gangs or factions. Also you can join ANY gang or faction. None of this only the good guys crap.

-More NPCs outside of the towns.

-More caravans and traders.

-When you snipe someone from a half a mile off they dont instantly know where you are.

-Character reaction system. Such as you could pull a gun on someone and "persuade" them to hand over the caps. As an off-shoot a robbing system. But if you rob someone it would lower your reputation and you would suffer some consequences. Also as a mini-encounter, have someone you robbed earlier find you and try and kill you with his now more superior weapon.

-Weapon customiztion. Such as you could have a guns barrel rifled again increasing its damage and accuracy. Or you could have the barrel cut on some weapons making them lighter but less accurate. Also you could buy a better scope for sniper rifles and other scoped weapons. But no stuff like fore-grips and laser sights which I doubt would have survived the war in the first place. Also no wastelander would waste their hard earned currency on such trivial things. But make unique weapons which have survived the war have those sorta things on them.

-Ability to own slaves or hire employee's which would make certain in game things easier or they could run errands for you.


To bring back hardened power armor would be f***ing great!---------- The Chosen One

  • Challenge Azzaman 13:32, March 29, 2010 (UTC)

Most of these ideas are great but here is what i want.

1-i want us to still not kill kids. I meen fuck why do so many want that...i can see them future child abusers

2-Big map as usual

3-i live in vegas and i know being able to go in all the hotels would be way to much but i meen at least have like 5-10 that you can go in at that would be cool

4-keep the unique the end of Fo3 i actually still could look for unique wepons so it was a good long lasting game.

5-CUSTOM GUNS-hell yea M4 with acog scope

6- more random encounters. either bieng caravan traders or raider groups.

7- more traders

8-more companions and you can have 2 not only one(but if needed to take it out cuz that may ruin the game such as killing all the evil ppl)

9-more levels more perks more skills more behemoths.

10-more easter eggs.I still remember seeing that garden nome smoking a cigar while playing chess with a teddy bear in a hidden room, that craked me up Ha!

11-new weps new perks new armor new skills(a good perk example would be like iron lungs and it gives you like an extra 5-10 seconds till you have to get air under water that would be cool)

12-landscapes such as lake mead an stuff.

They want number one becasue people pride freedom for some reason. They may not want to kill a kid but they want to know they have the freedom to do so (in game that is). Makes the world have more drama if kids are dieing. The fallout world we have now leads you to think a random mutation in humans occured makeing the young impervious to every physical danger in the world. TBH would be a good adaption in RL we could do more if we didn't need to worry about our young. But In game it enhances nothing of the game experiance and deems to censor our actions. In FO 1-2 If you where to kill a kid you constantly encountred mostly unwinnable battles and you'd be shunned from towns. Edit: My bad forgot to Sig Azzaman 08:03, April 6, 2010 (UTC)

Hey Azzaman, im pretty sure they confirmed that you will be able to actually have 2-3 followers in NV. Shadow 23:42, April 6, 2010 (UTC)

Huh? Why are you telling me this? Then again i say thanks as i didn't know that. Even though it effects my gameplay little as i usualy play lone ranger in these games. You're rsponding to the person above me aren't you who totaly forgot to sig. Azzaman 03:37, April 7, 2010 (UTC)

Oops, sorry Azzaman. Its good information to know nonetheless. Shadow 03:04, April 8, 2010 (UTC)

All I want for christmas is Traits back, Better perks that aren't just flat stat and skill point boosts interesting ones The VanBuren perk mentality and divideing those merged skills (Doc. and 1stAid can stay medicine though) I mean Throwing and traps diddn't NEED to be merged as explosives. In FO3 I always wondered how playing baseball taught you how to defuse mines and traps? (Little Leaguer). Was the requsition for baseballs confused for a cashe of HE grenades or something?... Also bring back character specialisation letting us be master of all trades kills replayability. At least for me it does Relying on DLC to extend play feels cheap to me (but not wallet wise).Azzaman 03:56, April 7, 2010 (UTC)

I would really enjoy having the following things in Fallout: New Vegas

1.More guns(variations of assult rifles and heavy machine guns ie. M4A1, M240SAW, ACR, TAR21)

2.Customizable weapons/vehicles

3.Drivable Vehicles

4.Buyable homes(could be hotel rooms of partially destroyed hotels ie. Belagio, MGM Grand, Ceasar's Palace, etc.)

