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The Cincinnati Subway is a set of incomplete, derelict tunnels and stations for a rapid transit system beneath the streets of Cincinnati, Ohio. It is recognized as the largest abandoned subway tunnel in the United States.[1] It was built in the early twentieth century as an upgrade to the Cincinnati streetcar system, but was abandoned due to escalating costs and collapse of funding amidst political bickering during the 1920s.[2] Today, many Cincinnatians are unaware of the aged tunnels underneath them. I think fallout 4 would do good in Cincinnati area the metro under the city is extremely dark and completely abandoned i can imagine it being infested with them sneaky ass ghouls (scary mfs). and its a big manufacturing city with lots of gun toting americans lol and there are the reds stadium right next to the bengals stadium which would look pretty badass in game and you could include the tristate area kentucky and indiana and north of cincy. And the city im from Newport kentucky which is right across the river was actually known as the original sin city gambling hookers and loads of shifty mafia people. with a creepy place down the street in wilder ky like bobby mackeys the most haunted place in america.overall it would be a good area to make a game a whole bunch of passionate people with different beliefs and that is where the factions come in there could be lots of them.not to mention hot ass summers and cold snowy winters which could implement a dynamic weather system. BIGRED

I think it would be dope if Fallout 4 took place all around the usa. through events of the game, you would have to unite the wastelands by becoming allies with the NCR and the BOS to bring them to together t cleanse the wastelands of all the evil factions. I think it would be cool if they introduced new cool vehicles like old cars that are futuristic (such as a 1969 mustang that has some sort of hover mechanism instead of wheels and tires). this game could have alternate endings depending on what factions you decide to become enemies with. ya but just some thoughts.

I think it would be fun for a fallout philly because philly has suburbia decrepid areas and rural areas plus maybe a rivisit to the pitt?


I think it would be really neat if Fallout 4 would take place in an unassuming town, kind of like Cincinnati the queen city. The city could be run by the eastern Brotherhood of Steel (the ones from the Capitol Wasteland) and the Ohio river could be the source of clean fresh water, while everything seems nice, the enclave could make a reappearance or Caesar's Legion, or a new faction possibly. (I know the Ohio River is already pretty polluted in real life, but this is an alternate universe, perhaps it never was in the fallout-verse.) I like the idea of taking place in a large city, but stop and think about it. New York would be a prime location to send, not 1 but perhaps 2 warheads from China, so they might crush America's hope of winning the war. Also they might send another 2 warheads to another major city. In my opinion Cincinnati is just the right size, maybe a little smaller but anything major like that is asking to be irradiated for 200+ years. -That1guyzing

I'd bet 1000 caps that it takes place in Hollywood. Quote:"The Mojave Wasteland was fun, wasn't it?" What is the closest major city to Vegas? Los Angeles. 00:06, September 13, 2013 (UTC)GethFaceKilla

Personally, I think Fallout 4 should take place in a large city like New York, or maybe in a southern state like Alabama. ~Trainer Red~----

I think that after they exhaust every good, large city and back country, they should do FALLOUT: USA!, where you can explore the entire United States, and where all previous storylines have meshed because it is the entire usa. maybe they could have you fast travel between cities, like how after you visit an area you can fast travel to it, but all cities are pre-discovered, and you simply have to explore in the city to unlock new locations. if they could re-introduce vehicles that would be amazing! who wouldn't want to buzz the statue of Liberty in a vertibird, or go cross country on a train while fighting enemies! I wish they would introduce actual cars, like the 1957 Plymouth belvedere, or the 55 chevy bel air. how much fun would that be? it would be the best one yet, and if the company's making fallout ever go in to the red, this would be a great way to go out with a bang. Your President, John Henry Eden.----

Lets get a couple of things set: Bethesda is an entirely American company, so therefore it's unlikely they would spend the extra resources and time needed to learn about the culture,history, and landscape of a foreign city in order to make a good game. Secondly, all of the Fallout games have either been in cities with a lot of character in their own right (D.C., Vegas) or been in large areas with plenty of cities near each other (California for 1 and 2). Smaller or less famous cities like Seattle and New Orleans would be extremely hard to make a good game with. The best bet are large, world famous cities like New York, Chicago, or Miami with lots of landmarks and history behind them. Third, they can not go back to cities already used as decisions made in the older games would at least have some affect on the city you see in the new game, which would throw too many variables into making a storyline or making the map. This could be solved, however, by putting the story before the time of the original game though this would be boring. Basically every city in California, Virginia, Maryland, Nevada, and possibly Texas (if Tactics is cannon) are off limits. Also we must remember that the chinese bombed America so we can rule out basicly all other countries except canada which was annexed before the war.

This will probably be a short post because I simply wanted to toss in my two cents but when I think of a new fallout game I think of Fallout New York. I think this city would be tons of fun to dig through and possibly climb some skyscrappers I think it would have enough of its own style to be a truely legendary fallout game if done correctly. I think locations like central park, a deteriorating statue of liberty, three mile island, the empire state building, not to mention the USS Intrepid would be amazing locations and you could possibly also pull off a heist of the gold bricks in the Federal Reserve bank of New York. You could also bring back the metros which were a high point for me in fallout 3. I just think it almost has to be New York and I like the vehicle idea in the post below but i also want vertibirds too just maybe make them so you need special training like power armor to use in addition to repairs needed. I also completely forgot the UN headquarters in my list above and i apologise for my lack of organization i'm coming up with this completely as I go along. I just think this location has so much to offer especially because I loved being in the city in fallout 3 and I think New York could be even better. So there it is my only pick for next falloutville. 20:51, March 18, 2012 (UTC) It will have to be FALLOUT DETROIT!!!. We are long overdue having a vehicle in the game and where better to introduce one that in motor city. Have you been to detroit lately? Sections already look post holocaust. Are you familiar with the detroit sports fanbase? Detroit Red wings and Detroit Tigers are crazy fans that could easily be the basis for civilized tribal fun. The UAW would be a hilarious paramilitary group to bargan and barter with for car parts and quests. If you arent for them you are against them. Even the "Big Three" could turn into opposing groups using big corporations as the new government in the area. I am sure everyone is familiar with GM and their involvement with military manufacturing of guns and vehicles for WW2 so I am sure a similar connection could be made for the current game. Dicks will be every where. It is on water, near canada, can be a quick tie-in to a fallout chicago nearby. It is such a huge manufacturing area they need to expand on the creation skills of making vehicles, weapons, bombs, usefull tools and require special quests to find certain tools that can be used to make fun things. Motorcycles to Motorhomes... imagine if there was no typical "fast travel" unless you were in a vehicle driving it to the new location kind of like borderlands. Fuel would be Fusion batteries... we are already headed there in real life. Falllout has always prided itself in tongue in cheek humor, intelligent backstory, etc. and I think only detroit can be original and creative as is needed to take fallout to the next step. 20:51, March 18, 2012 (UTC)

I've read most of the discussion here and I have to say I think Florida is being under rated for its potential. Portland, Seattle, Toronto, these are great places, but for people who have never been to them which I imagine is going to be most of the player base realistically, they are just humdrum generic cities. Washington DC and Vegas were picked for obvious reasons, everyone knows about them because they are a heavy part of American culture and media.

 Why Florida you ask?

1)Disney World. (Well, probably some ironic Fallout version of a or many big theme parks. How freaking awesome would exploring decrepit theme parks be?

2)Spanish element. Caribbean islands? It would be nice to throw in a Latin influence into the next game considering how big a part of American Culture it is. Seriously, what has South and Central America been doing all this post apoc time?

3)Big cities AND some seriously scary swampbilly parts. Depending how geographically accurate they want to be and how big the world they make is, they can include so many different landscapes.

4) Militarily strategic placement. Florida is a very important part of our country when talking about the Cold War. Imagine all the military and space bases that would be in this area so close to Cuba. 22:59, March 10, 2012 (UTC)Grant107.39.225.141 22:59, March 10, 2012 (UTC)

Here's something new to think about: Fallout: Portland, Oregon! Most of you probably don't know anything about Portland, huh? Portland is a lot like Seattle, just better. If the game included the immidiate metro area, and maybe bits of Vancouver, you would have two large, irradiated rivers to traverse. Portland has an immense metro system that's rivalled perhaps only by NYC, which could be used as a great plot point (get the MAX going again!) Portland's downtown area is large enough to feel like you're in a big city, but small enough that Bethesda could almost literally create the ENTIRE THING, with all buildings included. Portland has over nine bridges that traverse the Willamette River from the East to West side (it's not called Bridgetown for no reason.)Portland also has a fair amount of national landmarks, such as: Pioneer Square, Portlandia(the statue not the show), Waterfront Park, The Shanghai Tunnels, and many more. Portland's weather is diverse; not too rainy like Seattle, and not too dry, like all of the Southwest. Portland has a rich history, and a lot of assets, not to mention it's not a place everyone on Earth knows exceptionally well, so it will be an exciting mystery to evryone playing. Portland is a great city, and I think it would make a great Fallout game. Now look at some pictures of Portland.


300px-Portlandia.jpg The Third Follower 03:16, January 25, 2012 (UTC)

New York?,Chicago?, I dont know but it seems kinda boring, I think Hawaii would be nice its something unique and has never been done before

Boston, Ma., New Orleans, La., and Chicago, Il., would be the best candidates for the next game due to the fact that all three cities are steeped in history, old stories, folk lore, and have a high volume of people in the cities themselves but the outer areas are more rural with plenty of room for exploration of vaults, collapsed ruins, mountain caves, and old buildings. The fact that the three cities have a lot of history and tradition would also help create that 1950's feel that we all love about the game. Just something else to think about.

