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Hey, I think that people should make a ton of new Fallout 3, or any Fallout game, achievements in order for long-time players who have beaten the game completely and want to earn some more achievements can do some of the achievements on here. They should be posted on the Vault so everyone can veiw them, and people can film their achievement and post it on here to prove they did it and get better rep and shit like that.

I'll start it off: The Hunter: Go through an entire level only using a hunting rifle.

The Alone Wanderer: Kill every person you come in contact with.

Raiding Party!: Using Jericho, kill an entire town and loot their junk.

Mayor: "Found" a town (using like, ruins or an empty place or junk) and uphold the law there.

Badass Sniper: Kill an enemy without them noticing you using only a sniper from several hundred feet away.

I Am Legend: Without light, with Dogmeat, and only using one type of gun/weapon, go through a metro tunnel or any other ghoul/super mutant infested area and kill as many as you can.

Tough Skin and Strong Boned: Without apparel or weaponry, kill every enemy in an area/quest.