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There is a cellar in the ruined house north of the Springvale main road where the Emclave sentry patrols. It is the house with the two suitcases out front. The key article doesn't list the location of this key. Anyone know of soome keys that they couldn't find a use for?


If you have Broken Steel, talk to the scribe in charge of Project Purity. (His name escapes me at the moment) Ask for a quest and he will send you to Megaton, where you'll find a note that they are selling holy water in Springvale, blah blah blah, go there, and talk to the guy. You can either kill him and take the key, pick the lock, or bathe yourself in radiation to be allowed into the cellar. You'll either have to kill everyone, or win a speech challenge to complete the quest. There arent any karmic effects that I am aware of. There may be other ways without Broken Steel, though. Btw, I think were talking about the same house. Not positive though. Is it the really big and destroyed one on the side closest to Megaton?


The article does list the key (Monastery key). 18:26, January 1, 2010 (UTC)

I did a find in page for 'Spring' and it turned up nothing. Maybe it's something to do with me using this new Chrome browser. I dunno. Thanks for the help. Now to figure out how to get my house when Lucas is dead. alatari Lucas' son will give the deed.