To be honest, I want to see a fallout game that takes place in Seatle. New York, as it does have much history and many landmarks, was probably one of the top targets for a bomb to go off. I think most of the landmmarks people would want to see would have been destroyed. Yes, I know there are enough nukes to destroy every major in the world, but I think Seatle, in the Fallout Timeline at least, would have managed not to have been completely destroyed by the bombs. I don't think fallout should go outside of the United States, partially because I think they where to small to have enough of a population to have survived, and two, they wouldn't speak english you know. I think if they MUST go outside the U.S., to either go to England, Canada, or even Australia. Back to seatle, I think it is a good choice not only because it's about the same size as vegas/D.C., but it is on the western coast. Many seem to be tired of the fact, but I think bethesda focouses on the west so much is to tell the story of NCR. I agree with many people, and think it should have NCR, Russian, enclave, brotherhood, and canadian factions fighting over the terretory. I LOVE that fact about the games. :4 Maybe Seatle wouldn't have power, like in New Vegas, but maybe another quality about it would make it appealing. Finally, I think Seatle is a good choice, because it isn't in the desert, but instead, a cold, wet region. Opposite of the desert, huh :P Fallout 4 or Fallout: Seatle would be not only a cool name ^_^ but a cool, fresh game, and is the best choice.

Personally i would like to see Miami to be the next fallout location. Beaches, city, islands, swamps and maybe even forest and deserty type areas. for the story have the enclave try to come in but there are several tribes like before the legoin in Nevada. You can pick your native tribe, try to unite, side with enclave or leave the area in disarray. THe Swamp stadium could have a town along with national landmarks and well known areas. 01:06, November 13, 2011 (UTC)

Fallout has a history of choosing locations based purely off its historical landmarks. None of the Fallout games had any sort of geographical realism, the exception being the location of the landmarks in relation to each other. (ie. The Washington Monument by the reflecting pool) That being said, a few places recommended here are completely preposterous. There are a few likely candidates.

1. Boston, Massachusetts 2. New Orleans, Louisiana 3. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

(San Francisco would be on this list, but this was the location of the original Fallout games. I suppose I could also see a city such as Miami, Florida.)

There are, of course, other cities with historical value, but none of them are really large enough, or well known enough for them to create an entire game. Just my two cents. 04:25, November 4, 2011 (UTC)

FALLOUT is staying in AMERICA!!! get over the idea of these other countries.

The best suggestions ive heard were Houston Texas, Seattle Washington, San Francisco California, and Chicago Illinois. Houston is the 3rd largest city in america, major roadways going through and around it, the bayou going through downtown, and NASA, how hard would it be to tie NASA into the storyline of a fallout game?! And please dont throw in a cheesey western theme like in New Vegas. Seattle Washington is my favorite suggestion I've heard, look at the scenery it has, the major city itself, mountains, the ocean, major fog. the major factions could involve the russians as suggested, you could tie in a canadian faction, and american faction (the NCR or whatever) fighting over the territory. But suggestions for where ever the location is...involve weather, a vehicle you could buy, build and customize that can carry an inventory, and please put more than two or three major factions in the main conflict to side with.

I would like to see a new region with new factions vying for power. Miami could be cool, beaches cities, swamps suburbs. Atlanta could also be cool, big city, woods, mountainous terrain to the north. Both places are out of the reach of traditional fallout powers.

I think it would be great if the game took place in Seattle, Washington. Involve the Enclave again, except as a major force, unlike NV. The Enclave has a base surrounding the space needle, and they are one of the only Enclave bases left in the world. And also have lots of high roads and skyscrapers, like The Crow's Nest on the High Road in the Divide. In that area, the player character should be able to set up a base there. Also involve some Russians, like what happened was the Russians sent several task forces into the US to gain an advantage, unfortunately their timing wasn't perfect as the end of the world made their mission null. They were nomads until they ended up in Seattle. Bring in a little NCR and some Brotherhood of Steel. Russians vs Enclave vs NCR vs Brotherhood vs Vault Dweller Remnants. The vault dwellers originated from some of the local vaults in the region. As for weapons and clothing bring back the stuff from the Divide. I loved that stuff. Satchel charges, Elite Riot Armor, SMMG, Red Glare, etc. Also a there is a new device called the Radiation Cleanser. It removes swaths of radiation, so basically Seattle just becomes like DC, but more centered, so the area surrounding the city is clean, but leave and you start experiencing radiation poisoning. And there is a crashed research station with a cracked container of modified FEV. Much more powerful than the regular stuff, so more dangerous. Your player character can be turned into a super mutant by the stuff in a scripted scene. In another scripted scene, the player can turn into a ghoul. A bunch of new tech from the research station, weather changes, like radioactive rain.-----------------------------------------------------------------

The next fallout should be a prequal to see what it was like during the nuclear war before the vaults opened. I will shoot the next person that sais it should be in New York, once you started playing it you would realize how stupid that idea was. Fallout3 was in the city it wouldnt be all that different. Go for a big wasteland with 6 or more different sides to take!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know it sounds a bit dramatic or complicated when it comes to the Fallout Series' American Retro 1950s style, but a great location for the next fallout game would be Paris, France. The city has do much history and so much culture. Imagine how much the city could of changed from 1945 to 2077! There are over 130 years of history to write for the city and that's a lot to work with! Everyone plays video games for the action and adventure, but as hard as it might be to admit, we also play video games for their setting. And that setting has to have a theme, history and story behind it. France being a nuclear power could really give a lot to work with. Over 90% of France's electricity comes from Nuclear Reactors. Compare that to the United State's 20%. Before the Great War, France was part of the European Commonwealth, that greatly began feeling the effects off rising oil prices. When Europe waged war against the Middle East for its oil, then that gave Europe 25 years to be able to construct Fallout Shelters; just like the USA with its Vaults. It is unknown whether the European Commonwealth took steps to ensure its survival like the United States did, but this gap of history can be written. Maybe Vault-Tec was an international company and it built its Vaults world wide. Maybe France had its own "Doomsday Shelter" construction company. I think it would be mind-blowing to play a fallout game, where you leave a vault, and the first thing you see is the Eiffel Tower, a rust-covered steel giant, overlooking the ruins of Paris. Just like in Fallout 3, when you leave the vault and see the Washington Monument. One of my strongest arguments why Paris is the most logical, fascinating and ideal place to have the next fallout game take place is because of its Architecture and Size. Paris is a huge city. In 2011, over 11,900,000 people live in the area right around Paris. And 2,200,000 in the city itself. Compare that to to D.C's 600,000 and Vegas' 550,000. All that population shows how much housing and area is available to work with. There are also so many buildings and areas in Paris to work with. The monuments is what I am mostly referring too. Everyone dreams of visiting Paris... then why not just include it in a popular video game series! If people are complaining about how over-used the west coast is as a fallout game setting; then imagine European fallout fans!!! Who are probably tired of the American setting all together. I'm sure everyone would like to see a dramatic setting change. Something foreign, yet so known... Paris. It would be a big step to have the next game take place there but worth it... so much. The finished game would be a masterpiece. The theme, setting and story would easily tie up together a 5/5, 10/10, 100% game rating. Guaranteed.

What a lot of people forget about the Fallout series is that it is set in an alternate timeline with a retro 50s look. Also personally I think New York is over used in popular media. All sorts of games, comics, movies, books, etc are based there. Why no broaden the horizon? If we look at areas covered by current Fallout games we've got the east coast, Fallout 1, Fallout 2, and Fallout: New Vegas. We have DC with Fallout 3, and the Chicago/West Great Lakes area in Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel. Some people will argue that parts of Texas were covered in Brotherhood of Steel, but c'mon that disappointment and abomination can't possibly be considered. All other Fallout games are mentioned in some way in the game that followed it. I digress. Personally I think we should look to Texas (yes I am a Texan), but look at it this way, Houston is the 4th largest city in the U.S. and the command/control center for NASA is here. Also in the northern part of Texas is Fort Hood, the largest military training facility in the United States.

Houston doesn't have nearly the amount of skyscrapers that a city like New York has making it that much easier to get around when you think about it. The ship channel is here as well which is where most imported products come from. I would love to see rad-armadillos but that's just me. A raccoon the size of a yao-guai is a frightening thought as well. I've read that several people mentioned something about being a ghoul. Well why not? The option for becoming a Super Mutant should be in there asinstead of being a plain old human. I'm sure plenty disagree but looking to an untapped resource would open many new options for players and developers. <[Siege Machine]>

Fallout 3 was my first ever game I played and fell in love with it instantly. I was hooked and could not wait untilNY City would be a great place. phyzixrules

I have an answer to all your wants now some people want San Francisco some people want Seattle some people want Florida some people want of course new york we've got people who want Maine we've got people who want Vegas we have some who want commonwealth Anchorage Hawaii Texas and more now on another subject if there has ever been a game that needed more stuff to do we all need to keep in mind that the average disk space on any given video game disk is around 10 to 12gb and did you know even with high resolution great quality nice sound and game play that there is no given game for consoles as in Xbox 360 Ps3 or Wii that uses any more than 8 gb of that space if you get this than your probably thinking this is ridiculous and you know what i do to these video game company's are holding back on storage space for disks and selling us games half as good as they could be now i say Bethesda game studios and Bethesda soft-works stop this cycle and make a change i say that they for this game a fallout spinoff as a side project while fallout 4 is being created and i recommend they get obsidian gaming back in there for another go around with a game idea sort of like Fallout: the New world archives as a start do something extraordinary by doing as i recommend by merging these great locations into 3 game disks and when these huge projects are brought up most developers will say "its simply to much for the game engine" when in reality they're trying to dish out A OK or satisfactory games in a quick time for easy profit only instead of telling the truth knowing that they can do better for the gaming industry by changing it for the better and i may not be the smartest person in the world but it can be done they just need to open they're eyes and think about the customers what i say is that if they can't do this then they need to make it what it needs to be and make a revolutionary fallout game otherwise ill spend my money in a better way and I have a large amount of people ready to look elsewhere for good games if they cant make are next 60 dollars worth while and i think they should care about this because i have an organization setup which is a fan site of fallout 3 and New Vegas and with this and many other games they're just isn't money for many of us to be wasting on letdown games and now when i say this i don't mean this as fallout 3 and New Vegas were letdowns i just mean i cant afford a let down and to me a letdown would a already used location or idea or storyline or theme so i don't what Bethesda will do for fallout 4 but i do know that i will buy it and if it is a letdown i will be angry and so will millions of others and i'm hoping to see something remotely the same to my spinoff theme being used for a great fallout spinoff Just picture it Fallout:the world archives as a game of the year title you can do it Bethesda User name Doomdemonic23

