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This fix works on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Following the instructions in the video and shutting off your autosaves will solve the problem, but it will happen again when the game autosaves even when you turn them off (Leaving Caesar's tent does this for example) but just delete the new autosave before the next loading screen and you'll be fine. 07:05, January 24, 2017 (UTC)

Sometimes, when trying to Continue or Load the game from the main menu, the game will begin loading, but stay loading "forever" (slides will still change, and the roulette wheel will still spin, but the game will never actually load - tested up to 25 minutes). This is easily solved, just clear the cache on your Hard-Drive (Xbox 360) and it should then allow you to load.

This issue also affects the PC version of the game in Steam. It is unrelated to the size of the save file, and it does not seem to be caused by a "corrupt save." In the absence of a permanent solution, you can load from within the game.

Instead of selecting Continue or Load from the title screen, select New Game. Skip the cut scenes, and as soon as you are able open the game menu and load your saved game. NinjaPeanut

You can also try to remove some of your earlier savegames in the file itself. That worked for me.

One way I found to fix this problem was to make sure that my resolution in the display settings of the original menu screen is the correct resolution. After lots of testing around trying many things (unsuccessfully) to fix this problem I realized that the resolution had changed itself to lower than what it should be. After changing it back to normal the problem was fixed. (Anon)

Another thing that apparently causes the infinite loading screen is saving while being inside the textures, for instance when using 'tcl' console command. You will have to start a new game (as explained by NinjaPeanut above), load the problematic save, and arrange to return to a normal placement for your character. Saving and then exiting the game worked for me. Gaeryus

Try increasing your iPreloadSizeLimit in your FalloutNV.ini file to 52428800, which is double the original value. The file is located in your Documents\mygames\FalloutNv folder.

This seems to be a working fix for anyone having trouble loading.

I tried it as well, it does work. You may have to remove the original Fallout.ini, as it is read-only, and just copy the FalloutPref file and fill it with the original Fallout.ini contents. This is probably the only working save fix without breaking anything or telling you how to play.

For what it's worth, the 'forever' loading screens and the lag after fast travel/going from one game world to another seems to be directly related to the size of your currently saved game. For example, you can have all DLCs installed and have accomplished almost everything in the game and your save file could be around 12 to 14 Mbs. However when you start a new game, your saved game will be extremely lower than this, like around 900 Kbs. This is probably why in a new game you can play for awhile without any issues (except known bugs, like Nash not leave the Casino in Primm after you re-establish law there). Because of all the issues with this game, it might be wise to complete only 2 of the DLCs per playthrough to help keep the file size down. Again for what it's worth, hope this is helpful. --Kid Ego 22:17, October 3, 2011 (UTC)

Or your mods has some features bloating the save games. Better read carefully about each mods you want to use. i know at least one mod wih a feature like that, though the modder do comment carefully in-game whenever i use that aspect. second reason is that it's possible to have a hostile on your fast travel entry spot, so you can not ft there. It's not as pronounced on mojave (possible because of all the time testing and fixing) but I encountered it 1st time in Zion, then Big mt. Strangely, divide doesnt seem to have that bug.Laclongquan (talk) 07:56, April 23, 2013 (UTC)

some people suggest to 'check file integrity' if you have a steam install. be aware that it does not work and if you have mod instaled they will be broken and you will have to reinstall everything.

also, there is a similar bug introduced to TTW it is said that a hotfix was introduced there is hope to see a more permanent update-fix to resolve this issue.

i highly suggest to turn off all auto-save feature and to install the mod called : CASM. (only if you are on pc though) the fact is that the quality of that mod is higher that the built-in auto-save feature that bethesda team implemented. after over 100 hours of testing this, i found out that starting a game and playing over 100 hours with this mod on still keep your load time under 5-30 seconds [depending on the power of your computer] the page of this mod is there : and the download link is here :

in adition, since this mod take almost no space (6 kb last time i looked) you do not need to create an acount to download it (even though you can create free acount)

also, if you know what 'mod' and 'CASM' mean, i asume you also know what 'archiveinvalidation' and 'FOMM' and 'bashed patch'/'merged patch' mean here is your soluce for not getting long load time because of savegame corruption. but a corrupt save game remain a corrupted file. this cannot be changed or fixed with the current humans civilisation technology. sorry about that.

as a side note, i personaly tryed all suggestion of other user's above me in various game variable , with and without mod , with non-legit game (only as test purpose though) and with legit game, with steam built game and with non-steam game, and with various load order and none of that stuf work. Dartagnant croc tranchant (talk) 21:55, May 14, 2015 (UTC)

My fix was due to data files that didn't load. I had to recheck them (and loose files for good measure) and then my continues and loads worked fine from then on. 21:43, August 12, 2015 (UTC)Nycuma

My fix was to use CCleaner everytime I wanted to play Fallout 4.

someone wrote : @@@@@ Your Fix was probably the reason you had problems in the first place, when will people learn to stay away from those useless and somewhat dangerous tools? -- 20:08, November 20, 2015 (UTC) @@@@@

yea because Ccleaner is totaly a dangerous tool right.  
seriously make shure you know what youre talking about before comenting. 

Ccleaner not only pass the virustotal test, it also does it job well and is well know.

it seem you did remove your comment, but people who had contributed to this thread and where subscribed to it did receive an email with your comment anyway.

weird that the time of the comment indicate 2015. maybe there was a server-side error that sent outdated changelog email ?