5.Own Buissinesses

6.Less Raiders and more organized crime systems

7.Have a companion always with you from start(Dog preferably)


9.More and better perks



12.No gouls but still radiation changed creatures in the desert


14.Raise families still in working order

16.ability to make a base from enemy strongholds(can keep an armory so you dont have to carry all your weapons around) and upgrade it via traders with parts(build auto turrets and such things)

17.more freedom less quest locking

18.more variations of power armor that have different abilities(ie. berserker power armor, eod power armor, recon power armor, close assult rower armor, heavy weapons power armor)

Xjapanduhx 16:44, May 1, 2010 (UTC)

What part of "alternate retrofuturistic setting with no modern weapons" do you fail to understand? Personal_Sig_Image.gif Tagaziel (call!) 08:36, April 8, 2010 (UTC)
MY guess is the retrofuturistic part, probably the word alternate too. I take it the people suggesting it are probably like 13-15 years of age so they don't know better. You should aslo know why people suggest this stuff more then any other. You know people all have their own self centered veiw on how the game should go story and gameplay wise this is a WISHlist thread too. This goes for every thing that can have fans TBH. Still i agree; umm "modern guns" if you can call them that in a universe that is set in 2300's would ruin the divergent feel of the game. You can only hope that the company that holds rights to the fallout universe doesn't cave and turns the game to Counterstike with nuked out america. Azzaman 03:46, April 9, 2010 (UTC)
No modern weapons my ass. The minigun? Granted, the real world doesn't have miniguns a human could fire for more than a second or so without losing control, but the portable minigun is still a modern concept. The Bozar? It looked like an anti-material sniper rifle, it just didn't fire like one. Even most of the combat shotguns in Fallout 2 resemble modern designs. Modern guns are already in the Fallout universe, nad have been since FO2.-Schneidend 20:28, June 16, 2010 (UTC)

I agree with the no modern weapons, though they've already caved just a little with the introduction of the Military Assault Rifle. BoS Paladin Thumbnail Paladin Ski (talk) 03:51, April 9, 2010 (UTC)

My wishes for New Vegas are

1. BETTER MUSIC. i don't wanna blow off a mutant's head with Billy Holliday playing. like have a radio system like GTA. A rock station, metal and 40's.

2. Co op. like who would not like shooting deathclaws with a friend or two.

three. More quests. Main and Side. and your PC does not die at the end.

4. Sprinting. Playing the previous installment running like a slug with arthritis. no matter what armor you wear you can sprint. but faster than borderlands sprinting

5. A fully customizable car. like a sports car with a turret on top or a japanese motorcycle.

6. more kickass clothes. like a biker jacket spiky hair and a katana would be awesome and sneakers.

7. your PC can talk in cutscenes. and they have actual cutscenes that pause when speech options come up like mass effect. and you can set his voice. he can sound young and awesome or old.

8. Better house customazation. like you can buy a certain theme for your house and then buy certain funiture.

9. actual weapons. keep some of the old weapons. but bring in more awesome real weapons like a SPAS 12 M16 AK47 Tar 21 PANCOR Jackhammer And a Desert Eagle Glocks. and finally dual wielding SMGS and Pistol. Like Dual glocks or dual MP5. And when you have a a high strength you can dual wield more weapons like assault rifles and shotguns. oh and throwing knives and hidden weapons like AC2.

10. Multiplayer modes like Halo and GTA. Like you can play A capture the flag mode with FEV or a mode where you can do whatever you want.

11. Higher Level Cap and Perks.

12. Better Voice Acting. everyone sounded the same in Fallout Three. which made me bored. so get more voice actors.

thirteen. Races. You can be a ghoul, Android, Super Mutant or Human. But Each with a different Story. Like if you're ghoul you become one when the bombs fall and if you're android you start tutorial from the testing labs. if you're super mutant you come from vault 87. and if you're human you start from a vault.

14. More enemies. Like a mutated tiger from pre war magic shows. Mutant Fish. And the enemies from fallout 1 and 2 like wanamingos and floaters.

15. no power armor training.

