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Yes... i misspelled the title :) But i had always wondered what the rest of the world looked like in the FO universe. And when i read about Allistar Tennpeny and Moriarty comming to America from Brtiton and Ireland i wondered if you could go there? Using the already aquired Point Lookout DLC perhaps you can convince your new faryier to go on a darring expidition over what's left of the atlantic, maybe adding scenes of doging wierd irradiated-mutated sea creatures. You'd arrive on the south-western coast of Briton. From there you'd have to explain yourself to the local people, learn their currency (if not the same) and start from there. Perhaps then continuing with the story (You can come back and visit the original south-western area where you beached to continue any side-quests not completed, but end up taking this old tram-like vehichle to the outskirts of London, or maybe central who knows. Maybe even from there for its possible add-ons your character is sent on this quest to aid British merchants that are heading to make big weapon deals in northern france.

Your person taking an existing still readable book of European Languages learns French and German. Thus when your group arrives in France (what would currently be french territory in the DLC on the border with the new German one) Your trade goes bad when the rival Germans in the area attack to steal the shipment. Now with aquiring the linguistics book all dialog choices you encounter with the french and Germans will be in your set language on your 360 (arial disc code- American plays, talks with french characters reads and hears english dialog- Or perhaps with the chinese in the Op. Anchorage simulation, you hear the language for what it is but have english subs.) Depending on Karma you may become more friendlier with the french than rather some of the germans and vis versa. Switching sides in the trade war is rare and can have consequences, even when returning to england (if you wished so).

Common Wealth DLC: Probably more realistic to work with in a DLC but to take the fary all the way up to the Common Wealth with your main story having to do with the Institute and Dr.Li. 23:21, November 9, 2009 (UTC)ÄnerenianKing

Sounds pretty cool, but may I recommend a small excursion to Canada? There could be mutant polar bears and green snow and stuff, which'd be fun I think.

Yes. They'd ofcourse be way stronger than any Yoa Guai encounter, so exciting! I posted this as ÄnerenianKing before i made my acount, but can't use it cause its already on some other wiki. ohwell. This would then make it the first time the Lone Wanderer saw snow, or what could now be called snow. Or would he since the poles shifted some during the bombs? Maybe one of the civilian uniforms found near say a recruitment center could be some sort of Monty Wear, haha. Döpef-king 17:25, November 10, 2009 (UTC)Döpef-king

Of course, it wouldn't rain or snow as much, but there is some ice way up north that never melts. Maybe it didn't get as radiated, so it still snows somewhat, but it's still radioactive. Plus, mutant penguins and moose, and maybe even a couple Tim Horton's ruins. --Toast 19:29, November 10, 2009 (UTC)

Sadly penguins are in the south. And the snow by this time after 200 years of atmoshpereic dispersal wouldn't hold any radiation. if it did at the most of 0.001% to 0.001 rad an hour. the only technicality of the water puddles in the main game in the capital wastes not conected directly to the patomic is because of the ground being so irradiatley saturated in a nuclear war tronger than what could in reality today be made possible. Fallout taken in the immediate atmosphere normally would disperse its lethality within 13-18 days, while in the FO universe this may have taken 13-18 weeks because of the nuclear armament detonated. There'd be no reason of being stuck in a snow-like wasteland of ice if you were constantly taking rads. Now im just talking about the particles, not collective liquids of irradiated and solidized gases that fell to earth from the atmosphere, or the Gamma intensity that could have causeed mutations along with the new liquidized material found on the ground. that of which can be found randomly in the wastes, but within the first 80 years of "winter" there would be larger ammount accumilated before being sucked into the ground over time. Possibly causing the green stains that appear on solid ground. This however has no effect on the radiation levels snow would produce 200 years after. 09:15, November 12, 2009 (UTC)Döpef-king

very valid point, not commonly do people come on here with real facts, like, real real facts, or more realistic facts w/e have you, snow would probly not be pure white anymore but maybe a color close to white? maybe...Toolazytomakeaaccount 09:12, December 16, 2009 (UTC)
I have no idea what you just said, but the snow doesn't have to be green, I guess. Yellow or red maybe, though, depending on what's nearby. Anyway, maybe instead of penguins, there could be an evil maple tree that can crawl around like those trees from Shivering Isles. --Toast 14:18, November 12, 2009 (UTC)

I want to see more of the East! If you ask Raul about the Legion, he says that the Legion has basically taken over Arizona. The Mojave is nice and all, but the NCR is all over the place, which is pretty cool, but you can only find the Legion is at like 3 or 4 locations. If you side with the Legion in FNV, this can be a real pain in the ass! In Arizona however, the Legion is probably everywhere! much like how the NCR is everywhere in the Mojave. Arizona could also be a quest opportunity for people who side with the NCR. For example, after you helped the NCR holding onto Hoover Dam, you can form a ranger squad and go huntin' for Legionnaries who weren't at the battle!

I actually wouldn't mind going to Australia in a DLC. --Mastererium 00:56, January 6, 2011 (UTC)