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Out of all the locations I've thought of, these are the Top Ten with their Popularity, & Fitting.

  1. 1. New York City, NY.

+ Perks • Many Metros, Bridges, Tunnels, Over A Large Area. • Historical landmarks such as Empire State Building, Twin Towers, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue Of Liberty, Wall Street, etc. • Consists of areas close such as Yonkers, Staten Island, & New Jersey. • Very Multi Cultural Area. • Very Popular, & Many Smaller details to be added.

  1. 2. Detroit - Chicago, Illinois.

+ Perks • Can easily fall into Fallout Lay out from previous games. • Two Large Popular Cities with pre WWII Experience. • Much Gang availability. (NYC Perk aswell) • Sports Stadiums, Major Companies, & Historical landmarks.

  1. 3. Houston, TX.

+ Perks • Southern Area, Climate type runnin used by fallout. • Areas such as San Antonio, Dallas, Mexico surrounding. • NASA, & Pre WWII Well know area for history. • Many Sports Stadiums & landmarks.

  1. 4. San Diego, Ca.

> Same climate type > Could tie in with fallout 3 with a brotherhood of steel base mentioned by elder lyon

Feel Free To Add Additional details to the 4. I'm hoping Fallout would choose one of these three. San Diego Is undoubtedly one that could become an instant hit in my opinion. An online for ps3-xbox360 version should be created aswell. Where you may join a group & set base over a mass location. Then have ability to war with neighboring fractions. A great idea in my opinion again. Rumor is that Todd Howard was seen in Boston meaning that fallout 4 could be in Boston.