Just a general discussion of what you think should be the setting for the next fallout game. To tell you the truth I'm getting tired of the "wilderness" and "western" theme so why not have the setting in a formally highly populated area? Maybe somewhere like New York City? They could call it Fallout: New New York! *crickets chirp* well just throwing out a bone. The setting I would not want to see would be somewhere other than America. I know it would be cool to see how other countries dealt with the Great War but, in my opinion, the essence of fallout is rooted in Anti-Commie propaganda and irradiated apple pie. Aleksandr the Great 07:13, December 31, 2010 (UTC)

Great idea aside, unfortunately most people don't want Fallout to be set in New York for the following(and highly ridiculous IMO) reasons:
1. New York has been done to death!- So has Vegas, and yet you all bought New Vegas anyway.
2. The debris would be massive!- It's been 200 years. You think any proud New Yorker would just let all that trash sit there?...Don't answer that.
3. Fallout 3 said The Commonwealth alot, so the next one must take place there!- Honestly, I don't see the appeal of the place. It's androids versus scientists. Pretty much the same plot as The Pitt. Commonwealth seems like DLC. Unless someone can think up another reason to go there besides that android liberation thing, Commonwealth is not a place to consider for the next game.
I would love to see New York in a Fallout game, but it seems to me, in order for that to happen without people getting their Brahmin skin panties in a wad, it'd have to be a spinoff like New Vegas and it'd have to release after Fallout 4.
P.S A better name for it would be like Fallout: Empire. Make it sound dramatic.


I think they should do it in San Fransisco. The place was hardly touched by the bombs and there is so many locations to discover. Fallout 2 mentions it is a death trap with adbundance of killer mutated crestures. So many things to show and an opppurtunity to show in greater deal the land around it.

Gotta love them crestures. They're the best.^^--Exeter17 11:42, June 10, 2011 (UTC)

User:The Burned Man49

Where does Fallout 2 mention that San Francisco is a death trap? I mean, there are a few nasties in the lower hold of the Poseidon oil tanker, and if you take on Lo Pan in the arena, he'll pull a .223 pistol on you, but overall it strikes me as a fairly friendly place.
Idhan 16:33, June 5, 2011 (UTC)

I would love to see a fallout after afect like imedily after the bombs fell location um florida, texas or hawii best place alasca remaines of operation ancrioge

The potential appeal of a Commonwealth-based Fallout game would likely come from four sources: Blade Runner, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (replacing plant aliens for androids), a microcosmic repetition/update of the American slavery debate (ramp up the significance of the Railroad), and Boston's importance to American history.--OvaltinePatrol 17:14, January 14, 2011 (UTC)

I think it'd be great to see a Fallout game take place in either the Commonwealth or down in Texas (I love the massive empty space and would love to see an increase in mutated animal population around Texas for me to hunt)
Trizzip 01:45, January 18, 2011 (UTC)

I though that it wouldn't be a bad idea to base the next game in Mexico, ignoring the stupid Spaghetti Western accent, I think it would be a exciting new location for the great Fallout series. Mexico would have been a poor country before the war, so the deserts and isolated towns would supply a new exciting rotten existence for you to live in. Much of the technology would be rare out in the Mexico, so plasma and laser weapons would be a luxury. Also, those who like Hardcore mode would have a ball, as water would be very hard to find. And my personnel favourite Poncho could appear into the series and there would be a heck load more saloons complete with ghouls and new mutated creatures. Mexico would have remained intact from the Chinese bombs as it wouldn't have been a great threat to china, but you could have some cool Enclave installations in the wasteland, maybe on a old ship like rivet city. As the Enclave it my favourite faction in the game series. And the new appearance of real Mexican bandits would brighten the horizon User: Tales from the Fallout 19:31, January 18, 2011

Never played F1 and F2 so don't get mad at me if i miss out facts that were introduced there. ;) I as none-american, would love to see how other countries experienced the great war (2077 simulations for example), but i absolutely disliked the anchorage DLC, you were forced to play the simulation linear and couldn't even pause it (leaving simulation pod). Therefore a new (spin-off) game of fallout should center around UK, japan or even china (how the heck did they manage to be a threat for america when their money is worth nothing compared to USA btw.?). *clueless* Also F: NV is a bit overpopulated in my opinion (and i don't even know all places yet!), if you see how threatened normal people are by really easy-to-kill mutated animals/insects... *shakes head*. Somehow this idea sounds like a Wii-Ware game. - Only thing ppl could do is play this simulation, while every enhancment was "in-simulation". Oh, how about this?! Fallout Online is coming up and everyone knows what they gonna do: 1. pay2play, 2. re-use old fallout game locations, 3. add "FOO"-only content. In other words FOO will be located in already known areas and new... those new locations could be the said countries. How the player gets there is simple: a really long (1 week xD) questline where you help a good-natured faction to build a teleportation device, to overcome the distance between big cities and countries (Let's all unite etc.). Drakoner 19:58, January 18, 2011 (UTC)

I like New York for a follow-up to the series. That location will always appeal to the mind of people. The city has so many recognizable landmarks, in my opinion it never gets boring. I would love to see what Obsidian/Bethesda would do with that. Not sure it will happen though. We'll see. Jspoelstra 20:35, January 18, 2011 (UTC)

I like the idea of a destroyed New York but you're right- we've all seen this scenario like a billion times. But the idea of a setting more or less immediately after the bombs dropped sounds quite appealing.. I liked the stories of Raul and the old ghoul lady in the underworld (FO3) where huge burning cities and looting gangs were described. Or maybe to play the first generation after the Great War? Because I think seeing the bombs fall and reducing the planet to a pile of rubble would take the magic out of the Fallout-universe (excuse my english (: ) xNOKIx 09:29, February 10, 2011 (UTC)

They should switch it up a bit and maby put it in Alaska?

I know it would be a huge project and a huge game, but I want to see a Fallout game where the player is a ghoul. It covers the time of the great war on. It could just tell the story of post-nuclear America, even starting out before the war. Like you travel across America. I'm not saying they should make it so you can go anywhere an time, it would have to be linear in time, but after you do certain things you can move on, leaving either a path of destruction, or a path of hope. I don't know. Probably sounds retarded to a lot of you. Epsilon616 04:36, February 12, 2011 (UTC)

SergeantDornan: Actually, ever since the first Fallout, I've wanted to see one where you play as a goul. I LOVE the idea, AND I've also wanted to see a Fallout where you get to see the events leading up to the bombs being dropped, and the after-effects.

I like the idea of taking place in New York as well. It's a great idea, I don't care how many times we've seen it. We've seen DC in ruins in films too, but nobody complained about that in FO3. I disagree with the idea of NOT having a commonwealth location in the future. I'm in no rush for it, I'm willing to wait a game or two, but eventually I want to see the commonwealth.

Even though I am an American, I would love nothing more then to see the rest of the world. Somewhere in Europe or China would be awesome to see...I just want to know how other countries are faring, and see how they do. It would be fun.

Somone said something about like, right after the bombs fell. That would be pretty cool. You wake up to see the whole world (or at least, where you live) has gone to hell, since the bombs JUST fell, radiations a real bitch, and there aren't any huge fractions yet. Maybe you could choose a part of the world to live in. If you were to choose Californa, it could be when the NCR is trying to form itself and you could help. Same kinda thing with the legion. Or you could just be on your own somewhere, discovering things yourelf or with some comrades. My ideas are kinda spread out, but basicly, either in ythe year 2077 or maybe like, 2088, when fractions are just forming. --EnergyFire 01:54, February 15, 2011 (UTC) EnergyFire

SergeantDornan: That's a fun idea, but the thing with the early NCR wouldn't work. The reason being, is Shady Sands is where the NCR stemmed from, and Fallout 1 and 2 already covered that. However, the early OTHER factions certainly would work, and I think is a very awesome idea! I would love it--especially waking up just after (or even during) the bombing.

Im not sure, I personally believe that prequels dont really work for fallout, as I like the progression, its Moving forward after the war. Though that is to say a FPS multiplayer version of the resource wars would be pretty cool in my opinion, but Personally I dont like the idea of prequels, I liked reading about the ingame past as if it were history. Although, if I had the money and the backing of a TV documentary producer, I would like to make a documentary mini series on fallout as if it were a real history documentary... would be cool 5t3v0 07:11, February 15, 2011 (UTC)

SergeantDornan: That is NOT a bad idea...sort of like what LOST did with the Dharma Initiative. I like it, that would be pretty cool! What do you guys think of a Fallout taking place in Alaska, maybe including Anchorage where that major battle took place? I think it'd be cool to see an arctic wasteland! Plus, a mutated grizzly bear would freaking kick ass!

FalloutBoy82: don't know about you, but NY does seem too obvious to me. LA, SF got some cool landmarks, but GTA -SA already covered it. Texas has some appeal because of its BOS heritage value + USSA (fallout NASA) command center, but I also think a heavily bombed Florida could be awsome. Rad- aligators,Algae- lurks,super-evolved dolphins, bird- type enemys and other rad- animals + a Disney-type park turned into a survivor community, maybe some deadly weather effects too. And just imagine the girl - raiders/ fiends! Florida also offers alot of opertunities for Missile -crisis nuke references, which would be awsome. overall, whatever the next location may be, its still up to the developers to re- invent the game, without spoiling the fallout atmosphere. a well written story,good side- quests and some freaky new vaults, and new cool original locations (like Rivet city). if they can do that, the next game will kick ass regardless.

