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There is alot of bugs on mothership zeta, one i just discovered where you get trapped in the engineering core and many other pain in the ass bugs, the DLC may be corrupted or just poorly made but let me jump to the point, if anyone knows ways to fix these bugs then you are very more than welcome to list them on this page, I truly regret buying this DLC because many items i can't get now that I finished the DLC, I have samaui armor and sword, medic armor(missed the helmet), paulson's stuff, captain's sidarm, atomic pulverizer and thats about it and this add-on currently stoped me from playing fallout 3, most final add-ons should be the best but this one is the worst I have played, bethesda said we were aloud to explore but its kinda hard to do that when the ship is sealed, for pc users you can use geck to fix the overcoat bug and use dev consol to get the stuff and i recomend getting the goodie room mod on it adds a new room with all the special itemsbut 360 users are not so lucky(myself) feel free to contribute.

Damn, what a jerk ^^^ Yeah, and he misspelled site.

Apparently it's called a clear cach issue, it happens when you put somthing in that footlocker located inside the engineering core and then go into the steamworks, this has only been confirmed on 360. Thanks to this bug i'm screwed.