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Life in the wasteland hardened the lone wanderer what with all that project purity trouble and whatnot he eventually traveled to his home; Vault 101 he aided their situation and yet they still rejected him and he slaughtered them all slowly and painfully even Amata one of the only people he ever cared about he regretted nothing and continued despicable acts throughout the wasteland he burned harold and the treeminders, he left Reilly's Rangers to die by supermutants, he destroyed megaton, massacred tennpenny tower, and he destroyed the Brotherhood of Steel. After years of evil the lone wanderer traveled west to create a new life but the journey was stopped short when he tried to raid a caravan. He was outgunned but still managed to kill every one of them and only wound one; the courier he was among 6 others the other fake couriers the wounded courier quickly grabbed his shotgun and finished of the lone wanderer and then lost consciousness the courier was taken away by Benny and his gang to be killed.

After years of traveling the wasteland the Lone Wanderer got lost in the Mid United States with his companion dogmeat........after being lost after 3 days dogmeat was so sick of it he jumped on the lone wanderer and preceded to tear his throat out and proceed to eat the Lone Wanderer.... A mysterious figure was watching in the distance and shot dogmeat..... Dogmeat lost some of his limbs and head because the mysterious figure had the bloody mess perk..... the stranger took the dog to a labratory in which they proceeded to remake the dog...... with some success the dog was reanimated cyber dog...... the man decided to call the dog Rex =p and that explains how the King of freeside got a mechanical cyborg Dog...

Ryan Urch found amata and married her, they had one child called Ryan Urch, who went on to be a courier in the mojave, he only saw his son once after hoover dam, and passed on his stash from the vault, the courier left it in goodsprings just in case... The first Ryan Urch was shot by a jealous moira brown 15 years after marriage. He was burried alongside Amata who was also killed by moira, On the coffin it said: Alpha and omega, The beginning, and the end... but no one knew why... and as the people of the wasteland drink thier water perhaps they think of him sometimes, and the strange words written on his coffin, and they will forget, for the daily struggle for survival was not lifed from them, only eased by the clean water, as WAR, WAR NEVER CHANGES Ryanurch 18:04, June 4, 2012 (UTC)

Shortly after Jester beat the Enclave he became bored. He decided to work on his legacy. He went to megaton where the orphans Maggie and Harden lived. in the dead of night he kidnapped Maggie and took her to the now empty vault 101 He locked her in a room and proceeded to get the orphaned Sapling Yew, the orphaned CJ Young, The orphaned Jenny wilson, and little Bumble to his vault. for the first year it was just him and the girls and he taught them how to survive. Next he took james hargrave, bryan wilkes,Junior smith, and harden simms into the vault. as the hero of little lamplight he began making sojourns to little lamplight and offered safe passage to a vault where they wouldn't have to eat cave fungus and could live in safety. with the help of caravan merchants he trusted over half of little lamplight left the rest staying with macready and princess. Vault 101 became an training ground for survival but more importantly thriving. As the children grew with the help of nearby megaton, the traders, and of course Jesters training and scavenging of everything from scrap metal and teddy bears to food and weapons the children became self sufficient. as more and more of the vault was opened The technology schematics were traded to the Brotherhood via Jester. Society began to rebuild with harold spreading his greenery to the wasteland and water purifying Jester found the teenagers specialties from farming to shooting. using several stolen mesmetrons found over the years the raiders were converted to allies and eventually a great force of Raiders and Brotherhood destroyed Vault 87 the remaining violent super mutants and all trace of the Enclave in DC. Having allied the forces of DC former mindless raiders could be seen side by side with the brotherhood in the tunnels beneath DC killing feral ghouls. A life of corruption and evil was shown that despite his ruthless tendencies The Lone Wanderer named Jester meant for the betterment of DC. He developed Cancer at the age of 55 and took the first children with him to the middle of the desert. CJ and James were Married now CJ was an engineer James an Security officer. Sapling Yew had taken to farming and tended to Harold until he was no longer able to speak. Bumble was a doctor like Lucy, Jenny wilson became a research scientist while Bryan and junior were hunters and Harden was now sheriff of Megaton. In the Desert he imparted his life story including all of his heroics and all of his villainy including orphaning them. He didn't ask to be remembered a hero all he asked that Moira Brown's daughter was given his brain in honor of her Mothers research he then turned his back they didn't want to kill him but he told them it was time. he drank down a nuka cola slowly with his eyes closed and then dropped the bottle as a hail of gunfire torn through him.

