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I really want a Ranger Sequoia, they just look so bad-ass,but I preferably want to get one without having to kill a Ranger as I work with the ncr and dont wish to lose reputation with them.

Well if you don't mind losing a small bit of karma, go through with the Return To Sender quest and tell Chief Hanlon you're going to turn him in when given the chance. After he makes his speech, follow the ranger in physically grab the Sequoia, take it somewhere private and pick it up. And there's your gun. Thedarkscythe 20:52, April 13, 2011 (UTC)

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It requires a little work, and some careful planning, but it's easy to pull off actually. There are two ways, or three depending on who you ask. The easiest way is to get a Silenced .22 Pistol, some .22 Bulk Ammo and go to Camp Golf. The Head Ranger dude Hanlon has one, and he can be found hanging around on the resort balcony at the front of the building during the day. The door to the balcony is actually right above the main entrance. SAVE BEFORE YOU DO THIS, and make sure no one else is around. Equip your .22 pistol, head up to the balcony, enter sneak mode, fire a single shot at him, and when he pulls the gun out to defend himself, enter vats and target the gun. Make sure to spend ALL your AP on targetted attacks against the gun. You will shoot it right out of his hand. As soon as he drops it and you come out of VATS, put your weapon away, and then run over and pick it up. This will cause him to end the combat without him dying, and if you do it right and grab the gun before he can pick it up, you'll aquire the Ranger Seqouia with no loss of NCR rep, and none of the NCR people will become hostile including Hanlon. The gun will be broken, or badly damaged, and will need to be repaired before you can use it. This method can actually work for most of the Unique weapons in the game that are owned (Big Boomer, La Longue Carbine, Figaro) but the key is to make sure that no one else is nearby when you do it. If it doesn't work, reload your save and try again. I've used this method to aquire the Ranger Sequoia, La Longue Carbine, Figaro and Mysterious Magnum.

The second method requires going to Camp Forlorn Hope and talking to Tech Sergeant Reyes in the Command Tent, by the radio. She will give you a quest to deliver new radio codes to the Ranger Stations. When you complete this task, return to her and she will send you back to the Ranger Stations to confirm strange intelligence reports. After completing this task, return to her again and she will send you to Camp Golf to talk to Hanlon and resolve the situation. One of the speech options basically says that you are going to turn him in, and he asks you to send a Ranger to his office to arrest him. Follow him to his office, and he will lock himself in, make a confession speech over the radio, and shoot himself in the head. Run into the room quickly, and the Ranger Sequoia will be found either on the desk, or on the floor beside it. You must grab it BEFORE anyone comes into the room to guard the body. This is the Return to Sender quest mentioned by Thedarkscythe.

Supposedly, you can also do it by pick pocketting his ammo from him and then starting a fight with him. Since he has no ammo, he will switch to a secondary weapon, a combat knife I think. Then you put away your weapon, and he will stop attacking you. You can then pickpocket the gun from him. I have never been able to make this method work tho.

I've also been told that you can pick pocket a weapon, and ammo if needed, with a higher Damage trait into his inventory. If you leave the area, wait a bit and return, he'll equip the more powerful weapon and the gun you want will be in his inventory. You can then pickpocket it. I've tried this as well, and not been able to make it work. The weapon switch occurs, but even with a hundred in Sneak, I can't steal the weapon off him. Supposedly, this works on other characters and it also works with armor too.

Well if rep is your only worry, just reverse pickpocket a stick of dynamite onto a ranger with one and pick it up from the corpse. What they cannot see does not cause you to lose rep (usually). 16:30, April 14, 2011 (UTC)

The easiest way in my opinion is to wait for the veteran rangers to appear then get a balistic fist or a power fist or a zap glove go to camp golf go into the hotel get behind one then punch him make sure your hidden and watch him fly go over to his body pick up his remains, if he doesn't have one rinse and repeat there should be about 6 in the hotel.

I just found a veteran ranger with the gun and sent Boone away. Then I walked away and crouched with my silenced sniper rifle and gave him a headshot. After that I could just loot the body. No carma loss and no NCR infamy. That's the same way I use to get 50+ mininukes by taking out the Boomer with a fatman.

take drugs kill a ranger--Gogoloco 06:25, September 29, 2011 (UTC)

Buy a Sniper Rifle and the silencer attachment its completely silent.

Generally speaking you can sneak kill (I like to use silenced guns) any non-essential character and not receive any negative rep for the kill (yeah, kind of a silly exploit). I use this technique to build caps as well, because most of them will respawn after a few in-game days. Just as a heads up tho, do not kill any 'generic' super-mutants inside the ski lodge as everyone will become hostile if you try to complete the quest with Lilly's Stealth-Boy addiction. I think it has something to do with character scripting in a certain part of the quest. --Kid Ego 08:43, September 30, 2011 (UTC)

You can use the pickpocketing technique although it may require several attempts. Make sure you save first then steal the ammo from the character's inventory. then leave the game cell and wait a bit. When you return they will have unequipped the weapon and it will be in their inventory and you can pickpocket it from them. Make sure you save before you try to take it because even with a high sneak skill and even while using a stealth boy it may take several tries. It does work but I have had it take up to ten attempts in a row to get a weapon using this method. Zac hemker 15:14, October 4, 2011 (UTC)

The best way I can think of is during the miscellaneous quest Return to Sender. Once you've exposed Hanlon's wrongdoing, he'll commit suicide using his Ranger Sequoia. Be sure to be as close as possible to Hanlon's office, when the shot goes off, the nearest NCR Ranger will go to investigate. Follow him into the office, and depending on where Hanlon's body is after he's dead, you may have to move the body, the Sequoia may either be under or next to the body. Pick up the Sequoia, don't take it, and carry it into the room with the giant picture of House. Carry it behind the boxes, then take it. While doing this will incur negative karma, it will not turn anyone hostile(just make sure the room is clear before hand, just in case).--Ryker6102:36, March 3, 2012 (UTC)~6:33pm 3/2/2012 "For the struggle of survival is a war without end!"

Most of the Veteran Rangers at Camp Golf carry them. Get a sniper rifle and buy the supressor mod for it. With a supressed sniper rifle, you are completely silent when shooting it. So you can shoot as many NCR people as you want and as long as yu're hidden when you do the deed, no one will know and you wont lose any ncr rep. Darth Roxas 21:15, March 6, 2012 (UTC)

Well, I just tried the first tip, about starting a fight with Hanlon... I was sneaking, and fired a couple of shots over his head with a .45 Auto Pistol+ (silenced). No reaction, so I took aim at his right foot, fired, and his legs fell off. Instant sneak attack critical kill! No karma penalty, no hostile reaction from nearby rangers (one just below the balcony was oblivious). I've already finished his quest line, so I'm just gonna go with it. Driggorian 21:00, August 29, 2012 (GMT)

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