Sure, GRA did New York...but they didn't do a post-apocalyptic irradiated as hell New York! Imagine, a post nuclear genuine siccilian-descended crime family! How cool would THAT be? Plus, the havock, the ruins to pic through, the tiny island of would be fun too, I think. Now, I don't think the very NEXT FO game should be NY, but I wouldn't mind seeing that location in tfasdgfag ass fuckierka;owein;fjn;as;jf;jwdfjaiffjoaijdf;oifajshe future. I like the Florida idea too, that could be VERY entertaining, and RadGators...that sounds even tougher than a giant radscorpion!

I still think one in the Arctic would kick ass too. --SergeantDornan 22:50, February 16, 2011 (UTC)

If you want an apocolyptic New York, go play Enslaved. I think an interesting place could be a nice re-visit to Boneyard from F1. --MetallicaFTW. 11:39, February 18, 2011 (UTC)

Q-35: I think they should it from one of these places; - New England (Commomwealth/Boston funsies) - North West; Washington/Oregon so that we can have Arroyo/Followers/Canada and maybe some winter scenery? = blizzard hazards (in Hardcore mode)? - Maybe somewhere on the Bible belt? Georgia camping trip in the swamps? redneck raiders? references to point lookout? - Dare I say somewhere not in "yankdom"? :P Q-35 16:57, February 21, 2011 (UTC)

I got some idea for some location for Fallout how a former enclave soldier joins the brotherhood of steel to destory the enclave for revenge this is based in South Dokota in the area of Mount Rushmore,inside of Mount Rushmore is the enclave command center or a trader saw a alien spaceship land and saw them plan an alien invasion in Roswell, New Mexico or maybe we can go back in time to the pre-war times of the battle in Alaska in the area of where the Operation Anchorage you are a paratrooper about to enter battle but your plane got shot down by the chinese AA gunners crashed near enemy lines so your the last survivor from the crash or in texas it will take place where the alamo was and you are an NCR trooper at the alamo protecting it from the legion or maybe in Florida or as in New York City you are a sciencist helping the brotherhood of steel build new techology against the super mutant horde then you need some allies from the other factions in the city. i will have more ideas coming shortly. NuclearFalloutsurvivor 02:23, February 22, 2011 (UTC) |

Fallout: The Gateway. Saint Louis, Missouri people. That'd be one badass location considering the 2 rivers joining, the arch, huge buildings and small suburbs right outside of the main city along with huge open fields and forest! St Louis all the way for the next fallout game. -Tyler Personally I like the idea of the North west or Alaska, would be interesting to see what happened to those areas. Dmitri the wanderer

If the next fallout does take place in a city, the buildings and city itself should be more realistically sized. Im tired of going into a tall building that must have 10+ floors and only being able to go into 2 or 3 (like the casinos in new vegas). And the fallout "cities" need to have more than 2 streets and a hell of alot more people for it to be called a city at all. Why not have the next fallout in new orleans. It could be fun with all the voodoo and interesting, creepy history down there.AnotherFalloutPlayer 16:12, March 6, 2011 (UTC)

Never knew how popular New York was among people. I posted this on a similar forum post but I'll post it here as well. I had an idea that would address some of the issues people have with a Fallout game based in the Big Apple. The fact that there would be too much debris is a big concern, but my idea is this: in a similar fashion to Las Vegas, New York was left untouched by the nuclear bombs. The bombs meant to rain down on the city fell off target and landed in the nearby river. However, due to the bombardment of nearby cities, the shockwave and debris crippled the bridges making them impossible to cross. Being cut off from the rest of the nation, the citizens turned to anarchy fueled by the high amounts of radiation lurking in the harbor. 200 years later the city has been vandalized by the many raider gangs and some good hearted people still cling to the very few intact buildings, protecting them. The only way in and out of the city is by way of a ferry that even a Deathclaw would think twice about riding due to the dangerous waters and high radiation. That's as far as I've really thought about it but I think it stands as a good base to work off of. I think it's a prime location for a Fallout game, and a big change from the others. I just think we need a bit more east coast in the series than what we've been given. Thedarkscythe 08:57, March 9, 2011 (UTC)

Personally, I would love to see a Fallout in another country. The Great War was fought between three countries, The United States, The European Commonwealth, and China, why not make a Fallout in Europe with a new government (Possibly like the Enclave, although that has been worn out). Now I realize there is one major issue, language, so why not base the Government in England and have the official language be English. That way not only would they create a new and exciting side to the Fallout universe, but they could have it run in parallel in time with say Fallout 1 or 2. This opens up an entire part of the story which has been more or less forgotten about, and with the language as English opens up DLCs all around the world, or even complete Fallout games in beautiful areas like Paris, or Rome. Even Germany, Spain, Scandinavia. how many of you would love to see post-apocalyptic London, a bombed out Paris, or anything else that you can imagine in Europe. Any thoughts of my idea? Dlaxrcc123 12:09, March 24, 2011 (UTC)

Bold textviper429 == i think that the next fallout game should be about the city's looking cleaner and looking nicer.They should have some kind of transpetion in the game like a animal to ride on that you could buy or some kind of jucked up looking cars or motercyles because it gets kind of boring of walking.I would like to see the wast land to turn in to grass to grow back and to have animals that you could hunt in the woods but the other half of the map you could have half of the map were there would have the wastland and thats were the creautes live. The new fallout games should be about them starting getting thinks back to normal and civil because i would like to see in the game is that furture cars flying around on high ways in the city and start to rebuild the citys. the next location i think were the next city should be some where with all the elements like mountian's rivers streams citys towns borders between the rebuild citys and the outsider citys and towns with are all torn up so i am thinking niagara falls NY should be the half were it should be all torn up and the other side were candan is were the citys should be and the clean side becasue there is huge river sperating both sides and there is one bridge to get across so i think that will be a good spot to do because i think it should nice there.PLEASE MAKE THE GRAPICS BETTER

==Italic text

--~~~~Insert non-formatted text here

As I recently stated in another discussion, Miami sounds like a perfect location to me, but I imagine it will take place in a previously mentioned city, perhaps more along the lines of Colorado (Denver has become a huge paradise for wild dogs, no joke, and that would be very interesting to see), or Toronto (Ronto as it's now known). If I'm not mistaken, Toronto is mentioned in the Pitt, but never expounded upon, so they may be setting that one up. Sounds kinda cool.

I personally would like to see it in the NCR. I'm an old fashioned kind of guy, i want to see San Fransisco. The ruins of Navarro. Vault 13. Shady Sands. Arroyo. Mariposa! I wanna go back there and see all of that. Maybe even west coast, where the BoS zeppelins crashed in tactics. See the utopia of humans, ghouls, mutants and deathclaws. Go even more back to basics than New vegas. I'd really like to see it up Utah way. Big flat plains. New Jerusalam, New Canaan, Jericho. Really getting to grips with Fallout lore. My problem with doing it in New York is 'THE BLOCK', New York is a grid, like a massive potato waffle, there would be absolutely no variation. Grey brick sky scraper after another, until you hit the ghetto, was my problem with GTA 3. Unless they do it on Manhattan, but seriously 40's-50's manhattan. Everybody's in a pinstripe suit with a trilby. Rival gangs. Make Energy weapons hard to come by so that when you hit level 3 your not using plasma pistols to wipe your cheeks. Daniel.p.grindrod 03:59, April 12, 2011 (UTC)

Never got around to playing Operation Anchorage, but a "cold" Fallout would be a massive change from the heat of the Mojave. But wherever it is set, I'd like to see some weather effects in FO4. Mr. Tank 17:02, April 12, 2011 (UTC)

England would be awesome although it's highly unlikely. Considering how you're more likely to be struck by lightning than to find a gun here players would be forced out of the generic small guns build. Could be fun but then again it could be a disaster. Cartman!

I think the Commonwealth could be really cool. They could do the Institute (former Massachusetts of Technology) in Cambridge. Basically this region would be a whole area dedicated to technology, robots, androids, and many plasma ad lazer guns laying around. They could put in Boston for a huge city with many cool historical landmarks. Hell even put in cities like Worcester (Wormtown). DLC could be in Providence, Hartford, maybe Maine for some crazy ghoul timber cutting maniacs. New England in general would be a huge scenery and change for the Fallout universe but I think it has potential. 03:03, April 13, 2011 (UTC)

id like to see it based near area 51 where there wuld be mad new tech and new armours maybe a bloody car or sumthing to drive instead of walking everywhere cuz fast travel only cuts it for so long

I agree with one of the previously mentioned suggestions about 'Ronto. Although it hasn't been mentioned a great deal throughout the series, there has been speculative suggestion that it's become a city / place of great military might - but for unknown reasons. Plus it would take place in the newly annexed Canada meaning that we could get a chance to see some of the political background of the Commonwealth U.S. before the bombs fell. I think there is an oppourtunity for decent storytelling with a large explorational environment to be had with this option - and besides Toronto is the "sister city" to New York. Lazarusxx 01:25, April 17, 2011 (UTC)

+1 Vote for being set in China, and around the same time as FO1. It would be just as bombed out as the US but have completely different mutant animals. Mutant tigers and giant homicidal pandas. Feature Chinese gov't remnants fighting off encroachment from people from the less hard hit countries in the area (Vietnam, Japan, or something) Tibetan rebels fighting China. Maybe a DLC in Japan featuring Kaiju.

I think Fallout 4 should just be set in new vegas with more casinos and more lights.