DoctorJay 02:29, July 27, 2011 (UTC)

Legends never die.. but if i were to die then itd be something like this- after leaving NYC divided but equal but stopping a nuclear exchange. jimmy dreznaut left with his companions and conquered the whole of Boston under the dreznaut name. after he restructured it he left to d.c. he observed the aftermath of the lone wanderers doings. he then left after spreading rumors of his namesake. from there he went to Philadelphia, it was in peace and a great faction. until he assassinated there great leader and framed its own government. he watched as the city tore itself apart and when chaos ensued he stepped in and brought peace with words not weapons this time. touched by his speech, the people unknowingly named the cause of their downfall, their savior. they honored him greatly and then he left it in his image. next he traveled to ronto(Ohio). the city surpassed its own legends. one by one he integrated his companions into their political systems. he himself spread rumors of corruption and vice and often committed crimes while impersonating officials. he also did great deeds to help this place but in his name. eventually he staged a coup, the citizens wanted blood from their former leaders but jimmy had them spared and pardoned of all "crimes". instead they were exiled into a remote settlement far from ronto. he soon left once again into sw Ohio and into Cincinnati, it is there he learned of a great war between Louisville,KY and Cincinnati,OH. he traveled back and forth promoting peace between the two. he was ignored and a full-scale war broke out. he became a double agent fighting major battles on both sides, each city lost many lives and used a great deal of resources. in the end an armistice was reached named the dreznaut accord. stories surfaced of his deeds on both sides. after the war he helped the cities expand until they were dependent on each other and were almost as one. by this time he led his most loyal companions into the rural wastes and met a tribal Indian faction which he helped rise to power and conquer the other tribals. They thought of him and his group as their Gods. Immortalized by all he encountered(in good and bad ways). One day a young rival tribal ex-chief whose family jimmy killed came to him and drew his gun, his long time friend from NYC stepped aside and drew his gun on jimmy also. after injuring his friend severely the tribal chief shot Jimmy, jimmy escaped but died a few minutes later in front of his two sons and daughter urging them to flee. they left the tribe to follow their fathers final orders of uniting his cities into a great Confederation and carry on the Dreznaut name. JimmyDreznaut017 02:19, July 27, 2011 (UTC)

He didn't die he went out west to a place called New Vegas

After destroying the remaining Enclave presence in the Capital Wasteland, Harry Conrad spent the last of his days in Megaton, fixing houses and weapons until he quietly passed away.--With care and happiness, Supermutantslayer450' You will know the truth... And the truth will set you free.. 02:24, July 27, 2011 (UTC)

The Lone wanderer never did die. His cybernetic enhancements coupled with his mild exposure to FEV caused his aging to become halted. He went on to become the foremost mercenary in the Capitol Wasteland. His exploits became legendary and he was feared by slavers and super mutants alike across the western united states. Zac hemker 22:24, July 27, 2011 (UTC)

Adam , or the lone wanderer was last heard to have headed off in search of a the oldest of the super mutant behemoths ..

Got sucked in by one of those intake pipes at Project Purity. Never did come back out.

She's still alive and kicking wandering.......

Fallout Jules 14:39, March 27, 2012 (UTC)

I've had so many characters that never finished..... so I'll just go with my latest character, Karina Saunders.

Karina's scar from Mothership Zeta stayed with her throughout her journeys. It was a painful sensation, as if a burning plasma knife was stabbed through your stomach. She had to deal with the injury from the mothership all the way to her home; she couldn't share this injury to her colleagues just so they can keep their morale going. After some close calls, she managed to recuperate from her injury thanks to the efforts of Doc Church and much of Megaton.

