Forums: Index > Fallout and Fallout 2 general discussion > How do I get the vault 8 locked doors open? I have a strength of 9 and i'm htiting them with a crowbar but they won't open, what gives?

I have the strength for it, I know the minimum of strength is 8 and I know the crowbar helps, but what am I supposed to do? hit it with the crowbar? open the door with the crowbar equipped? it just keeps telling me the door is locked and that the crowbar didn't even leave a scratch

Dont hit them with the crowbar. You have to "Use" the crowbar. Unequip the crowbar, Hold Rightclick on the door and select backpack, then the crowbar. Note not all doors can be opened with strength (some need lockpick) Agent c
I tried that and it keeps saying that does nothing, and trying lockpick on this door yields nothing, and I have pretty high lockpicking (70)
Then its not a strength usable door. Some are unlocked. Just try opening them normally and report what it says in the bottom right corner. Agent c
It keeps saying the door appears to be locked. I don't know what to do, is there anything to boost my lockpicking? is there a lockpicking tool to make this easier?

OK, so its not a strength door, its a lockpick one.
Lockpicking works differently in F1/2 to F3/Nv.
70% is a 70% chance on a "standard lock". That means each time you try (on a standard lock) the computer picks a number from 1 to 100, and if its 70 or less it unlocks. Some are harder in which case the chances go down. If you keep retrying, theres a chance you'll get in.
Your odds are increased greatly with a set of lock picks or Electronic lock pick depending on the door type - there are also improved versions of these items. See the pages for sample locations. Agent c