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Melee builds in New Vegas are much more feasible and with the right combination of perks will become downright invincible. my final melee build was able to deliver the following stats 56 dt, +8 hp per second, 225+dps. When combined with chems this build is unstoppable. Durring the final battle not even antimaterial rifles dented my health. What little damage was acquired was quickly replenished to full health by the constant +8 health. The high damage output and knockdown effect of melee weapons makes even the legate fall in seconds.

The perks required:

Rad Child: heal +8 hp per second at deadly rad poison

Unstoppable Force: damage X4 through blocks

Piercing Strike: ignore 15 dt with melee strikes

Slayer: 30% faster swing

Melee Hacker 2:15% faster swing

Stonewall: + 5 dt while melee equipped

Toughness (2): +3 dt per rank

Sub-Dermal Armor: +4 dt

Whiskey Rose: +6dt from whiskey

Bloody Mess: +5% damage

Super Slam!: chance to knock down opponents with melee weapons

Jury Rigging: repair items with like items (essential to maintain weapons like Knock-Knock without going bankrupt)

recommended perks for optimization

Chemist: longer chem effects

Travel Light: 10% speed boost while in light armor

Entomologist: 50% against bugs

Purifier: 50% melee damage against abominations

Pack Rat: weight divided by 2 for all items 2 pounds or less (helpful on hardcore and for poisons)


Remnants power armor: 28 dt (easiest to get from deathclaws north of cottonwood cove, use turbo to defeat them, 5 should be plenty to take on the 25+ deathclaws that can be there, deathclaws are this builds biggest weakness because they ignore dt)

Remnants power helmet : 8dt

Vault 34 security armor : 16dt

weapons :

Knock-Knock: my favorite for reach, speed and damage, 160-200+ dps

Oh Baby!: highest damage 230+dps

the build works best when in conjunction with chems which means you will need to pick your freinds wisely to insure you can buy chems. omertas, khans, contreras, and doctors usually sell chems you will need to offset the special penalties cost to maintain the +8 hp from deadly rad poisoning that is central to the build. high survival and science will allow you to make these things yourself.

chems recomended

buffout : +2 strenght + 3 endurance +60 hp

bighorner steak +2 strength

bramin steak +2 strength

cook cooks feind stew +2 strength +health for long time

turbo: needed to fight deathclaws and helpful against large groups or difficult enemys can be made using turpentine, cazador gland, jet and a brook flower

med-x : 25% dr

pyscho : 25% damage boost slayer (both previous)

whiskey : with wiskey rose perk no addiction +6dt + 2 strenght

poisons are a good way to add damage or applied to thrown weapons, take out opponents at range or stealthly. poisons can be made easly after collecting some cazador glands and scorpion stingers, scorpion gulch is a good source. the white flowers needed can be found around good-springs and prim in abundance. cazadors are found everywere it seems.

special recomended

10 strenght

10 endurance

7 agility

using implants to reach this is recommended

with this build carrying guns and ammo is not recommended or necessary, throwing spears are plenty enough to take most opponents out at range if there is need. Selling all ammo and guns you pick up will help you pick up the caps needed to repair your weapons until you get jury rigger

early play may be difficult but if rad child is taken as soon as possible deadly radiation is achieved by getting the knock knock from camp searchlight you should be able to handle everything till you get the other perks turbo is the answer to any difficult situation, you really can't lose with turbo and a decent melee weapon/perks

deathclaws and cazadors are the only real threat to this build. poison damages can negate the healing effect of rad child, making you vulnerable in combat, anti-venom or superstims can fix this problem easily deathclaws can be defeated even in groups and even the legendary one with the use of turbo, or lucky super slam knockovers. blocking there lunge attacks can also help, but is difficult to do. the trouble deathclaws present is peirceing armor, always change to light armor when fighting them to keep your heavy armor in shape, and to speed yourself up in combat against them.

when you get into the 20s with this build bullets will literally bounce off of you as you kill your opponents at will, even veteran rangers in groups will have trouble racking any damage when chems are used.

generalmillsGeneralmills 07:31, March 1, 2011 (UTC)

Sorry, but you have problems with Deathclaws with Oh, Baby!/Knock-Knock AND Piercing Strike? You are doing something wrong, man. LOL But seriouslly, Melee or Unarmed requires another skill to be secondary, because there are situations they simply don't work, like Cazadors. One good skill to be secondary that blends very well with them is explosives, since they don't require much to be powerfull. With 50 points on it, wich almost half of this number coming from skill books and perception, you are capable of using grenades and thump-thump, the frag grenade is very destructive at this skill. If you are using spears or another throwing weapons, Heavy Ho! benefits both melee and explosives skills.

