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Very high and very low SPECIAL stats for NPCs are rare.

Does anyone know or have a list of all the npc characters that have outstandingly high (or maybe even very low) SPECIAL stats? (Fallout 3 & New Vegas). A list would be cool, maybe a good idea?

For example I noticed that

Fallout New Vegas

  • STRENGTH: 10-Marcus, Dog, Davison,9-Legate Lanius, Lily Bowen, Neil, Tabitha
  • PERCEPTION: 10-Mr. House, ED-E, 9-10 of Spades
  • ENDURENCE: 10-Mr. House, Marcus, Joshua Graham,9-Davison
  • CHARISMA: 10-10 of Spades, 1-Boone, 2-Raul, 2-Rex
  • INTELLIGENCE: 10-Arcade
  • AGILITY: 10-Dog, Lily Bowen
  • LUCK: 10-Gloria Van Graff, Mr. House, 9-ED-E

Fallout 3

  • STRENGTH: 9-Knight Cpt. Gallows, Fawkes, Uncle Leo
  • PERCEPTION: 10-Stanislaus Braun(as Betty), Mad Johnny Wes, 9-Arkansas, 2-Trinnie, 2-Mister Crowley, 1-Greta
  • ENDURENCE: 10-Commander Jabsco & Uncle Leo
  • CHARISMA: 10-Ellen DeLoria, 9-Mary Holden
  • INTELLIGENCE: 10-Stanislaus Braun(as Betty)
  • AGILITY: Ellen DeLoria(lowered to 5 in Trouble on the Homefront) 2-Knight Cpt. Gallows
  • LUCK: 10-Dukov & Ellen DeLoria(lowered to 5 in Trouble on the Homefront)

Okay, so alot of the Officers in Vault 101 at the start of the game have a 1 in strength for some reason. Possibly to make easier combatants as they can all be engaged in combat. STRENGTH:

  • 1 ONLY during Escape!-Officer Kendall, Security Chief Hannon, Stevie Mack, Officer Richards
  • 1 during Escape!-Officer O'Brian, Officer Park, Officer Wolfe
  • 1 ONLY during Trouble on the Homefront

Now, for low charisma, there is a bunch of characters in Fallout 3 with a 2 or 1, for some it's possibly only situational. CHARISMA:

  • 2- Caleb Smith, Derek Pacion, William Brandice, Tom Holden, Ant Researcher, Daniel Littlehorn, Bill Foster, Wally Mack, Owyn Lyons, Enclave Sigma Leader, Gibson, Stanislaus Braun (outside of Vault 112 simulation), Lt. Thomas Morgan(in simulation)
  • 1-Beatrice Armstrong, Overseer Almodovar, Arkansas, Doctor Adrienn Adami(in simulation)

Anyone know of any others?

Sorry I'm neutral. May be cool, but well, this is not what I prefer in Fallout games, especially as it concerns only Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, why not others? The Lieutenant have also a SPECIAL ;)!
Also, for some characters, the SPECIAL is not truly representative and can be done on a random shot (like The Master with 2 in CHARISMA despite he have a natural charisma, and Marcus with 3 in INTELLIGENCE while it is one of the smartest super mutant that exists with the Lieutenant, Attis and God (him also have 5 in INTELLIGENCE depiste he have a great intelligence).
Finally, Fallout Tactics can have values ​​ranging from 1 to 13, which it completely false comparison with other Fallout.
For you, some for FNV:
  • Joshua Graham and Marcus have 10 in ENDURANCE,
  • Arcade Gannon has 10 in INTELLIGENCE,
  • Lily Bowen has 10 in AGILITY,
  • Davison has 9 in ENDURANCE,
  • Dog has has 10 in STRENGTH and AGILITY
If you take into account all Fallout, some of FO1 and FO2
  • The Master has 10 in STRENGTH, PERCEPTION, ENDURANCE, INTELLIGENCE AND AGILITY (pretty dopped right?),
  • The Lieutenant has 10 STRENGTH and ENDURANCE,
  • John Maxson has 9 in INTELLIGENCE
  • Rhombus has 10 in STRENGTH (may be because he wear a T-51b - +3 in strength in Fallout and Fallout 2), in PERCEPTION and in AGILITY. He has also 9 in CHARISMA.
  • Vree has 10 in INTELLIGENCE and LUCK, and 9 in PERCEPTION.
  • Melchior has 10 in STRENGTH and ENDURANCE.
  • John Cassidy has 9 in LUCK. Itachou [~talk~] 17:35, June 6, 2011 (UTC)

List on each page then? Edit

Each game has it's own SPECIAL page right? A list for the characters in one game can be put on it's respected page. OR maybe a better idea would be to put a list on each primary statistics page. Listing the strongest fallout characters on the STRENGTH page for example. I think it would be interesting...

I'll make the list above Edit

Fallout 3 is complete.