16. Your choices make an impact on the people. like if you kill slavers slaves will talk about you. if you're evil people will hate you.

17. Make it canon. Mention fallout 1 2 and three.

  • The only thing I HATED about Fallout 3 was that you had to repair you damn gun or armor every time you got hit or pulled the trigger. They should just scrap the condition thing and I'll be a happy camper.
  • Also, you shouldn't be able to kill someone in power armor with a switchblade. You just shouldn't. SuSpence95 (Talk) 08:07, April 25, 2010 (UTC)

Heres my wishlist:

1. more pieces of armor, not just a body and head piece.

2. More houses to choose from or buy

3. get things like rings that give you certain buffs, not just items that sit in you inventory

4. multiplayer......hahahahaha

5. No level cap, or a higher cap

6. how about being able to find a wrecked car or motorcycle, and if your repair skill is high enough, you can reapair it and use it

7. more random junk you can use for decorating houses 8. why have cigarrettes if you cant smoke them???

9. actually appear to be drunk after consuming alcohol(moving screen, blurry vision)

10. And finally: A RUN AND JUMP SKILL!!!!

All i would like to do in the next fallout is to be able to have

1. A different pet like Rad scorpion or yai gui

2. More levels say 40

3. No vehicles but tanks would be wiked (even thoe it wont happen) or tank turret that you can operate

4. More creatures

5. More houses like safe houses

Some of the things I want, don't know if they have already been mentioned yet

1. more than 2 listenable radio stations

2. duel wielding weapons, possibly as a perk

3.AREA 51 as a download content

4. a nuclear explosion, like in f3

5. ability to own multiple houses

6. at least 3 obtainable houses

7. a geck system for the consoles

8. a climbing system as in able to climb over certain obsticles maby make it a skill

9. a more interactive vats system, like adding options to switch weapons, or run for cover or even telling your follower what to do.

10. a cover system

11. night vision and for that matter items like sunglases will affect how you see, shades make things dark, etc.

12. a more interactive hacking game, perhaps different games for different computers

13. a chance to blow up the hoover dam

14. a chance to blow up a casino

15. thermal vision gogles

16. for dr to be affected by what is covering it, ie helmet will not protect leg, chest armor will not protect head.

17. more skills

Superinsomniac 17:55, June 2, 2010 (UTC)

Oysterbiscutz wish listEdit

1. DLC. ok lets face it Fallout 3 was amazing because of the fact you had a shit ton of DLC that didnt suck as bad as the main story :P so im hoping with having some of the original fallout 1 and 2 Devs working on New Vegas the DLC will kick fallout 3's ass (fingers crossed)

2. ok while im not the biggest proponent of sex in games it is vegas prostitution is a big thing there so i mean since the games gonna hit an 18+ or M for mature rating anyways why not just finish it out and show some frigging skin i mean hell fallout 2 had an akwardly hilarious form of sex in the cats paw so just finish it out man.

3. epic battles. seeing as how you can side with the NCR or Caesars Legion im hoping for a massivly epic battle between the two.

4. let us join the BOS if we choose (dont force it like fallout 3)

5. brotherhood of steel uses T51-B power armor

6. NO and i repeat NOOOOOOOO enclave...

RedTyphoon34- NO ENCLAVE. THEY ARE DONE! I SWEAR IF THEY BRING BACK THE ENCLAVE SOMEHOW I WILL BE PISSED OFF. It would be bad if New Vegas was a great game but the DLC's were shit. Fallout 3's weren't great (except for Point Lookout, it was badass) but they brought a lot to the table. Night vision goggles would be great. Make it more realistic.