All of the fond memories she shared with her trusty dog Bertha were flashing by her eyes: the day she saved Big Town, receiving her supposed "first kiss" with Timebomb (although it was just a quick peck); the day she liberated Paradise Falls and saved the "little munchkins", not to mention their trip to Little Lamplight; the day she paved the way to the Lincoln Memorial; the day she was nearly killed in a surprise Enclave assault; the day she finally met Three Dog, and even fixed the radio signal for him; the day she joined the Brotherhood forces in crushing Raven Rock; and the day she embraced her Dad after all of those years.

Karina just couldn't go on.... her vision was blurred, and her right arm was injured with shrapnel. All around her, explosions of plasma and fire alike roared. Bertha sat next to her, licking her cheek, reminding her that she still had a battle to finish. She carried herself, and all of the scars she had, to the purifier room. After dealing with a few more Enclave troops, she just couldn't push on. She retired to the building's wall outside, bleeding profusely from the bullet wounds that somehow bypassed her body armor. She took off her troublesome helmet, and looked at the sun. She sensed the grief Bertha had received; she sat nearby her, sitting her head on her lap.

"I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and end. I shall breathe life into this wasteland, with this newfound hope; water from the aqua pura......"

She looked at the bright sun, which was shining the warmest rays in her yet. The wasteland didn't seem so bad. All of the explosions, and people dying, were gone. Landscapes were as bright, and green as she had seen in Oasis. Dad was there, and so was Mom..... Life is finally peaceful again.

Sarah Lyons was eventually informed by Bertha of Karina's whereabouts. She continued on the mission anyway, wiping the tear off her cheek. She gathered the rest of her troops, and finally cleared the purifier room. She tried her hardest to input the code, 216, on the purifier, but the radiation eventually overcame her.
Sarah woke up in the Citadel, hoping that it was all just a dream. But the sad truth never did vanish; Karina was gone. However, this didn't stop her and the rest of the Brotherhood. They eventually continued the effort to spread clean water throughout the wasteland. By 22300, at least 90% of the wasteland had access to clean water. The Saunders father and daughter team was remembered by the rest of the wasteland through stories and tales of their efforts. As much as the stories had different versions, their memories remained as the "legends of the Capital Wasteland". KnowledgeProspector 16:06, March 27, 2012 (UTC)


After leaving the vault and destroying the Enclave, the lone wanderer organised the Brotherhood of steel and the communities of the capitol wasteland into a new American Republic. Lead by the Lone wanderer and his steadfast companion Fawkes, the new republic absorbed many groups into its fold and annexed locations such as Pittsburgh (The Pitt), Point Lookout, and many surrounding communities.

Equipped with advanced technology recovered from the Anchorage simulation and power armor from the brotherhood the new Republic easily defended its conquered lands while still being able to gain land at a incredible rate. Within 4 years of the defeat of the Enclave, the Republic had grown to become a power greater than any the wastes had seen before.

The Lone Wanderer, now President of the N.A (New America) was granted a life expectancy that rivaled that of some of the wastes oldest ghouls from his mutations granted to him through experiments with Megaton's Moira Brown, coupled with his advanced cybernetic enhancements. To this day the Lone Wanderer leads the New America into the future, with the goal of uniting the world under a single banner.... —Preceding comment was unsigned. Please sign your posts with ~~~~!

A gang of angered super mutants beat him to death with nail boards one unfortunate evening. What, you expected something glamorous? Yes Man defaultUser Avatar talk 12:24, April 25, 2012 (UTC)

Jumping off Tenpenney tower. We all get bored sometimes. 06:06, July 1, 2012 (UTC)

The Vault Dweller Omega was last seen heading west on a courier job that would take him over the Rockies to Shady Sands, Ca. He never returned, however, rumors persist from traders that a man that looked like him was seen in the small town of Goodsprings a few years later.

I have 2 ideas. Read both in Ron Perlman's voice if possible.

Idea 1: After waking up from the adventure in Mothership Zeta, The Lone Wanderer spent his days exploring the Capitol Wasteland, doing odd jobs along the way, and fighting deathclaws with his bear hands. Eventually he got bored with this and decided to head west. He eventually reached the Mojave Wasteland and began exploring, but found that the deathclaws here were tougher than back home and was never heard from again.

