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Help me! I can't escape the vault at the end of Heist of the Centuries. I've tried the straightforward approach (killing Elijah and making a run for it)but I can't get to the elevator quick enough. Sneaking even with a Stealth Boy always ends up with the force-field activated right in front of my face. I'm not over-encumbered and I've followed just about every YouTube walk-through out there. Is there some trick I'm missing or am I just a terrible gamer? I'm playing the 360 version if it matters.

Escaping is very tricky. I've only done it by killing Elijah first. Once you kill him, and loot him, stand up and run right around the vault, back the way you came while ignoring turrets or security guards. Once you know the exact route you need to take, the hard part is not running off course. The hardest part, however, is once your down on the lower level, trying to run back up to the top level without missing the jumps. You absolutely have to jump over the broken walk ways, but the one where you turn and jump is the one you need to be careful with. Also - as you probably know - 1st person is much easier than 3rd person to escape. Hope I helped. --Tag! 09:01, August 29, 2011 (UTC)