More modern guns like the m4 and the m60 that they 're already putting in, girlfriends that have a relationship with the player like amata did, and like those before me the hookers on the strip, cause I was also a fan of fallout 2s New reno.Also It would be cool if you had the ability to climb over rocks (like Sgt. Montgomery did in the first part of OPERATION ANCHORAGE) by just walking up to them, having a control button saying Press w to climb or something and it'd show a cutscene of your hands grabbing the rocks.Speaking of cutscenes, they said that Fo3 had 11 hours of it. That is retarded, i only saw cutscenes in the dlcs, broken steel, point lookout, mothership zeta. Plus the first 2 just let you look out of a window of a train or look at the shore while you are traveling to point lookout for the first time. If you saw that garbage dump place in zeta then you know you were like dangling from an elevator or something. But that didnt even count cause mothership zeta sucked anyway. I mean if you finish the quests then most get locked and you dont get unique guns(even though all those guns sucked). And didnt you just like run through all that stuff just to get to the CONTROL ROOM which you could somehow unlock the entire ship with.So what im saying is that the only way you could see 11 hours worth of cutscenes is if you replayed those parts for 11 hours. Im also stating that obsidian shouldnt mess up and ruin a dlc by makin everything locked, i mean what of open world did bethesda not understand!! Signed, ME.


First, I have to say, you want to get rid of VATS? That was one of the main things that stood Fallout 3 from abunch of other games. KEEP VATS.

Second, I want more Downloadable Contents. This might be asking a lot, but the DLC's that Fallout 3 had were too short. If not make more, then make the DLC's longer.

Third, More Main-Story Quests, more Side Quest, and more interactivity with the world around you.

Fourth, Join any faction you want. Plain and simple.

Thank you. - GOD


What I'm looking for (and why some of you people are mind-numbingly stupid)

--More voice actors would definitely make the game a bit more enjoyable. I know it might be difficult to hire more heads to provide some voices, but I'm sure there are some developers who can pitch in. If not, at least make an effort to change the voices...maybe a little. I mean, the guy who voiced Charon also voiced Lesko. Surely people can alter their voices at least a little.

-Longer quests. Some of the quests I was able to finish with three dialogues (rescue from paradise). While there was a way to make that quest longer, I didn't like even having that as an option.

-You guys have no idea why they don't have kids killed, do you? You realize that there are some countries where it is illegal to have a video game where this is an option? This is why they don't have kids able to be killed, and I think it should stay that way. If you guys want to kill children...I have nothing really to say to you.

-Bobblehead collect (or something similar). I love (present tense) scouring the wasteland for collectables, including unique weapons. Please do not lose this feature.

-Easter eggs, similar to the collecting. It adds more fun to the gameplay.

-Chocolate cake?

-Get creative with these towns! I'd love to see more places that are just so ridiculous, like the Republic of Dave. Maybe a town where everyone is still stuck in pre-war, like that lady from Arefu.

-Holotapes and Terminals linking back to pre-war peppered around. Hilltop Farms, Dunwich, and the Keller Family tapes are all so good to come across, it's a chilling kind of story that requires clues to really figure out what's going on. Those hidden stories are great.

-If there are vehicles (personally, I hope not), they'd better be limited. A fully customizable car with a turret mount? Come on people, be realistic. A scrappy motorbike could work though, and make it very difficult to use/maintain. After apocolyptia, ya dig?

-More factions/gangs. Always fun.

-Do not mix fallout with The Sims. If I have to come home to some nagging wife saying "Oh, I'm sooo happy for you romping around in the wastes saving the world and shit, but Bobby just stepped on a frag mine and Sally was kidnapped by slavers. Meanwhile I slave over a hot stove all day and this is the thanks I get?" Fuck, she'll be dead in a heartbeat.

-Uh...the end?


--Ability to change weight class like; Skinny, Normal, Muscular, Fat, and Obese. Maybe heights like Short(5'5) Normal(6'0) and Tall (6'4) Because everybody has the same kind of body. 00:27, July 16, 2010 (UTC)

I would like to see Many ( i mean a lot ) of secret items and places throoughout the map, finding these in F3 was a fun experience


Massive battles. Not just things fighting you, but massive crazy war scenes. Like 30 Brotherhoods vs 30 SuperMutants. Really show the factions in a war for survival. I enjoyed seeing things like ghouls vs raiders in FO3.Vault Master 16:24, July 21, 2010 (UTC)222

1: An all out war in front of the strip with the NCR vs Ceaser's Legion and the BOS trying to get some tech from the place before the super mutants get there.

2: A quest were you take over a casino or better kill house and take his place.

3: Another Broken Steel expansion so you can keep on rockin' "Broker Parcel". 20:54, July 24, 2010 (UTC)

1. Clothing and armor customization would be nice, I always hated the green color of combat armor. Although I think that certain armors should be limited in customization like vault jumpsuits, also you should have to find paint and or dyes. Also the different armors should be separate with boots, trousers, torso, head gear and armor plates with some exceptions.

