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I know you're only supposed to have one follower at a time and there are glitches to get around that but I have stated a new save with my newly bought DLC installed (Game of the year edition). And the lone wanderers dad has just died. I already have 'Charon' following me and I started speaking to 'Star Paladin Cross' at the citdel and just to exhaust the option I asked her to follow me and she is.

So i now have 'Star Paladin Cross' following me and carrying stuff as well as 'Charon'. Has this glitched?, Is it something to do with the DLC?, Or is it like having dogmeat as a follower?


Don't know the logistics of it but i've had Fawkes charon and dogmeat all at once on a play through but as soon as i left to Point lookout they returned to there places as normal i was then only allowed one plus dog as a follower there is something on Youtube about obtaining more than one follower so whether i done this without relaising then i don't know because it's not happened since Leemp83 (talk) 15:36, August 1, 2012 (UTC)