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If anyone has experienced one or more major glitches in the game that affected the rest of the game or forces you to restart the game, please tell me what quest you were on in the main game, how stocked your inventory was and any followers waiting in the megaton or tennpeny tower. As well as other addons completed before the glitch and anything different you did and the glitch did not appear a second time. I have a theory that some of these glitches are affected by some of these things. and in certain cases in the bugs section it does not give this information. Your contributions may help any future gamers and fans of Fallout 3. Weasel7777777 18:11, February 17, 2010 (UTC)

There is a huge glitch that if you have all the add ons and complete them and still have a few levels to go, delete the add ons from your xbox, ps3 or whatever and then re-install them to your console, you will keep your level but you can do the add ons again to get up to 30. Hope this helps, good luck gamers :D

Uh, wouldnt you have to buy the add ons again if you deleted them?

Erm, Weasel... doesn't look like you're getting much input there...

Once you've payed for them you don't have to again. It's saved on your account that you have already payed for them ^ Example of a random glitch found on the wasteland from "fantastic" programming.

dude that was a New Vegas glitch. this guy wants to hear about FO3. i ain't run into glitches that bad. in fact, less than Oblivion. the only annoying one is that Charon's shishkebabs keep fuckin disappearing...Dunmer999 04:02, December 13, 2010 (UTC)