My pip boy map is gone!

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I was playing in the Pitt during the last quest and I checked my pipboy only to find that the only thing that still on that screen are the locations of different places and a pitch black screen in the background, nothing. But this has happened to me before with my map eventually returning to normal, i thought this would go away after a while. So instead of going back to the last save before this bug popped up I played through the whole quest saving over all of my good saves. So I beat the Pitt and I then traveled backed to the capital wasteland thinking that it was just the Pitt that screwed up my pipboy. Then when I came back to the wasteland I found my damm pipboy map was still not there. (I realize that I don't need the backround for the map to use it but I'm so used to it being there that it really bothers me)-CJ

I've seen this a LOT recently, but it always goes back to normal. Never had it happen before getting DLC (but I got all 3 at once). V.A.T.S. addict 05:53, 13 June 2009 (UTC)