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Hi there I was wondering something about the test subjects on the mothership zeta. I tried to edit the dedicated page but someone erases my text each time I try again. This isn't fucking fair.

So I wanted to know what did people think about those test subjects on the research lab of the mothership zeta…

They are in a room. At the middle of this room is a giddyup buttercup. There are test subjects and observatories all around the room. We all know that aliens took humans from the earth to experiment stuff on them… Whatever the fuck you do in the wasteland you can sometimes notice ads saying that the giddyup buttercup is "every girl's fantasy"…

Now here's my version : the aliens are observing humans' reactions about those giddyup buttercups. I think these toys were a great success before the great war and the aliens saw it from their ships. So they decided to take humans and giddyup buttercups to understand why was this toy (or "thing" for the aliens) so popular. Then they placed humans all around a giddyup buttercup with "human weapons" under observation. The test subjects maybe though it was a kind of arena where the survivor could win his freedom, so thei fought to death.

I know this is just a shitty detail but this is the only explanation I can find about it. What do you think about it ?

I know this may sound far-fetched but I believe that the aliens were planning to use the Giddyup buttercups for Weaponised vehicles, (Note the girl RIDING on Giddyup buttercup) either that or they were planning to weaponise them as robot soldiers, (Note the insane collection in the research labs) The room with the dead wastelanders appears to be the first stage of testing, as the light is red, indicating fighting, alas the wastelanders were fighing it and lost. This wouldnt be the first experiment on humans, (Note the abominations are humans that have been experimented on). This is my opinion on Giddyup Buttercup and the aliens.

Interesting. This would explain everything…

Its one of the few solution I can grasp. All others are too far-fetched