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So I've visited the NCRCF the first time and was only Shunned, so I had no issue with anyone attacking me. A LONG time later I go back and the guard standing next to the door inside the visitors center (not Dawes on the outside) is hostile toward me for no conceivable reason when everyone else at the prison is non-hostile. He open fires on me and this turns everyone else hostile, making it impossible for me to acquire the Powder Ganger quest from Eddie. I could easily use Stealth Boys to get by him, but would rather not waste them. My question is why is this random Powder Ganger even hostile in the first place? I'm having the same issue with the Legion. I go to the Legion Raid Camp and this one decanus is hostile to me when everyone else isn't and my rep with Legion is Neutral. I don't have Boone with me when I go there and even got the Mark of Caesar, yet this one decanus at the camp is hostile, and him firing on me makes everyone else at the camp hostile. I put on a Legion disguise, still didn't change. What's with these randomly hostile faction npcs? 04:42, August 30, 2012 (UTC)