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This is an issue that I am unable to find as being a common problem, and therefore there is not solution that I know of to help fix this. I too have experienced this after playing 60 hours on a character. Furthermore, along with the Magaton House Mr. Handy being frozen in place, the caravaneers are also frozen, i.e. no longer traveling. I suspect that this may be an issue tied into the the issue with the caravaneers and the robot. 07:22, June 15, 2012 (UTC)

Ok, i have been playing for more than 100 hours and this had never hapened. I returned to My Megaton House after being some time exploring the wasteland and I found out that the Super big and the big teddy bear had returned to their original size and the Mini nuka cola trucks were now original-sized. Cou yu please tell me what happened and how to prevent it or make then over and undersized again?? my last save when all was over and undersized is 10 hours back, in wich I did lots of things. I am on X-box 360. could you please help me i´d really appreciate it.

  • This is a common/known bug in FO3. Its been a while since I played but if I remember correctly somewhere around the 100-150 hour mark (I want to say it was at 125 hours, but again I’m not sure on the exact time) the Megaton house resets everything that’s not in a container. I had this happen as well, the only solution was to be in the house when that particular time hits. Search through bugs page and the Megaton house page and it should be listed there, or at least it used to be, who knows, the way people on this wiki are constantly re-editing these pages it might be long gone. People need to learn to leave well enough alone if you ask me. ReapTheChaos 10:35, June 15, 2012 (UTC)