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I really want to get the Lucky Glasses, however I also want to eventually side against the Legion. My concern is that by starting off trying to get liked by the Legion and meeting Caesar and finally getting the key to the safehouse, I'll have missed a whole bunch of quests along the way that I'll no longer be able to complete.

I've played up until getting into Mr. House's bunker under The Fort but I don't want to continue for fear of going too far down the main story line. I'm now stuck between moving forward or going back to a save before meeting Caesar and delaying getting the Lucky Glasses. The problem with this is that I've kinda built my character entirely around having those glasses (+1 to Luck and +3 to Perception for a sniper character is a pretty big deal).

You need Legion "Fame" points. The best way is to do "One for my Baby" at a early level to get Boone's Beret but do not ask him to be a follower - yet. Save him and Arcade for later in the game. Sell NCR dog tags to Aurelius of Phoenix at Cottonwood. A good way to get them is to sneak around outside McCarron and wait for the Fiends to kill NCR soldiers. When meeting Vulpes in Nipton, tell him you admire the purity of Legion Justice and then complete " Cold Cold Heart " for him. Teach Decanus Severus at Cottonwood how to disarm NCR mines. Fight in the arena at the fort. Help the slave woman at the fort make better healing powder. Get Sgt. Teddy for Melody at the fort and then tear it up in front of her. Complete " I Hear You Knocking " for Lucius. Complete " The Finger of Suspicion " for Vulpes but DO NOT ask Martina too many questions. Just tell Vulpes that she's safe and leave it at that. After all those quests it should only take about 25 or 30 tags to get to liked status and get the safe house key. Once you have the Shades, feel free to piss them off (unless you also want the Legion duster from Lonesome Road). Squalor 01:47, April 14, 2012 (UTC)