2. I would like a better Grab move so that I could move things around in my house and not feel like i'm picking up paper when I'm carrying a Gatling Laser!!! and actual hands would be nice when using grab!!!

3. I missed traits...

4. Better Sex: I know this sounds perverted but Nova in Fallout 3 was a complete rip off 120 caps I would appreciate anything else besides that except obviously no sex...

5. More durable NPC's!!! they die so easily so most of the time during random encounters in the waists the character will end up dead before you even meet them!

6. Stealth needs work! I would like the game to indicate who has spotted you.

7. A decent world map: NO MORE COMPASS I hate the fucking compass!!!

8. Marriage would be cool kinda like Fallout 2 marriage.

9. If there are vehicles I want them to be kinda like power ups where you may occasionally find them whilst exploring or during certain missions or may'be they could run on a limited supply of gas and run out of fuel unless they reach a large settlement otherwise they are forced to abandon the vehicle, I would still like to customize my vehicle

10. More creative V.A.T.S kills: may'be for someone using a Knife you can preform a kill where you punch a raider in the gut then stab them repeatedly in the gut...

Silent 14411 8/2/2010 [UTC]

snakefrog's wishlistEdit

  • A "animal tamer" perk that alows you to tame a animal and hava pereserved companion slot for tamed animal If a tamed animal is killed you must find another animal.
  • Some more "funny" and "iconic" weapons like a "Alien Ninja Sword"
  • ability to turn of V.A.T.S. because for some reason people don't like it. (It's not like your forced to use it anyways.)
  • Ridable animals like a horse or a Brahmin. You would have to tame certain animals.
  • Start a bar fight with out every one becoming hostile but instead they come to watch it.
  • Jails so you don't always have to fight as your punishment (like regulators giving you the option) and for mainly small crimes like theft.
  • Actually wait in jail for a while (five minutes) with things to do like eat, drink, start a fight or escape or wait for a trial (if the city has one).
  • More dialogue options for pets and more "reserved slots" for multiple pets or simply pets that stay in your house.
  • more types of pets like a Cat.
  • MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE places to live and to actually buy a house.
  • Different personal robot butlers.
  • A vault made specificly for holding and preserving animals ( It was made before the G.E.C.K. was made or it was still a "idea" and the G.E.C.K. would need the actual DNA of the animal) would mainly contain animals found in the United States (wouldn't make much sense if it had zebras because it's only.
  • A usable G.E.C.K very late in game for fun or helpful purposes. You could spawn organic life like a Deathclaw. You would need the "DNA" for the creature being spawned. multiple objects like 3 "Deathclaw claws" and a 1 "Deathclaw Brain" and other objects and the objects would not all be in the same monster so it would be a challenge finding the objects. The G.E.C.K. would also have a recharge time not affected by fast travel to much (say Recharge time is 3 hours, you could wait 3 hours but if you fast travel to a place that would take three hours of time it would only affect 35 mins of the recharge time [of course it wouldn't really be 3 hours]). Also it would be VERY expensive to repair and only certain people could repair it.
  • a zoo with common zoo animals that were radiated and reproduced over the wasteland. These animals would be rare and the respawn times are much longer then your average NPC.

Would only be found out of zoo if the player decides to open the main gate from the inside letting the animals escape.

  • Unique items would have diffrent models or textures then just having the same models as its common counterpart.
  • dead bodies from enemies you killed could later be seen eaten by a animal.
  • more cinemetic things like eating at table after being served food with the choice of eating it or storing it in inventory (for machinima purposes)
  • more fun things to do.
  • more perks and if there is alot of perks in the game then be able to choose two perks per level.

RaZaZii's wishlist


1.Definitely have a co-op mode, cause it would be beast if u could play the campaign online or offline with friends, like the survival mode in MW3.

2.I Think that instead of having one humanoid, and one non-humanoid u should have a choice between having two humanoids, two non-humanoids, or just the norm one human and one non-human.

3.I would like a better Grab move so that I could move things around in my house and not feel like i'm picking up paper when I'm carrying a Gatling Laser! and actual hands would be nice when using grab!

