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Hey guys,

So maybe i'm the only one who took inspiration for my Halloween costume this year from fallout.

But here are some pics of my fallout(or mad max) themed raider costume.

Forum image Brenden.Jormungandr 1
Forum image Brenden.Jormungandr 2
Forum image Brenden.Jormungandr 3
Forum image Brenden.Jormungandr 4

What i used/how i made it: I made this in only a couple nights,working on it for a couple hours after work, out of raw materials i had around the house. The overall worth of everything i have on me is probably above $150..but i only spent about $70 on the things i didn't have, including spray paint. I used the bullets from my bullet belt.(so it wasn't any extra cost to me since i already had them) At $0.75 a bullet..the price adds up when you get 70 bullets. (I'm hoping to find some toy guns when i'm off work to complete the costume) I used some hockey pads i found for $50 (the cheapest i could find at 8:00pm on a Wednesday 4 days before Halloween). Sprayed them black and got a fake spiked collar from a costume shop. Chopped them up and hot glued them to one shoulder. For the armor plating i cut up some tin/aluminum cans and hot glued/duct tapped them on. i misted them with black spray paint to give them a rough/weathered/not perfectly silver look. And use some thicker wiring to strap them on..which works better then tyeing them on as the wire is sturdy and form-able without undoing itself. i used some straps and chains to add some totally useless, but cool looking straps (since they clip on/off with ease i actually use them to hold things like my they're actually kind of functional) The knife is one of my fathers many combat knives i inherited...i also have throwing knives i wanted to strap on..but haven't gotten around to fashioning something for it=/)

Anyways that probably sums it up. Let me know what you guys think. Good or bad feedback/suggestions are welcomed. If you have a fallout/post apocalyptic related that as well!

(Sorry if this was a topic wasn't on the front f*ck it)

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you forgot the sideways spikes!!