Generally I don't create a build with only one combat skill, I always pick a secondary. My actual build is a non-stealth character using guns and unarmed (usually I pick melee, but I want to test and see if it works). But 10 Endurance? I think this is a waste of points/perks, because you play like me, with a high survival skill, so hotkey Desert Salad and use it in the battle (it weighs so little). With 8 at character creation you are capable of choosing all implants but one. Also, Entomologist looses his usefulness very fast, specially after you pick the second rank of Bug Stomper. Just my two cents, the build looks good, melee and unarmed are uterelly fun to use and highlly underated. ;) Brfritos 10:23, March 3, 2011 (UTC)

heavy ho! is pointless if you have 10 strength as it doesn't make you throw further, read its article. Cazadors were never a threat to me with my Knock-Knock, even in large groups the knock knock with etymologist annihilates them(and stacks with bug stomper making you do very high damage against bugs +80%), high endurance coupled with rad child means that the venom usually won't even damage you, if it does just use some sort of food or stim and health should return to full. occasionally the venom damage will stack for some reason and you will need to use an anti-venom, but those are easily made or acquired off of dead legionaries who carry them often. I killed hundreds of cazadors on this file because i was making poisons and turbo both of which require the poison glands, even the cave with the legendary cazador gave me no trouble. the only situation were this build has difficulty in combat is fighting deathclaws, or enemy firing from towers(as you will have to get close to throw a spear, though dt +constant heal from rad child means you will rarely drop below full health even when snipers are hitting you, letting you ignore them). literally the only times i dipped significantly below full heal was when storming the ranger hq, and taking fire from 6+ rangers at once, or while fighting death-claws, in these situations i simply use a turbo and kill them without taking damage. with this build i completed the game only using 25 stimpacks the whole hardcore very hard play through, and i believe those were mostly unnecessarily used because i insisted on taking every chem possible before massacring bases as i was role playing as a drug addict, or use of super stims to heal after hits from extremely powerful attacks.

Deathclaws only pose a threat in large groups, the 25 around the power armor, this is because there attack is above 100 and it ignores dt no matter how high. the quarry junction deathclaws have double hp making them more difficult.

the high endurance is useful because it gives you alot of health and poison resistance, its not required, but helps because it also boost survival for early in game. Also the constant - 3 endurance from deadly rad poison kept for rad child means your normal endurance will be 7 with maxed special, implant to reach 10 is good way to do it. Also this is the only way to achieve 10 endurance for combat situations, buffout gives +3, and no good armor gives endurance boosts. 10 endurance in combat gives you maximum health, and increases your resistance to fire, poison, energy damages. This build is meant to be the most effective possible melee build, a secondary combat style isn't necessary because when this build is finished it is completely overpowered(or if you really need to use guns the chem Steady will make you effective for short time with any gun). Not everyone will want to use this build or adapt there own perhaps using pyro and shiskabab + flame weapons as a secondary. It was honestly a bit depressing when i sold off all my unique guns like the maria and the lucky because they were dead weight to my 18 gun skills lol. So if you plan on collecting pretty guns and using them all in different situations then don't use this build in its entirety. But if you have fun with the idea of being a barbaric fighter hitting things with a big axe while hopped up on chems then this build is for you.

Thanks for the response glad to answer any questions about how this works GeneralmillsGeneralmills 21:02, March 3, 2011 (UTC)

Yes, I was thinking in what I writed then I realized that your 10 E/S was because Rad Child, since you recover health from radiation. It's interesting your saying about the unique guns because I collect them, since most of the time my build is Explosives + Unarmed. Ballistic Fist don't need to much for ripping everything apart, Piercing Strike + Super Slam + Stonewall + Slayer make this weapon deadly. The particular "thing" for unarmed is learnig the various factions moves, specially the Scribe Counter (where you block an attack and immediately perform a powerfull blow) and Legion Assault (it doubles the damage of the weapon). Brfritos 21:09, March 4, 2011 (UTC)

Two questions How do you recover Esteban's body ? Just walk in and eat the lead ? What weapon do you use to kill trash ?

i didn't get esteban, but i would assume using a turbo or wearing power armor would let you get the body with no real trouble, trash should be dead already, she was in my game, but the knock knock would work just fine

Opps, not Trash (the ghoul wannabee) but trash like gecko's and other nusance enemies that are not worth the wear on a good weapon. A common, easy to repair weapon that lets you run at full speed. Squalor 01:03, March 15, 2011 (UTC)

You can use spears, frag grenades or even dinamyte, it's not hard to kill those Fiends. Since his DT is so high, he actually can afford the luxury to walk closer to even use poison them with throwing knifes/axes. And he eats lead in fact, I know that because I played a melee building with high DT and you simply run to those Centurions at Hoover Dam beating the shit out of them! LOL :D Brfritos 02:43, March 15, 2011 (UTC)

I usually just used the knock knock, with jurry rigger it can be repaired with pool cues which weigh practically nothing meaning you can have constantly full health weapons. early on i would use chances knife repaired by combat knives early on, a bit expensive because selling said combat knives is much better, the machete gladius is very good and repairable by machete which is helpful, love and hate or just sneak crit things with the kids bb gun which has light ammo making it a useful weapon to carry for sneak sniping. GeneralmillsGeneralmills 17:41, March 15, 2011 (UTC)