Chicago? or maybe Seattle. both would be quite cool. Levi Lauson 13:00, April 22, 2011 (UTC)

Here's an idea: Anchorage Alaska. We have mostly seen iradiated dry places, how about a nice cold area and see what happened to it after the great war

i think that they will keep it in america because that is what fallout is all about plus a couple of reasons not to have a game in new york florida or texas texas is controlled by the brotherhood of steel,florida and new york are controlled by the legion the reason this matters is because half of the game is chooseing the factions you want to work for but with only one factin its just killing mutants and abombinations now if you ask me i think it will be in an uncontrolled area that every faction will be gunning for it i think washington think about it seattle its very possible --Corporal grif 18:35, May 30, 2011 (UTC)

If anyone made a suggestion for somewhere in the Deep South then I second it. The idea of heavily mutated or ghoulified alligators would be awesome and throw in some Civil War stuff like in Point Lookout. Then have a DLC where you go to Cuba or Jamaica or somewhere else in the Gulf.-- 09:29, May 31, 2011 (UTC)


I would love to see a fallout game done in somewhere like Texas. Fallout New Vegas had plenty of open wilderness and city areas and I think that if they do a new game there should be open areas, and more city areas. Underwater areas might be nice to. However I also like the idea of San Fransico. However in Fallout 3 there was plenty of open wilderness in the capital wasteland as well as city. If there was like a desert it would be cool. Lots of mutated animals and raiders.

Hey guys, so far all your suggestions are pretty well thought out....except the "area 51" thing, its too close to new vegas...soo...what? haha kidding, that WOULD be pretty sweet. Anyway, i believe the next location would look good at/near/around Seattle, WA. From everything ive been reading in other forums people dont want that "wilderness or western" look, but instead a more populated, city life type of setting. I've seen New York EVERYWHERE...but come on guys...New York? Thats a little too being said, Seattle would be a nice fit because not ONLY does it tie nicely into the whole city aspect, but with the coast, many shipyards, surroundings forests, weather conditions unlike any other fallouts, this location seems pretty well set. And here's a link just to show you what i mean with some pics, go ahead and check it out for the 15 seconds you would IF you see it. ( ) Again, if you took the time to see the pics, its a very nice setting blending in with many different possibilities. If you didnt, just know its not a bad place to think of. Also, (this is where you can stop reading if your bored) with the weather conditions, this is a PERFECT place to add in rain, ALOT of people want weather conditions, just to see or even for gaming effects. But either way i think Seattle WA should be the next fallout setting.

Thanks for reading


That would be good Ashton but the signature of fallout is wasteland. If you were to do it in seattle then you would have to include a sort of wasteland. I agree the idea of new weather conditions is cool. If they could have rain and thunder which mask the sound of gunshots or at least prevent close up silenced shots being heard.

However you do have to have some wasteland and some super mutants. Both are essential to a fallout game!

Most of all they should add either a rudimentary vehicle or some type of animal because after a billion hours of walking it can get boring. Fast travel is only so good!


I think that you should place the next fallout game in an area surronded by other factions. Each faction controls an area around the middle ground and all try and take it. This way you could represent lots of differant factions.

We've had some pretty strong hints that Fallout4 will be set in the area of Massechusests Commonwealth. This means Boston as one of the major cities to explore. What I'd like to see is more of a horror element introduced here. The New England countryside is littered with HP Lovecraft references. The Diunwich building in the capital wasteland was a nice tip of the hat to that but it could have been so much better. I want spooky dark mutated forests with things like the spawn of Shub Niggarath [huge tree like things with masses of tentacles] lurking around, lots of deranged insane homocidal cultists that you can either slaughter or join, plenty of ruined mansions with lots of monsters! Point Lookout gave us a hint at how good this could be but they really need to look at games like Alone against the Dark & Silent Hill if they want to get the horror/supernatural aspects right and if they set it up in the Appalachians/New England regions, then they've got the perfect opportunity to pull it off.

Captain Taipan 08:29, June 15, 2011 (UTC)

Aslong as they stay out of Maryland, I'll be happy. I do like the idea of Texas though. Perhaps have it placed near the Texas - Mexico border. Unorthadox 01:24, June 21, 2011 (UTC)

I think the best place to do the next fallout game would be somewhere in the northern midwest. There are some really good locations there, like Chicago and the Black Mountains of North Dakota. Like, maybe have a Vault right underneath the ruins of Mount Rushmore? One thing that I really like to see in the Fallout Games are the references to previous and upcoming games. I'm not saying do them to death, but maybe while you're in Chicago get some references about the Commonwealth or DC. Kind of like Marcus in Jacobstown or the Wasteland Survival Guide. If they don't continue Caravan in the next game though I think I'll just stop buying Fallout.

User: jwi11 June 24, 2011

I think it should be in the south. Maybe Alabama would be a good place. It has large woods and farm land. Alabama is also home to the space and rocket center. Alabama is home to a very large military. So there will be tuns of tech, weapons, and hunting of animals. I'm sure you can come up with a few additions from this location also. New factions would be interesting to this area. -SaintsCrusader July 6, 2011

I really like the idea of being in the midst of bombs falling. I remember in fallout 3, Gob's mom saying she witnessed a bomb explode. It would be an awesome thing. Someone mentioned your in the south, and I like that idea. Maybe your in a swampy area of Louisiana, not likley to get bombed, but you can still see new orleans get blown to shit. The whole southern aspect of Lousinana, and maybe the city of New Orleans. Although, I dont think that the game should kick off RIGHT wafter the bombs feel. Maybe some little parts where you witness the Great War from your house, then you start off again a week later, witnessing the affects of the Black Rain. Next, its a few years later, factions, or atleast a form of them, are beggining to form. People are leaving there homes to scavange, explore, and find out what they can. Personally, I would love for this to be the next Fallout game. --DictatorDom14 17:59, July 7, 2011 (UTC)

no offense to you guys but listen to what people say you guys say there should be a area 51 but if you talk to the boomers about where they got there artillery they say they found it at a military base called area 2 which is most likely area 51 - zane Griffin

tough subject. i personally have already thought out a NYC scenario based on the five borough system with Manhattan being neutral. it is done a lot though. so i have thought of other options. i like a southern idea, they havnt touched that area yet. but i would like to see Nebraska, a great plains wasteland full of different rival tribals in which you decide which one wins or have them destroy each other or unite to fight a bigger threat. Another idea is to have a game in Cincinnati,OH and Louisville,KY region, two major cities as the factions competing against each other to survive and scavenge the remaining tech and supplies. it would be like a mini resource war leading to a full scale battle. it could also incorporate Ronto because i believe ronto is in Ohio and not in Canada(Toronto,Ohio is closer to the Pitt than Toronto,Canada, it makes more sense that they would hear of each other). it also has the ohio river which kentucky has rights to, ohio would want it. anyone like this idea? JimmyDreznaut017

I love the idea of a game based in the south around Louisiana but the thing I defiantly think they should include is the vault tec company. They should go into this company which seems to run most of America based on what Ive seen. Their vaults are state of the art and they have the audacity to social experiment on each one of them! If the bombs had not fallen then the company will have gone bankrupt or what have you. Did they worsen tensions to cause the war? It mentions in games that they have state of the art military weapons as well. Are they a faction of the military or do they have hug influence or control of the military or maybe the whole government. This would provide an interesting main mission. Is there a part of America that the vault company secretly built in so after the great war the company owners can take over large parts of the wastes? Like in the book of eli are they trying to take control of the remnants of America?

Canada would be a nice place to visit, with a change in scenery from deserts and cities to a frozen wasteland. Fallout mentioned that the United States annexed Canada, so the area would still be in the heart of the nuclear wasteland, and would still be located in the United States (well, what IS the United States to Fallout). There'd still be vaults to explore, weapons to collect, new enemies to kill, an added aspect for hardcore (body temp), etc

Hm I think the great lakes would be good. What about Detroit? The rust belt has plenty of factories and military complexes to explore and for factions to squabble over.what about a conflict between groups in Chicago and one in Detroit where you can boat travel between regions? Just a thought maybe the Chinese choose not to bomb Detroit cuz they figure everyone in Detroit is dead on the inside already xDWastelandRanger al 22:52, July 22, 2011 (UTC)

I thought i say that someone had said "put it on multipule game discs i think this would be a good idea make a or Fallout: game pack that has several games in one like one in florida or maine. but to be honest i do not care where it is and i also do not want a small map but another thing if they put it in another place i think the people of the wasteland should have enginerd some sort of vehicle IE: reinvented the internal combustion engine but i just want a large map plenty of guns alot of shit to steal plenty of people to kill and i think you should have the level cap start off high and kind of dauting like 50 or 60 and also perks every level not every other level like in FONV

i also agree with wastelandranger al that the fastness of canada would make a nice map but enough of my rableings i'm willing to wait a couple of years to wait for somthing better then new vegas (but there still needs gableing that was fun!)

I wanna see it in sonewhere tropical like the amazon, Hawaii, Or like the guy above me said Florida. Somewhere with a nice ocean and very dangerous natives and creatures. i would love to see what a mutant tiger or lion would be like in battle.

Im thinkin in the perspective of a gouhl would be awesome but on top of that let you pick your character in the beggining. same story line just another way to go about it and different things to deal with. Mabey even create a 3rd character to throw in there, it would give you 3 times the game play and make it more interesting. Now for setting Texas would give you the most variety and would make for a GREAT fallout environment. Very erie and fallout like. As far as out of country settings go definetly russia. This could give a multi climate environtment. Such as cold and snowy in northern parts and wamer arid ares more south. Also you have moscow there and then surround it with the small towns all around it would be very interesting. I LOVE the multi climate idea.

I think it would be really cool if the next fallout took place overseas. Somewhere like Africa or somewhere in Europe. It would be cool to see Big Ben destroyed.

I would be fine with anywhere...besides a desert. There have already been 4 games with a desert.

Personally I would want the Midwest to be considered. Somewhere maybe Kentucky or Ohio. It would be interesting to see what factions would be in control.