4.Clothing and armor customization would be nice, I always hated the green color of combat armor. Although I think that certain armors should be limited in customization like vault jumpsuits, also you should have to find paint and or dyes. Also the different armors should be separate with boots, trousers, torso, head gear and armor plates with some exceptions.

5.Thermal vision goggles would be wicked cool.

Ztormtrooper's Wishlist

PLEASE dont make one faction overpowered(NCR). NCR has like 1/3 of the quests in the whole game, while the powder gangers have 4 which can be completed within the first couple hours of gameplay. the Legion( who has the second most quests) has probably 7 quests. Honestly the NCR also had the best merchants and repairman. Contreras and Quartemaster Bardon( at hoover dam) have beast selections theres also gun runners( guns) and van graffs( energy weapons) but still the merchants are damn good. Major Knight is the only repairman to repair to 100% outside of dlcs. By dont make an op faction i mean give every faction a great merchant and great repairman and a nice amount of quests. like the powder gangers, it would be nice to have them take over Sloan or Primm in fact it would be nice if you could get high positions in factions( 2nd in command, leader) and troopers could give you gifts you could call in your squad to help you fight. Maybe if you are a leader of a faction like the powder gangers you could maybe form alliances with say the jackals or vipers. on that note raider groups such as vipers and jackals should have quests and a reputation.

in fallout 3 Karma was as important as group reputation in new vegas and it had perks for it( lawbringer, impartial mediation, and the other one). New Vegas should have had perks based on your rep ie Legion Frumentarii- you are a master of sneak and espionage, people can no longer see through your disguise. You need positive legion rep. Powder Gangers go boom- Your explosions do more damage, and special ammo types for explosive weapons are cheaper for you. requires good powder ganger rep Etcetera it would be a nice change of pace as Karma is useless in new vegas but Karma in fallout 3 meant something.

Also make hardcore mode more hardcore and less annoying not sure how to do this without making it not 'hardcore' but still not a top priority.

How about more random encounters that happen more frequently like on the road to Primm instead of a radroach fighting a gecko how about 2 rangers versus a squad of powder gangers or sometimes geckos fight powder gangers, something fresh everytime you play. because each time i play instead of going through primm i find new paths to get to new vegas( through bonniesprings, east across mountains etc).

WE also need warzones like between the ncr and powder gangers between primm and the ncrcf. it makes the game lively.

Also give us collectibles liek bobbleheads and snowglobes. let you show your collection it would be fun. we love collecting.Ztormtrooper (talk) 00:42, August 11, 2012 (UTC) because i can sign my posts

Mr. Black Ops13 Edit

It would be nice to finally have a pilot-able vehicle, where you scavenge engine's, gasoline/nuclear fuel, tires, propellers (for boat/air vehicles) and other things. lets not make it like a driving only game, but to where you can enter/exit a vehicle, and then it becomes a permanant location that you can fast travel to and from. Maybe if you wanted, you could start off with a bicycle in your Pip Boy inventory, under a new thing, known as Transportation, and small items would fit in the Transportation, others would be Map Markers once you made them.--Peace! (talk) 15:56, April 19, 2013 (UTC)

New Vegas fixings Edit

UI: the Food, Drink screens should have options to refil, like CND get stim and doctors. Food should have a few food group in there, like stews, steaks. Drink should have pure waters, dirty waters etc... It make all the status screens follow one format, after all.

Indepth difficulty: Hard Core is a good option, but there should be a few more sub-options so that we can double/triple/quadruple the rate of starvation.thirsty, sleepy. As it is, currently sleep and food meter is too slow.

Differentiate collectibles: like Ralphie poster for examples. The one found at the start is no different than the one found at the end. Why didnt they just follow the principle of FNV vanilla for the snowglobes is beyond me. Especially enraging is the Dead Money Dean stashes, since it's relatively straight forward to retrace the Ralphie, while it's a huge bother for the stashes. If there should be collectible quests, at least make those stuffs differentiate from each other, so that we can sort them to check WHICH is the unacquired. (eh we got the silo poster A, B, D but not C. okay, back track it is ).Laclongquan (talk) 09:04, April 22, 2013 (UTC)