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  *****SPOILERS*******SPOILERS  I've searched everywhere, and I can't find out how to get the Brotherhood and NCR to work together for the end game quest at Hoover Dam. I tried to talk to Elder Hardin and Colonel Moore, but there are no options for it. Is it because I replaced McNamara, or should I talk to somebody else?

Thanks for any help! I am a forum newbie so sorry about this messed up thing I have going on here.

You can not get BoS and NCR to fight together in the endgame, but you can get them together.

I picked up Veronica as an companion (dropping Boone for a while), and did the "Still in the Dark" quest (finding the dead BoS guys and getting their holotapes, picking up the reports from the living scouts, and fixing the air filtration system). Going to Hidden Valley with Veronica eliminated the need to deal with the NCR scout in the other bunker as the first part to "Still in the Dark" (which happens if you go to Hidden Valley and try to interact with BoS without Veronica), so working with BoS did not affect my rep with NCR yet. I did not help Hardin. McNamara agreed to lift the lockdown.

Got Veronica to choose remaining with the BoS after I did her "I Could Make You Care" quest with the pulse-gun option. Veronica and I had to kill four BoS guys outside the bunker, but it did not affect my rep with the BoS (she said something about BoS guys fighting amongst themselves all of the time). Asked McNamara if I could join BoS, and received the "Eyesight to the Blind" quest. Finished that, became "liked" by BoS, and received power armor training.

Did not help Mr. House against the BoS, as I had killed him early on.

Sided with NCR. When Colonel Moore asked me to eliminate the BoS, I went back to McNamara, told him the NCR wanted them eliminated, and he proposed a truce. Moore balked, but then said something about not having time to deal with it, and moved on.

As I said, the BoS did not show up at the Hoover Dam fight, but in the endgame cutscenes, there was a note about the BoS and NCR having a truce in the Mojave, and the BoS helping to secure Highway 95 and I-15.


I sided with NCR and BOS during my first runthough and brotherhood paladins appeared in the dam complex fighting side by side with me. Agent c 18:39, November 9, 2010 (UTC)

I did see guys in power armor at the Hoover Dam fight, but I thought they were NCR guys (at least one of them ID'd as "NCR". I never saw anything that suggested they were BoS when I pointed at the power-armor guys for ID purposes.


There are NCR Powered armoured troops as well. Agent c 19:11, November 9, 2010 (UTC)

Just did the Hoover Dam fight again, after running with Arcade Gannon and getting the Remnants to side with NCR. The Remnants show up at the dam in a Vertibird. I am sure that BoS does not show up at the dam, even with a "liked" reputation and McNamara agreeing to a truce with NCR truce.