SAN FRANCISCO - is my vote. my reasons it should be in San Francisco are: its a very widespread city area, it has amazing geography and scenery, Golden Gate bridge which is ****ing Massive, lots of topology and hills for interesting shoot-outs, Alcatraz island (DLC that one probly), its earthquake prone -so that might shake up the story here and there and Bruce Lee lived there. literally thats all i know about SanFran. oh and they named a street after Fiedel Castro. other than that maybe L.A., Chicago or London but an FPS set in 1980s or later London will -NEVER- happen, i bet you. CDEagle147A - i have no witty sig. for now. 23:58, August 25, 2011 (UTC).

NORFOLK, VIRGINIA--- Norfolk is a great city to put Fallout in. I mean it is home to the largest naval base in the world so think of all the tech that might be there. There was also a lot of Chinese espionage there as mentioned in Point Lookout so it be great to look into that part of the war. It's also is surrounded by water, so it would be a MUCH different setting as compared to Fallout, 1, 2, 3, and NV. Plus, you wouldn't have to just stay in Norfolk. You could swim to the other cities as well like Portsmouth, Chesapeake, VA Beach, etc. granted if the bridges aren't destroyed.

How about in the Niagra region you could like go to places like Toronto and even New York and there could be like a Great White North area too sort of like Jacobstown in FO:NV. And I like the idea of being able to play as a Ghoul(maybe remove one or two points from charisma and allow Rads to heal you but only a little bit and give you a feral meter in hardcore if it stays)

or a Supermutant (add a point or two to strength and take one from intelligence and charisma)I would like them very much and im sure lots of other poeple would too. 

User: Reptillian

No deserts (They've been done to death). No obscure cities (Fallout: Buffalo or Fallout: Milwaukee don't exactly jump at you). No cities that we've already seen in canon games (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Washington, Pittsburgh). No settings in the middle of nowhere (Sorry, but Fallout: Wyoming would be boring as hell). Hopefully something in the midwest, an industrial city like Chicago or Detroit... Oh, and absolutely NO FOREIGN CITIES! London, Paris, Tokyo or whatever just wouldn't work in a game series focusing on mid-20th century Americana... (Not to mention that they're all destroyed beyond any sort of recognition) Sheesh. -- 02:20, October 16, 2011 (UTC)

I always thought London, England would be a good location for a Fallout game. Or anywhere in Europe, to get to know what happened there. Bldudas 14:25, October 17, 2011 (UTC)


There won't be a Fallout game outside the US under Bethesda; they themselves practically said so.

My bets would be: - Commonwealth/New England; so many hints, this should be where F4 happens. - Illinois/Kansas; finally decide whether Tactics is canon? - North-west; see Arroyo perhaps?

Personally, I think that New Orleans would make a great setting for a Fallout game. The shock from a nuclear explosion would have destroyed the levees, so a part of the city would be flooded with irradiated water. You'd have to maneuver over rooftops, through multi-story buildings, and across makeshift bridges in order to get through those areas safely. Or, if you've got a lot of anti-rad chems, you could go for a swim, and maybe there could be some hidden underwater items to reward adventurous players. I think the flood would make for an interesting new gameplay element. There could be a large ghoul town in the flooded section, since ghouls would love having all the radiation nearby. 02:01, October 28, 2011 (UTC)

