NPC carry weight after radiation

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I'm experiencing some strange behavior. I've visited and cleared The Glow in Fallout 1, leaving the area with 18 rads. Everything was perfect! Until I steal items from my NPCs: I'm unable to plant its again, showing my NPCs are overweigthed. By exemple Tycho is usually able to carry about 200lbs and now barely 70...

My guess is that NPCs are affected by The Glow's radiation, losing all their strengths...

Have you ever experienced that? Is it normal?

What should I do? Is rad-x protect them? Or just leave them in a safe place while I'm clearing levels alone? I see nowhere any reference to that kind of problem, neither here nor on google.

Thanks for any help, Arnor

Arnor2000 01:59, February 1, 2012 (UTC)

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