Idea 2: After waking up from the adventure in Mothership Zeta, The Lone Wanderer spent his days exploring the Capitol Wasteland, doing odd jobs along the way. During his travels he heard about a pre-war city in the desert known as Las Vegas and headed west to check it out. In the Mojave Wasteland he found work with a courier company who liked his exploring experience (his resume was in the form of The Wasteland Survival Guide). A few years later he was entrusted with a platinum chip, but was robbed and left for dead outside Goodsprings. When he awoke, he had no recollection of the events in the Capitol Wasteland (but did remember his fondness for sunglasses and shotguns). For all intents and purposes, the man known as The Lone Wanderer was dead, but the courier he had become lived on. --Delta Jim (talk) 20:57, October 22, 2012 (UTC)

He played Mothership Zeta and shot himself in the head out of disgust.
JASPER//"Do you like hurting other people?"UserRichard 21:34, October 22, 2012 (UTC)

The Brotherhood assembled every soldier they had for the assault on project purity. Inside the control room the wanderer and a small squad of BOS confronted Col. Autumn culminating in what appeared to be his death.(in my story the purifier is damaged but not going to blow up).Lyons and the wanderer survey the damage and discuss their next move. As the wanderer heads up the stairs toward the control room, she is shot in the back by Col. Autumn who had regained consciousness only to be shot and killed by lyons pride immediately after. Critically wounded from the bullet in her lung, she is carried to a captured vertibird for transport to the citadel as the enclave sends in a counter offensive. Outnumbered and outgunned, the BOS is forced to retreat. A lack of field medics, combined with a chest wound spelled the end for her, she died before they reached the citadel having failed to save the wasteland and fufill her parent's dream. -- 04:45, March 21, 2013 (UTC)

Orion was never an ordinary person. At some point in his short life, after grabbing the G.E.C.K the enclave erased his memories, which meant that he could not remember his dad, and unfortunately, could not remember the name of the dog that seemed to be following him. After each adventure, the pitt, point lookout, the anchorage simulation and the mothership, he remember little bits of truth, until he remembered everything. He then went on a warpath to destroy the enclave. He strolled into the base, killing anyone stupid enough to stand in his way. He shot Autumn and made the ultimate sacrifice. When Orion was revived, he went into hiding, after, blowing up the Enclave base. He hid out, in a small shack, where he was then tracked down by the enclave. Dogmeat barked, warning Orion, before being shot to death. Orion took down 500 of them, before finally being shot in the neck. The enclave, were fascinated by the amount of damage he could take, and tried cloning him. At some point in 2281, a small remnant of the Enclave succeeded, but the clone escaped. Thinking that he was a normal person, Orion II became a courier. But that's another story....

He then just disappeared, leaving all his friends and loved ones behind. Whether it be because he was scared from all the events he went through, or just because he was looking for a bit of adventure, is unknown. though sometimes you hear the odd rumor FTfrom Three Dog sayin' that he's out doing crazy things like, being abducted by a group of crazy scientists, meeting with the person who blames him for the destruction of his home, or taking over a paradise city known as new vegas. others say he decided to take the role of a mysterious stranger and helped a courier do all these things like someone did for him all those years ago. All that anyone knows is that he's the Lone Wanderer. Who knows, maybe he's alive in some pretty city, or maybe he's dead in some hole. It doesn't matter really though, his story has made a mark wherever he has traveled, but sadly his name will be lost to history only to be known as the Lone Wanderer.

Judge Cook: Mine just died of ripe old age in his bed, with a stomach full of Brahmin steak, Mississippi quantum pie, washed down with beer. The capital wasteland was a better place by the time he had died, his death is obviously nothing of a legendary heroic sacrifice or tragic combat related death or but I figured he deserved a pleasant peaceful death given that he spent most of his life giving to others (he was a very good karma LW.)

Became an undying half-android that destroyed the institute herself.