i agree with the idea of fallout in washington state. i have lived here all my live and have also lived in seattle. all though i live ont the eastern side of the state now i have lived in the diverse of this state (i.e the rockies, the desert and the cold damp west) Xantos Sin

```` Personnally since all the past fallout games have been in america (at least i think they've been) there should be one in Europe or Asia

To the above poster, Fallout is always going to be in the US, get over it. Stop asking for it to be set outside the US, as it's never going to happen, ever. I would like to see the next Fallout be set in either Chicago o Detroit. It would be cool to see the main game be in one city, and an expansion be set in the other. I think someone posted on Facebook, that the location would be San Fransisco. We shall see.--Ryker6104:50, November 14, 2011 (UTC)~8:49pm 11/13/2011 "For the struggle of survival is a war without end!"

I doubt they'll put the next game in San Francisco, seeing as we've been there already. Shadow Obscura 02:50, November 15, 2011 (UTC)

ALASKA !! please put it in alaska , and make the surviving chinese remnants a faction :(

I have an Idea do you guys know america took a large portion of china how about america occupied china two factions can be American Regimental command and the Chinese Socialist Army or somewhere that in this is a good ally to america somewhere like Australia, Canada even, United kingdom or Somewhere in mexico you here alot of things about mexico and apparently its beautiful in the Nuclear Summer and heres a creature killer Taco and there would be an interesting thing like all those fortresses that those drug lords build mabye some cartels survived and mabye the NCR was heading south towards mexico and finally got there and the NCR is now a massive Country that has started advancing and has met the Midwestern brotherhood during there expanse and are allied with them, And heres the plot you are an Mercenary and you control a small group of mercs and you trying to expand in business when you get bumped off by a assassin and you survive thanks to the followers of the apocalypse help you out. But go through all these hardships and get your crew back and then you learn the bigger picture where a group that is the opposition to the NCR in this the United Communists of Venezuela have started expanding north And you chose who you want to help and then you go to this fortress which was made when america made mexico american and its called Fort BLAH BLAH BLAH they can make the name and then there's a massive shootout and who ever you choose to help will become the ruler if this area of new mexico maybe Juarez the city is set on the America-mexico border so there would only be tiny variation n culture and most people would speak English anyway and it would help explain te story like mention the NCR at hover dam how even if the player helped the legion it was worthless because ceaser died from natural causes or maybe a myth he was killed and they disbanded into tiny tribes where the NCR then mopped up the legion tribes in Navada and is having a hard time dealing with the bigger tribes and if you notice ceaser is old and dying so it wouldnt be hard to immagine he dies and mabye house still rules the area around Vegas. But the player never really learns what happens if there a newcomer and yeah those are my ideas for Fallout:Taco fighter just throwing a name out there and its of course a joke

I think the game should be base in a smaller, historical city like St. Louis. You cant put the game in Houston, Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, or Boston because they all would realistically be major nuclear targets and if you even walked into any of them you would die from the huge amounts of radiation. St. Louis would be great becasue the city has alot of history and its not a major target because it has a relatively small population. It was the last stop for people traveling west in the early 1800's. You can use the arch, museum, the New Mt. Sinai Cemetery, and the Grant historical site. Have the enclave and brotherhood of steel come back as a few of the major factions. You can have the enclave make a base around the arch and the brotherhoods base at busch stadium. But just dont put in in New york or LA because it would be dumb because there are to many skyscrapers. --Steelersfan56 05:01, December 8, 2011 (UTC)

I think that the next fallout game will be in the commonwealth. This is because of the large number of hints that bethesda have given. However I would love for them to go open world crazy. With a skyscraper instead of having to go inside just have the whole thing outside and scalable. Increase scope power and how far people can see and how far you can shoot. Introduce a whole bunch of new open world features.

Being from Philly, I would like to see a Philly game, though I doubt that will happen. I highly doubt that Fallout would stray away from the NCR, and in NV there was a lot of talk about Baja and going to Mexico. I doubt that the Mojave Wasteland will be revisited, and when Jason Bergman implied we will be staying there, I think he meant we won't be getting another Fallout game for a while. It makes sense since Fallout is stuck in a legal battle with Interplay and might be busy developing add-ons for Skyrim. I don't think we'll see Philly since open places like the North-West suburbs are far away from historical monuments like Independence Hall and the Betsy Ross house. Although than again if you look at a map Primm NV and Las Vegas are pretty far away and Fallout doesn't seem to mind bending distance a little bit, and with a Skyrim sized map this could be do-able. Something else I would like to see is Orlando, FL. An American icon such as Disney World and all the really cheesy tourist parts could be played with well. We could be in for a long time without more Fallout, but when the new one comes, I think it will be very good and hopefully Bethesda will put into it the same type of effort they put into Skyrim. -ehhchico

This is not part of the above unsigned post from the Philadelphian. Anyway, I think that rather than suggesting locations, it would be more interesting to ask: what are we looking for? Basically, what features would we like to see this game have that might be location-dependent? For instance, I think that adding an aquatic component to Fallout would be fun: sailing, fighting off pirates, exploring wrecks with scuba gear, etc. As such, I think that, for a new game, if the game were on a large map scale that takes many days to traverse like Fallout 1 or 2, rather than being on a small, continuous map which can be fast-travelled in an hour like Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, I'd suggest centering the map on a body of water rather than a chunk of land: for instance, the Gulf of Mexico or the Great Lakes. However, not everyone shares my taste. Some people might find other ideas interesting, like an Arctic Fallout setting covered in snow rather than the usual desert, or a Fallout setting marked not by barren, desert conditions, but by conditions of wild, mutated jungles filled with FEV-affected monster-trees. The point is, I think that it would be more interesting to ask what we're looking for before we talk about possible locations.

Idhan 02:49, January 22, 2012 (UTC)

I personally think the next fallout should be in Ohio for a few reasons like for one there are many areas of forest and lakes it would possibly still be very intact in the areas south of Cleavland also i think the trees and plants and plants should be starting to regrow and there will be many animals that can be friendly like deer. another reason it would be good is the NCR and the crimson caravan comp. could start settling out there and to bring in a new faction which is the brotherhood but they where sealed into a vault ever since fallout 3 and the people that are there are like the lone wanderer from 3 they could be released if the player has a high enough repair and science they will become grateful to the player for freeing them or the player can kill them all on site if they wish, i think there should be less unkillible in ohio there's all of us gun totting rednecks so they could play off that by having a small town that's been barricaded and if u approach the fence there will be a man in a flannel shirt with tattoos all on his arms and a double barrel shotgun he will sound drunk when he asks you why you are hear if the player is female he will make a rude comment if male he will try to shot you but he will miss and curse thats when a few others run over to see what happened they will apologies and tell you they dont let outsiders in thats when a group of raiders will attack the player can let them fight it out help one of the sides or kill both sides once inside. plus therecould be enclave BoS ncr/legion and china factions fighting over land oil and a vault that was hidden that is full of most of the us armys experimental weapons(like the experimenter merv i think they should also be able to get a car or animal to ride

NYC would seem like a bit of a cliche really, lots of media use the Big Apple as a location! But I would still like that, I love the city! I also was thinking of foreign cities, namely Moscow, London, Paris, Berlin, or any other European city rich in history. --user:Mr Bio Shock 15px-Physical_Tonic.png 01:13, February 29, 2012 (UTC)

I would like them to finish up Van Buren that game was already 75% percent fininished so I don't care what the other 25% is, it could be searching for a radiactive bird for all I care. 03:43, March 4, 2012 (UTC)

The best area would be somewhere where either food, industrial raw materials or equipment will the center of conflict. We can not forget that all major US cities would have been targets for the bombs. So I think the best areas might be the suburbs or small towns that surround major cities. I think transportation would be nice, the NCR has trains so some one else might as well. I think a major faction could either restore or build a steam train. varied terrain would be awesome as well. I personally think the Midwest would be the best fit for this kind of area.

A fallout Boston would be unbelievable. there is rich history in massachusetts. there are so many landmarks that could use exploring. plus there are nice woods and suburban areas maybe for people who like that. there is the atlantic ocean near by and cape cod and nantucket add ons could be made. Bethesda could also do a spin off of the revolutionary war ther to. having one faction wearing red and maybe the other faction wearing blue, except in this war the proper side will win not the bad side. i just think that it would be an obvious place for a new fallout game.


I think that anywhere where the player can experience a rich blend of both wasteland (because it is a fallout game) and metropolis would be good. The faction system was okay but it had one major problem. If you chose to become disliked by the NCR then unless you wore NCR garb you could not go many places were they owned. Yes it was the same for the legion it was just that the legion had a much more concentrated presence and they did not hold most of the area around new vegas. If they could just tweak it and introduce more then just three sides in a single showdown. Maybe have several different overlapping showdowns between multiple enemy factions over separate problems. As bethesda have just released skyrim I am sure that they will use this graphic base which would be good and I hope they keep vats as it is and introduce more weapons and mods and redo the skill system how skyrim has been done. All in all I think the next fallout game will be epic!

i think fallout 5 should be in dublin,ireland its old buildings would fit in fallouts 1950's theame and it has a lot of historic sites like christchurch and bram strocker the guy how wrote dracula was born there and you could find a crypt full of super mutant vikings! And what happend to the guinnes brewery?London or New York would also be great .New York's sky skrapers all fallen on top of each other or a surviver city in miss libretys head? but it is getting boring just being in the u.s why dose everything have to be in america? And the language no problem most of us europeans speak english because english comes from europe!Duh!And France's efile tower blown up would look cool.The only place it should be if its in the u.s ins seatle or new york

I don't think the idea would work well in foreign countries. I understand the desire, but Fallout is very American in its structure and storylines. I honestly think Bethesda should re visit Califnornia, it would take the story into a different landscape, where as DC and Vegas were some what developed, but still mostly desolate and baren, NCR country is built up and developed. You could still have baren areas in between the different major metro areas, but there's so much potential to have more established and stable cities. This is all sort of right off the top of my head, but I feel like it'd be an interesting take. You could also include Arizona (Caesar's legion country) but I'm not sure if people would be bored with the same factions fighting each other. Perhaps there could be more going into Utah, and even oregan (Someone did mention portland) they could all inter connect. DC was a great pick, Vegas was wonderful as well allowing a western tint which was kinda bad ass.

Yeah, definitely not a foreign country. I'm going through this elimination style. NOT New York. The scale required to meet everybody's expectation would simply be too big for any game engine. If you recall, many were dissapointed you couldn't explore individual buildings in DC, and Vegas was shrunk to only 4 major casinos. Plus, the lore simply can't support the level of interest needed to keep players exploring: everything has to have been looted by now. This was explained away in F3 by the mutants and raiders scaring people who couldn't savegame, but New Vegas had no excuse for leaving everything in a clutter in a city inhabited for at least 3 years. Unless they plan to move back the storyline, the remaining areas in fallout will have been picked clean after 200 years, so a big city like New York would just be full of empty, boring buildings (unless some authority/disease/enemies kept scavengers away for 200 years). NOT Seattle. Yes, there are wonderful landmarks, and its a beautiful city, but again the scale to fit in the "shape" of the city is too big (including the bay), and the one landmark that people remember most fondly wasn't even built in the 50s. A slight change to the Needle, and people will say its the Lucky 38 all over again. A major change, and the city loses its identity. NOT a generic city (sorry if I offend you, Portland). This game sells overseas, and the setting should be recognizable to most people, either by culture (L.A., D.C., New Orleans) or industry (The Pitt, Vegas, Detroit). The setting then pushs these aspects to ridiculous levels (Gommorah, a downtown steel mill, congressional statues and memorials everywhere to name a few)

POSSIBLY Minneapolis. I'm plugging my hometown here, but its also the head of the Mississippi and associated with major food companies (dealing with refugees vs locals presents a good gray morality). POSSIBLY Detroit. The apocalyptic feel is both a good start, but kind of offensive at the same time, given Detroit's troubles. However, it is definitely an American city, centered around 50s culture and attitudes (industry, cars, urban renewal) POSSIBLY Florida. This would win points with the old timers if the game went back to smaller cities on a larger world map. A triangle between St. Petersburg, Miami and Orlando with city wars and local resources would be great fun. POSSIBLY New Orleans. It's the big easy. What else is there to say? IF we went with Minneapolis, it could be an easy DLC, a la Point Lookout.

PROBABLY Denver. IF we stick with the west coast plots, then Denver is the next best choice. The technology from Skyrim could be re-purposed for the scenery, and the city houses NORAD and several nuclear weapons manufacturing facilities, as well as standard suburbia, shopping malls, streetcars, etc (look up the Airforce Chapel for the game's Icon architecture). It would give more focus on the rural side of the Apocalypse, a good change from the last two extremely urban installments. Several plot points also fleshed out the city. Plus, there have always been rumors of a secret base under the airport, so the Enclave could re-equip themselves into a serious threat again.

