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I have GOTY for PS3 and am at level 30. I have uncovered all the secrets of the wasteland, Mothership Zeta and done the Anchorage simulation. I have not concluded Take It back, so therefore have not done Broken Steel, as well I have not completed The Pitt either. Alright, so I decided to play through Point Lookout, which I have to say wasn't that great. None of the new weapons were that excellent, and the rest of the new obtainable content wasn't that good either. I regretfully took the Handyman's Jumpsuit from Haley before he reached the 100 Repair level. It would seem that the glitch is ineffective when you take this (has anyone else noticed this? Can I fix it?). Also I haven't been able to find the Ritual Knife on the altar. Has anyone else had this problem? I hear Broken Steel and the Pitt are the best of the DLC's, so hopefully I'll enjoy them more. Portfan 17:34, December 14, 2009 (UTC)

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