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So, after launching the warheads on the NCR and LEGION terretories, you are instructed to "Run for canyon Wreckage, only to get to the temple door and be trasported back there.

You instantly lose EDE as a companion, and receive the crate and ulyses duster and whatnot. upon returning to the Hopeville missle silo, where ED-E was origionally, you cannot find him there.

Has anybody found how to get Ed-e back when returning to Lonesome road?

I would like to traverse the couriers mile, and the added features of unlocking commisarys and his multitools, and making ammunition really do help in the addon.

Thanks in advance. 18:45, August 30, 2012 (UTC)

Why do people keep posting help questions here? If you need help with the game, post your questions in the gameplay help section. General discussion is for just that, talking about the game. That's why we have two different forums.

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