MOST LIKELY Boston. It's big, it's American, and the downtown is small enough to be remade in the Bethesda engines. We know the "Institute" is there, as well as Dr. Li. The number of radial rivers, as well as Boston's bizzare street system and hilly terrain would both limit exploration to a reward for continuing the story (think of Baldurs gate and how the game made you work to see the city) and make urban exploration fun (note the need for walls all along Vegas: straight roads are no fun). There is enough greenspace in the city that self-sustaining farms could be built on the outskirts, while the "Institute" or some other threat locks away the downtown ruins for private looting. This could also be the location for "The Last Vault", which could put a nice end to the series as a whole before a reboot. _______________________________________________________________________________

I think one of the best proponents for a Fallout 4 would be New York City. Imagine, all those buildings, tons of places to explore, new enemies and factions... Now I admit there are some problems with this location like NYC being one of the major targets for nukes and most of the building collapsing, however we can have most of the movement be in metro and let's not forget we're not just talking about the city, we also have Manhattan, and the more rural areas outside of the city to explore. Also NYC has a rich and varied history, tons of recognizable landmarks (some of which obviously won't be standing) lots and lots of metro tunnels, climbing buildings, etc. NYC would be a fantastic place for a F04.

__________________________________________________________________________________ we need a snowey fall out elmint

As much as the Major NE cities seems like a great idea, even the Midwest with Detroit/Chicago/etc, I think we should all look at some subtle references from New Vegas.. The dogs having over run Denver? I wouldnt be surprised if they go back a couple years and move further east to Colorado for a couple reasons.

1) In-game reference to cyber dogs having over run it. 2) It allows for more digging into the Legion prior to New Vegas and the migration of the Enclave 3) Denver is a major city, has landmarks, and diverse terrain 4) Military bunkers are an easy association with the mountains

I highly doubt it was accidental that they speak of how the Enclave went east, and though it is a major part of FO3, it leaves alot of growth potential to develop a story with the Denver scenario.

That being said...

Fallout Florida in my opinion has MORE potential ESP with DLC. A couple reasons are:

1) Miami is a large metropolis (potentially including Miami/Ft Laud/WPB as one metro area) with many landmarks and culture 2) The Everglades and Indian Reservation (Indians, Swampbillys, Gators, Snakes, Manatee, Rad-Flamingos (Im reaching here) 3) The aforementioned Theme Parks, there are 5+ in Central and South Florida (Busch Gardens, DW, Universal, Lion Country Safari, etc.) 4) Cape Canaveral and the many Nuclear Reactors across the state 5) DLC options - Key West, Cuba, Puerto Rico, St Augustine, Bahamas, Atlanta, Okefenokee Swamp 6) Easy to recycle already recognizable creatures/abominations like rats, moles, geckos, bloatflys, cazadors, dogs

The background on the Cuba missile crisis allows for the opportunity for a great nuclear backdrop and allows for the storyline to evolve from not just China as a nuclear threat in the great war but also Russia. I think we all need to keep in mind the larger the city the harder (or less accessible) the terrain becomes to draw/build/traverse for designers and gamers. It needs to also not be affected by previous installments unless it falls in line with the storyline smoothly (Denver).

ChetManly 14:36, May 27, 2012 (UTC)

I would like to play a game similar in some ways to the game "I am alive" it's post apoc game released on console only that just deals with crazy post apoc people and the need for water and foraging for food and thngs like this. i also thnk of the book of Eli. I am alive wasnt a great game as far as self exploration, but i think it has potential. I think Bethesda should make a game where you just try to survive in a world gone mad where it's just groups of people trying to claim dominance of an area like the legion or slavers and raiders, with small settlements trying to eek out a living amongst all the insanity. kind of like megaton, but without all the redicules things like mutants and giant ants. Sorry i know this is blasphemy in the fallout world, but even if it was possible, creatures like this would take millions of years to evolve not after 200 years. I think you should have to rummidge around in the wastes until you find a backpack or something and can only carry what you can fit in it, not over 300 LBS of shit and have a bazooka you can pull out of your ass and put away and go back to your assault rifle when its convenient. you should have to make hard choices to decide whether you live or die. 23:26, May 27, 2012 (UTC)

(Its called hardcore mode)

I agree that foreign cities would seem very out of place in the Fallout universe - I wouldn't mind seeing them incorporated into the story, but not as a main setting. Also, it makes sense to steer clear of locations that have already been used - though it would be pretty interesting to see a next-gen Fallout take on LA or San Francisco.

Some personal picks are:

Florida: I loved the swamps in "Point Lookout," and Florida has got even denser swamps as well as theme parks, tourist resorts, and retirement communities - all interesting possibilities. Also I would love to see more done with the underwater settings - the one drawback is that, since Florida is surrounded by water, it would be difficult to give it clearly defined borders, something I've noticed Bethesda likes to do.

Houston: Swamps to the east, desert to the west, ocean to the south, plus potentially interesting places like NASA bases and a look at Texan culture. It would probably require a bigger map, though, to make the geographic diversity seem more real.

Chicago: Skyrim's world benefited greatly from its vertically oriented design, and a city with so many skyscrapers opens the possibility for a vertical Fallout game. Also, it's on the shores of a large lake (perfect for underwater settings) and is such an iconically American city that it would fit in with the Fallout imagery very well.

Denver: A mountainous area would be an excellent choice, especially considering what Skyrim showed us about Bethesda's growing mastery of weather effects and snow. Denver also has massive plains to the east - the only drawback is that there wouldn't be much room for large underwater settings.

New Orleans: Has all of the swamp appeal of Florida, plus more interesting cities and large underwater areas with more easily definable borders. Might be considered "too soon" only a few years after Hurricane Katrina - Infamous 2 used it but changed the name for obvious reasons.

New York: Only reason I can't imagine them doing this is that it seems too obvious - as it's kind of the go-to setting for a lot of movies, games, etc. It is THE American city, though, and it would be fascinating to see what kind of changes it would take in the Fallout world.

Boston: I'm really curious to learn more about the Institute, plus Boston is a city with a unique look, that also feels in keeping with the American flavor. Lots of potential for underwater areas (as well as man-made islands, a setting with even more potential!), plus metro tunnels and surrounding wildlife areas. As a bonus, it isn't totally overdone! I can't think of one other game set here...

Different post from the above, please use signatures & timestamps. Makes for less confusion.

I feel that the whole point of the Fallout series is to reflect on the destruction of North America and as a satire of American culture, so it's very creative integrity insists on the series staying in the United States/possibly Canada.

Despite this, in response to the thread creator, Bethesda has already made it very clear that they are culturally educated with their Elder Scrolls series. Basically every race in that game is based upon a real-world people, clan, or nationality. Even though it is a fantasy series and they can make up anything they want, it's still culturally and historically tied/aware to the real world in certain senses. So I don't think researching other cultures outside of America would be much of a problem for Bethesda, making over-seas locations a very real possibility.

Personally, I'm a little biased in my decision of a location for Fallout 4, being an East-Coaster, but I would love to see more of Pennsylvania as the setting. I know that there was The Pitt DLC for Fallout 3, but there's plenty more potential for a lot of scenery variety. Instead of having one large city area tucked away into the bottom-right corner of the game and being a major clusterf**k of metros and such, it would be a vast expanse of small, near-dead rural towns reminiscent of Canterbury Commons, areas of decaying forest packed with radiated wildlife and raider camps, and larger cities such as Philadelphia. THAT would make for a very good post-apocalyptic setting, especially since The Road (mostly filmed in PA) has shown that Pennsylvania fits the tone and appearance perfectly. --AidanAlva (talk) 01:16, August 4, 2012 (UTC) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I THINK that the next location should be new or or detroit or boston or else seattle. by masterire _________________________________________________________________________________

Obviously, the next game is going to be in Boston. Bethesda already took all that time setting up the commonwealth/free the robot slaves mythos in F3 and the expansion packs, so why would they let it go to waste?

However, I think this is kinda lame. I'm already sick of Fallout games on the east coast and I'm not really looking forward to another one.

I would like to see Fallout Detroit. first of all, Detroit already looks like a fallout game. second of all, historical significance to 1950's/WW2 era America. and third of all, a Fallout game set in Detroit could easily fit into the cannon (it's close to Chicago, the rest of the midwestern fallout locations, and Canada).

Clearly Detroit is a prime location. I can't understand why everyone seems to want a fallout game in the south. Mutant alligators and redneck ghouls re-enacting deliverance? Lame. Or at least, not as cool nor as terrifying as Fallout Detroit would be.

I for one really enjoyed the Pitt, more so than the majority of Fallout 3, and in my mind Fallout Detroit would be a similar aesthetic to the Pitt. A heavy industrial american city reduced to total chaos and tribal law, except even more so because Detroit is presently reduced to total chaos and tribal law. and all the small backwoods towns in Michigan would make for plenty of creepy redneck supermutants. another thing, there's lakes up the wazzo in Michigan, so there's that for the possibilities of water levels. not to mention that the map could tie into Canada as well, or at least tie into canada for an expansion pack. also, after playing Skyrim, I would very much like to see what Bethesda would do to the beautiful Michigan landscape surrounding Detroit. it's literally all lakes and trees up here. and a lot of wildlife.


Admittedly I have a huge bias because I live in Michigan. But I'm assuming that's why most people want the next Fallout game to be where they want it to be.

btw, New York is a terrible idea. It's the most played-out, done-to-death city in american culture. Do we really need another video game set in New York? Do we really need another of any medium set in New York? No.

-Jesse9O9 2:40 PM October 9th, 2012 ___________________________________________________________________________________

Chicago would be somewhat like New York without as many of the problems, and a Hell of a lot more fresh. -- 06:41, October 14, 2012 (UTC)

I always thought it would be neat to have a game set in Philadelphia, but I live near there, so that's why. I still think Fallout should take place out west. Anywhere else would just be a different post apocalyptic game. Bldudas (talk) 14:53, November 20, 2012 (UTC)

I agree with most all of you. It is time to see some more big city ruins.

SaintPain TinySaintPainThat was broke afore I got here." 16:06, November 20, 2012 (UTC)

I'm calling it now, the next Fallout game will be set in either California, or Texas (Houston) ... I'd wanna see a Fallout set in Savannah GA, I visited recently, and the setting just ... looks and feels right, with the mix of new and old, seaside and southern, etc. -- 21:25, February 5, 2013 (UTC)

what about more remote/less densely populated areas like North Dakota near Canada. It would have in the top 5 most powerful countries during the cold war if it had seceded from the U.S. in nuclear armament.

I hear the devs have been taking pictures of Boston Mass. recently. Perhaps it'll take place there? MIT, just saying. October 19, 2013

I'd like to see it in Kentucky! Near where Fort Knox is and Ohio, etc. A possibly friendly faction seized control of FK and now controls the gold still there. We hardly ever see a forested Fallout game. New weapons and appeal based on the surrounding area, (makeshift ghillie suit w/ ghillie wrapped hunting rifle anyone?). New enemies from irradiated fauna (Irrattlesnakes?) 12-28-2013

Fallout: Canada sounds odd right but I think it would be awesome, because those of you who don't know Canada was annexed into the US before the Great War so place Like Montreal, Victoria, etc. would be cool place too be in my opinion. Main reason is Id like to see what happened to the newer part of the US since we did annex Canada in like 2076 And since we've traveled most of the major areas of the US so far an to see if it is possible for a nuclear winter,or to see what happened to the US forces that were in Anchorage after the war

Wherever the next iteration of the game takes place, it needs to have a vault! It's not a true Fallout game, to me, if it doesn't have a cool vault to explore. Think of the dark history of discovering a vault! Imagine the wonderful possibilities of the various secrets buried deep underground in a vault!

I'm A Vault 101 Resident (talk) 21:13, May 3, 2014 (UTC) I'm A Vault 101 Resident [May 3 2283]

Well, i think it would be cool if the next Fallout game would be in New York or Chicago. Think about it:

-You begin in a car, tied up, with some mobsters. They go into an alley and beat the shit out of you and leave you to die in that place, but then, you are saved by some old lady that cures you. After being cured and waking up, you hardly remember what happened, and the old lady gives you a "Hello my name is" badge and says: "This is your name, right?" That's the moment when the player chooses the character name. After that, the old lady says "I'm [Insert name here] and my boys and i did what we could to save you" then, she gives you a mirror and says: "Is anything wrong?" The player Creates the character. The old lady then tells you that you were beaten and she and her "boys" helped you. You seem confused, but you want to know what happened, so you go on a quest to find the people that beat you and bring and end to your memory loss. (I didn't added the special points thing becouse i don't know how to make a lore friendly place/moment to that)

-Big city(s) to explore -Some factions like BoS or Mafias. -New climatic

What do you thing?


Someones already written a well thought guide for a Fallout: Orleans game, which is actually a good read and has great ideas, including a Napoleonic army following Empress Napoleon, fighting a pirate/trade company called the blue water monopoly, and fighting the enclave, which is actually kind of weak when you think about it, but is well written. Even had dlc ideas. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs). Please sign your posts with ~~~~!

Obsidian - Seattle or Denver

Bethesda - Chicago or Toronto User ayyyy  OfficialLolGuy  Talk  Blog  00:19, September 9, 2015 (UTC)