12:19, December 28, 2014 (UTC)12:19, December 28, 2014 (UTC)12:19, December 28, 2014 (UTC)12:19, December 28, 2014 (UTC)12:19, December 28, 2014 (UTC)12:19, December 28, 2014 (UTC)12:19, December 28, 2014 (UTC)12:19, December 28, 2014 (UTC)12:19, December 28, 2014 (UTC)12:19, December 28, 2014 (UTC)12:19, December 28, 2014 (UTC)12:19, December 28, 2014 (UTC)Venomfromthe60s (talk) 12:19, December 28, 2014 (UTC)

Dylan commandeered the Zeta and land it in the Brotherhood of Steel's HQ. They then reverse engineer the whole ship and invented new and improved space travel. The aliens show up but they manage to defeat them. Many years later, the world is now futuristic. Many years later, Dylan's descendant then commandeered the new ship known as Andromeda and venture throughout the universe in order to rekindle the light of the civilization.

--Venomfromthe60s (talk) 12:19, December 28, 2014 (UTC)Venomfromthe60s

July Died protecting her friends from a super mutant behemoth when they were knocked unconscious, all she had was a fat man and mini nuke, but no line of sight and the only way to get that sight was taking the behemoth with her and with her sacrifice three dog told the word of her death and with that word more people joined the good fight keep the capital wasteland safe so no one would ever haft to do that again like The Lone Wander did

My own idea of what became of my Lone Wanderer

And so Lone Wanderer’s journey ended not with a roar but a whisper. Things changed for better in the Capital Wasteland as people came to take stock that things could be better if they just believed.

Megaton became abandoned as its inhabitants started work on New Springvale from the ruins of the old town. The Church of Atom eventually turned the settlement into a cathedral as Megatons residents started working on rebuilding the town. With the help of the nearby vault New Springfield started to emerge and with the assistance of the Regulators helped protect its residents.

Rivet City sadly was being abandoned as it was discovered the sediment layer of the river was causing the aircraft carrier to sink, acting much like quicksand. The Temple of the Union, reinforced by freeing the Lincoln Memorial and getting some much needed support from Rivet City security, helped refugees from the sinking city to make a new home of the National Mall. Although at first reluctant to help the Ghouls of Underworld with the help of the Lone Wanderer found a mutually beneficial relationship between RC Security and the Brotherhood of Steel to act as guardians of the new found settlement and to drive the last of the super mutant threat out. Three Dog had his radio stationed relocated there as well.

The Republic of Dave, much to chagrin of some of its residents, become the Lucille Confederation which despite it’s modest beginnings turned from an almost insignificant spec to a large trading hub and diplomatic station. In as little as three years the Lucille Confederation managed to purge Old Olney of the death claw threat and resettle the town. They have trade negotiations between the BOS and Canterbury Commons. Some have said they even negotiate with the Gun Runners from New Vegas and parts of the Commonwealth.

When it was discovered, Little Lamplight was largely abandoned when the residents of New Springfield offered to adopt the population. Finding it better to be part of a community rather than scavenging for food and supplies, the Lamplighters finally dropped their animosity of what they called, “mungos,” and welcomed the idea of a place they could actually call home without the threat of super mutants or starvation. Along with most of Springfield being rebuilt they also led the project to refit the school and became the Board of Directors of the new Lamplighter College.

Vault 101 also became part of New Springvale acting as an advisor council and technological hub for the residents. The Overseer Amata Almodovar eventually rose through the ranks and became Governor of New Springfield. The town eventually became large enough that even residents from Arefu could afford to leave the old settlement and start anew. Governor Almodovar says very little about her father who passed away from a heart attack but only says, “despite what he had done in the past he was a good man who was only trying to protect us.”

As for the Lone Wanderer, she did as most heroes do; she faded away, becoming increasingly less involved in the community. Over time she became complacent, depressive as the people started to notice a terrible change in her. The light that had burned in her eyes so brightly before seemed to be dwindling as Child continued to become more depressive, crippled by the loss of so many she loved. When Vault 101 finally opened its doors its Overseer was dismayed that she wasn’t there to greet her. In fact almost a year prior to that Sheriff Simms told Overseer Amata that Child had taken supplies from her home with Dogmeat faithfully following her, locked the door, gave him the key and then left. She was never seen or heard from again. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs). Please sign your posts with ~~~~!

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